10 Best Drip Irrigation Systems from AliExpress – Ranking

Drip irrigation is used both on large farms and in everyday life. For example, for irrigation of indoor plants. Such systems allow you to dose water into the soil, adjusting the degree of watering the plant. This avoids overflow or, on the contrary, drying out of the soil, which leads to an improvement in the general condition of the plant. Drip systems can be divided into two categories: automatic , that is, equipped with electronic water supply mechanisms, and mechanical . Cheaper, but no less effective devices.

Both are on Aliexpress, and are presented in the widest range. Here you can find both the most simple devices that, in theory, you can make yourself, as well as complex electronic systems equipped with sensors, control devices and sprayers. We have selected for you the 10 best drip irrigation systems presented on the Aliexpress site. From the most complex and, as a result, expensive products to the most simple and unpretentious. They are suitable for use at home, for watering indoor plants. And for installation on a personal plot.

The Best Direct Operated Drip Irrigation Systems

The phrase direct control here means that you need to configure the device using the buttons located on the body of the device itself. This segment presents the simplest models, including the mechanical class. They are cheaper and more reliable, and therefore are more popular among buyers. But even here there are very informative and complex gadgets with a lot of settings, which we will also consider.

5 Aqualin 22018A

★ Simultaneous watering system for multiple plants

Semi-professional system designed to work with 8 beds or flower pots at once. The device has a fine system of settings and allows you to distribute liquid through a system of tubes that are independent of each other. The device is equipped with a submersible pump, that is, it does not require connection to a flow source. All this is powered by 4 batteries, and thanks to the energy saving system, one charge is enough for about a hundred hours of work, not counting the waiting time, that is, breaks between waterings.

This device has one very important advantage: on the display, in addition to the basic data, information about the battery charge is displayed, and the time is calculated, how long it will last. Thus, you will always be aware of when you need to change the batteries, and the settings can be set in such a way that the device will beep an hour before it is completely discharged. Unfortunately, it has not been without drawbacks. For example, 8 hoses only distribute the same amount of water. That is, you will not be able to set up individual watering for different plants.

4 Drip irrigation

★ Best price

Chinese manufacturers and the Aliexpress platform are famous for their inventions, and we have one of them in front of us. A simple mechanism, without unnecessary “bells and whistles”, but the most convenient and necessary for people who are fond of breeding domestic plants. This is a small cone, immersed in the soil. At its end is a valve that regulates the flow of fluid. Water enters through a hose immersed in a bottle or any other container. No electronics or complicated mechanisms. The simplest device that supplies water directly to the roots of the plant.

And here many may wonder why such a high price, if the device is as simple as possible. The fact is that the price tag is indicated not for one lot, but immediately for 8. That is, you get a whole set of sprinklers, and now the cost does not seem overpriced. It is also worth highlighting the compactness of the device. The hose wraps around the body so you don’t have to unwind it completely. It is enough to take as many turns as you need.


★ Simple device for metered watering

As you know, plants do not like irregular watering. They are not recommended to be poured, but it is also impossible to let the soil dry out. Aliexpress has simple, but very convenient devices that allow you to adjust soil moisture, and we have just such a device. This is a simple holder on which a plastic bottle is wound. On the side of the device there is a valve from which the hose departs. This valve allows you to regulate the intensity of water supply. The more it is twisted, the less liquid will flow into the soil.

This is the best option for those who are often away from home. You can safely go on vacation or for the weekend, and not worry about the safety of indoor plants. A metered supply of water will keep them in ideal conditions, and one 1.5 liter bottle is enough for about a week of work. The most simple, but at the same time very convenient device that will save you from having to constantly monitor the condition of the soil in pots. Also, it will not allow you to pour the plant and flood its roots. Just as much liquid will be supplied as necessary for the growth and favorable existence of the plant.

2 Aqualin 21055

★ The most reliable device

Drip irrigation provides not only a metered supply of water, but also the regularity of its inclusion . All these systems need to be controlled, and we have a device with the maximum number of functions and an electronic display. The system can be configured as you wish, and even create a special profile that will be stored in the device’s memory.

You set the water supply time, its quantity, as well as the intensity. The timer displays the time until the next switch on and can be reset at any time. In addition, the device has a rain sensor. The body of the device catches raindrops and cancels the watering program, which is very convenient and allows you to save not only water, but also battery power. By the way, the device runs on two AA batteries, and thanks to the energy saving system, they last for several months. The device comes with replaceable filters, as well as several adapters that allow you to connect the system both to a hose and directly to a water tap.


★ The best set of settings

Before us is a very complex device. At least at first glance. It has a large display with a huge number of numbers and symbols. But having dealt with all the nuances, you will understand that this is the best drip irrigation presented on Aliexpress . There are a lot of settings here. And for a whole week. You can choose how and when to water. Dispense water and much more.

