10 Best Gasoline Snow blowers 2023. Ranking

In recent years, gasoline snow blowers have gained particular popularity. Modern cleaning equipment is mobile, relatively easy to operate and maintain, and, most importantly, affordable. However, before choosing the best gasoline snow blower for a garden, cottage or private home, you should read an independent review from our editors, take into account customer reviews. The TOP-10 includes the most successful models with optimal characteristics and a pleasant combination of price and quality.

Which brand of snow blower is better to buy

The production of gasoline harvesting equipment is occupied by most brands specializing in tools and various garden and construction equipment. But experts recommend choosing from the best – among firms that have achieved success in engineering and their own developments.

The most reliable companies include:

  • Honda. The legendary Japanese manufacturer has earned a strong reputation in the market and holds a leading position among competitors. Snowplows are equipped with reliable engines that have passed numerous tests in real conditions. Thanks to this, the company has achieved high quality and is famous for its reliability.
  • Husqvarna. The Swedish brand is also included in the TOP-best manufacturers of gasoline vehicles. Along with the most durable chainsaws, the brand offers snowplows. Its feature is high-class engines and adaptation to the most severe weather conditions.
  • BRIGGS & STRATTON . One of the world’s largest gasoline engine manufacturers headquartered in the US is in high demand. For more than 100 years, the company has been developing and has gained popularity for the performance and reliability of equipment.
  • Huter. The German company broke the stereotypes and presented the public with excellent Chinese-made equipment. With a fairly low retail price, buyers note the stability and unpretentiousness in the operation of snowplows.
  • CHAMPION. The company manufactures inexpensive snowplows designed for domestic and commercial purposes. The equipment is perfect for clearing the local area, as well as for utilities.
    Manufacturers not only liked buyers more than others, but provide excellent service to the owners of their equipment.

TOP 10 best petrol snow blowers 2023

A good snow blower will greatly minimize the amount of physical work involved in clearing areas in the winter. Powerful, convenient and reliable machines are able to completely clear the yard and paths in 1-2 hours. Also, the technique is often used by housing and communal services for the maintenance of municipal or commercial facilities, parks, roads.

In most cases, light and medium class gasoline snow blowers are in demand among users. They optimally combine performance, compactness and affordable price.



CHAMPION self-propelled snow blowers are in high demand due to the reliability of the main units, affordable price and good performance. These advantages more than cover the minor design flaws found, including in this model. So, judging by the reviews, there is a very slow reverse gear, and for convenience there is not enough double fixation of the movement and ejection levers. Otherwise, it is an unpretentious and powerful snow blower capable of breaking ice, breaking through a meter thick of packed snow and removing snow porridge. Also, the snow blower is distinguished by low fuel consumption and ease of starting in severe frost.


  • four-stroke internal combustion engine;
  • high power;
  • snow throw more than 10 meters;
  • unpretentiousness in work;
  • decent build quality;
  • economy.


  • slow reverse gear.



A powerful and economical Patriot snow blower will be an ideal choice for summer cottages and private houses with a small adjacent territory. The mid-range model features a large number of 5/2 gears. The starter is a classic manual, but quite “tenacious”. The design itself is also successful – a competent distribution of mass and center of gravity ensures a confident move “in a straight line” on different terrain. And the relative lightness added maneuverability and controllability to the snow blower. However, the Chinese assembly still affected, before the first start, it is recommended to pull the threaded connections and external inspection.


  • many speeds;
  • strong starter;
  • informative instruction;
  • powerful engine;
  • quality of snow removal;
  • ease of management.


  • in severe frost it is difficult to start;
  • threaded connections must be checked and belts must be tightened before starting.

3. Daewoo Power Products DAST 6560

Daewoo Power Products DAST 6560

A place in the TOP-best self-propelled snow blower Daewoo received for the high quality of snow removal. According to customer reviews, the unit quickly and easily clears freshly fallen “fluffy” snow, stale monolithic crust, wet snow and breaks small ice without consequences. Management is also well implemented – the direction and distance of snow removal is regulated on the panel, and users focus on convenience. However, they note that the manufacturer overestimated the emission rate by 10-15%. The snowplow performs well in work, especially in areas of 10-20 acres.


  • good balance of weight and characteristics;
  • copes with any snow;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • convenient control of the snow thrower;
  • beautiful, bright design.


  • the “passport” range of snow removal is slightly overestimated.

4. Huter SGC 4100 WIDE

Huter SGC 4100 WIDE

Huter brand equipment instantly won the trust of users with reliability, snow removal equipment was no exception. Inexpensive, powerful unit SGC 4100 WIDE impressed with its well-balanced ergonomics and ease of use. According to buyers, this greatly facilitates the process of snow removal in bad weather. Also, the pluses included ease of starting and wide wheels with deep tread. Many owners noted that the snow blower is economical and not demanding on fuel quality. But the range of snow throwing is somewhat overestimated – the stale crust takes 6-8 m.


  • not overloaded with functions;
  • very comfortable and strong;
  • easy start;
  • good cross;
  • large working width;
  • economical.


  • reduced snow removal distance.

5. Husqvarna ST124

Husqvarna ST124

One of the best gasoline snow blowers in the combination of price and quality is included in most ratings of the current year. A solid brand, recognized at the world level, pleased with excellent quality and hardy, even unpretentious engine of its own production. The model belongs to the middle class, so it flawlessly combines moderate power of 6 hp. and an acceptable weight of 78 kg. The snow throwing distance of 12m exceeds the capabilities of many competitors due to the installation of a high-speed impeller. The strength of the snow blower is its efficient two-stage snow clearing system. Buyers unanimously note the speed and ease of clearing large areas in a minimum time.


  • increased technical characteristics;
  • adjustable handles;
  • high quality components;
  • maneuverability and controllability on difficult terrain;
  • high efficiency.



A reliable and powerful snow blower from a trusted brand is of great interest. Only in the last 2 months, it was ST861BS that was looked at almost 2000 times on the Ya.Market. Against the background of competitors, the unit stands out with a productive B&S engine of 9 hp. Thanks to this, the machine can easily master high snowdrifts, effectively clear a monolithic crust even in harsh climatic conditions. According to reviews, the snow blower fully meets expectations and does not annoy with breakdowns. A technically competent design, combined with good power, makes the model one of the best on the market.


  • functionality – heated handles, electric starter, headlight;
  • high power;
  • reliable engine;
  • Availability of spare parts and accessories for sale;
  • starts quickly in any weather.


  • slightly confusing instructions;
  • heavy.



The popular self-propelled snow blower from a trusted manufacturer impresses not only with its affordable price, but also with its efficiency. The main advantages, according to users, were the power and range of snow throwing. Based on their characteristics, the snow blower is simply ideal for giving, meter-long snowdrifts are easily given to it, and the cross-country ability simplifies work on uneven terrain. New owners will be pleased with the design changes made by the manufacturer. Engineers eliminated the shortcomings of the first series and improved the equipment. There are no obvious flaws in the model. But when buying, you need to remember that there are no additional features, such as an electric starter and headlights.


  • power is higher than that of competitors;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • full compliance with the declared technical parameters;
  • enlarged bucket;
  • detailed instructions.


  • “Basic” equipment without useful additional functions.

8. Hyundai S 5556

Hyundai S 5556

A fairly inexpensive, but good gasoline snow blower from a South Korean manufacturer is in great demand for its price-quality ratio. The model belongs to the middle class and is designed for heavy loads, in addition to the driveway, it will easily clear the yard and the entire adjacent territory. According to reviews, the snowplow is reliable in operation and well assembled, it has adequately shown itself during long-term operation. Of the minuses – buyers noted the presence of small flaws in the form of under-turned nuts, however, against the background of reliability and durability, the fact is insignificant.


  • reinforced gearbox;
  • good combination of technical characteristics;
  • durability;
  • high performance.


  • There are some minor assembly flaws.



A quality mid-range snow blower is popular for its versatility. According to experts, this model has everything you need: an electric starter, a corrugated auger, control levers in the operator’s area. As well as the reliable B&S Snow Series 950 engine. Buyers appreciated the good, strong build, snow flotation, and, most importantly, efficiency. The snow blower easily copes with large volumes of work, including removing packed snow blockages. In addition, the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty on factory defects, protecting the interests of users. Of the minuses – a small slip on ice, but this fact was noted by a few.


  • good technical characteristics;
  • engine operation at temperatures from -29°С;
  • high build quality;
  • degree of reliability;
  • justified price tag;
  • convenient management.


  • slight slip when driving on ice.

10. Honda HS750EA

Honda HS750EA

An excellent model of a two-wheeled snow blower for the home – light, relatively compact, with a snow throw range of 10 m. A weight of 37.5 kg added high maneuverability to the technique, allowing you to effectively clear a small area, as well as yards with numerous obstacles – trees, flower beds, beds . The heart of the snow blower is Honda’s signature 4-stroke GC190 engine. The manufacturer tested it for many years in real conditions, which made it possible to achieve low levels of noise, vibration and exhaust gases. The disadvantages of the model are its limited scope, it is not effective when cleaning large areas.


  • cold start;
  • compact dimensions and low weight;
  • high maneuverability;
  • long service life;
  • good snow throw distance.


  • for small residential areas.

Which gasoline snow blower is better to buy

Choosing the best gasoline snow blower is not difficult if you get to know both the brands and the equipment itself. For example, the brands Patriot, Champion, Huter are quite reliable, but are more suitable for users who are versed in technology. Often, buyers write that before the first start, you need to manually tighten the bolts, tighten the belts and, in general, conduct a small inspection.

Daewoo and Hyundai rarely need threaded connections and stand out for their excellent quality. However, these firms are less common, before you buy, it is worth checking the availability of service centers nearby.

Such legendary companies as Honda, Husquarna, B&S have long become synonymous with the best quality of engines and assembly. They are perfect in all respects, but noticeably more expensive in cost. In the same price category with competitors, they may be inferior in performance, have lower performance. An independent review by our editorial staff presents the best gasoline-type snowblowers, according to buyers. But the final choice depends on the individual wishes of the user, and it is on them that you should rely when making a purchase.