In addition, the kit comes with a rain sensor, which takes into account the degree of watering, if it is already raining outside. That is, the device will also help save water, and you will not have to reconfigure it every time it starts to rain or light rain. The device is very smart and even has its own memory where you can record successful settings. That is, you remember certain sets, and then by pressing a couple of keys you plan watering for the whole week. The top model, where even the price tag of more than 2 thousand does not seem high. A real miracle of engineering, albeit without remote control.

The Best Remote Controlled Drip Irrigation Systems

Remote control of these devices is carried out via a wireless Wi-Fi network. That is, you do not even need to approach the gadget, just connect it to your smartphone. Very comfortable and modern. High technologies have also reached gardening, which cannot but rejoice. Among the shortcomings of such devices, one can single out their comparative high cost. However, this is not surprising, and if you value comfort and convenience, then it makes sense to overpay some amount.


★ The most secure system

There are many interesting solutions on Aliexpress and now we have the best drip irrigation, or rather an intelligent system. She has the maximum level of protection against moisture and dust. The device is not afraid even of complete immersion in water, not to mention rain or snow. By the way, the gadget is also protected from freezing, so it is not even necessary to remove it from the tap for the winter.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the fact that the device can be integrated into smart home systems. That is to become a part of them. And you can increase the signal reception radius through a regular home router, to which the module adapter is connected, which is inserted directly into the outlet. Moreover, it will not take up a separate socket, since, in fact, it is an adapter. A convenient solution for those who are tired of endless sockets and kilometer-long wires stretched throughout the house. And if you already have a smart home system installed, then you don’t even have to download a separate application to your smartphone. The function will simply appear in the general program.


★ Powerful pump

If you have a lot of flowers at home or you grow seedlings and need drip irrigation , you need a very powerful system that can pump a large amount of water over a decent distance. It is such a device that we now have in front of us. A full-fledged pump is installed on its board, that is, the gadget does not work with running water, but raises it from a separate container. Moreover, water transfer is possible at a distance of up to 15 meters and at a height of up to 2. A powerful device that will serve all your beds. True, it will not work to configure separately different directions.

The system is controlled remotely, but the settings apply to all hoses, that is, if you want to water each pot or bed in different ways, then this will not work. But it will be possible to plan the schedule for the week ahead. The settings are quite capacious and allow you to set many nuances. If you do not need an extra application on your smartphone, almost all functions can be set manually. There are only three buttons on the case, but they are enough.

3 Aleekit MoesHouse

★ The simplest device

If you still have not installed automatic drip irrigation , because you are afraid that you will not be able to deal with a complex device on your own, then here is the solution for you. This is the best device in terms of control. The simplest system that even a child or a pensioner who is familiar with a smartphone at a basic level will understand. A small tool just needs to be screwed onto the irrigation faucet and one button is pressed. Then download the application and log into it.

The application itself is very simple and straightforward, although it has a lot of functions and features. Here you can program watering for a week or a month. Choose the amount of water supplied and even adjust the flow over time. If you don’t need such difficulties, just choose one of the ready-made presets and use it. In this case, you do not need to be afraid that rain or water will fall on the gadget. The case is protected and is not afraid of even a large amount of moisture. And an additional router will allow you to control the system even at a very large distance from home.


★ Best value for money

Many devices from Aliexpress look like the simplest and most untrustworthy gadgets. After all, they should have a lot of electronics, and sometimes a pump, which misleads many buyers. Now we have a device with its own pump, and not some kind of frivolous, but full-fledged, powerful, and capable of raising water to a great height. The device is very reliable and will last for many years. It can be connected to a flow system or simply dip the end of the hose into a bucket of water and it will water your flowers from there.

The gadget works wirelessly, but also has settings on the case. The router is inside, which tells us only about the home use of the device. Yes, this is not drip irrigation for a garden or vegetable garden . It is designed for indoor flowers or seedlings, but here it is indispensable. There is no battery power either. Only a network adapter, which also tells us about the seriousness of the model and its reliability.

1 Nashone Fujin

★ Most popular model

On the Aliexpress site, this model is very popular. Which, however, is not surprising, since it can be integrated into your “smart home”. If you have a Tuya or Smart Life system, then this gadget is able to easily interact with them. It cannot be said that these are the most popular technologies, but their modules are also presented on domestic marketplaces. However, it is not necessary to be the owner of a smart home. The device can also work independently.

He has his own mobile application in which all settings are made. Wireless communication is carried out through a special router, which must be installed in the coverage area. It is with him that your smartphone will communicate, so the control range is not limited. At the same time, the device itself is generally devoid of control systems. But it is maximally protected from moisture and is not even afraid of heavy rain, which allows you to use it on the street, putting it on a water tap.