10 best Husqvarna chainsaws by reviews. Rating

The first Husqvarna chainsaw was produced in 1959. Since then, the unit has undergone many changes, but the time-tested design has been preserved. Over the years, Husqvarna power tools have become not only popular, they are setting the key trends at the present time. It would seem that the device has already been brought to perfection over the years of research, but even now the choice of a good model raises a lot of questions. Our editors decided to find out which brand saws break sales records and are most in demand by experienced users. The result of the work was the popular rating of the best Husqvarna chainsaws, according to buyers and independent experts.

TOP 10 best Husqvarna chainsaws

In terms of price and reliability, Husqvarna saws are recognized as the best among competitors. If you need to buy a hardy unit that will not let you down in any conditions, experienced craftsmen stop at this particular brand.

Also, the advantages of the brand include high ergonomics. The design of the saws has been verified and tested over the years, so long-term work does not tire the operator at all, both in the country house and on the construction site.

In the review from our editors, models of different classes are collected: from light to high-power. The choice of the former is difficult because often amateur saws vibrate too much, and the engines are distinguished by a simplified design. A common problem of productive and powerful units is a working resource, balancing and convenience. With intensive use, the saw must cope with the tasks without causing discomfort. Our editorial experts analyzed these factors and included in the list only the best models that do not “suffer” from widespread shortcomings.

1. Husqvarna 395XP 4900W/6.6HP

model from Husqvarna 395XP 4900 W / 6.6 hp

The most powerful chainsaw in the ranking is a professional model for felling and sawing large wood. Although it is equipped with a tire of an already impressive length – 61 cm, the manufacturer allows the installation of a blade up to 90 cm. Even if its use is episodic, the possibility of such an upgrade significantly expands the scope of the tool. The peak torque is already reached at 2/3 of the maximum speed, so there is no need to spin it up to ringing, burning the chain. According to the technical component, the saw is also top-notch. It has everything you need for comfortable operation and long service life of the system from vibration suppression to the innovative Air Injection air purification system.


  • weight/power ratio;
  • adjustable oil supply;
  • high build quality;
  • long service life;
  • reliability;
  • long service intervals.


  • working with a saw requires professional skills.

2. Husqvarna 365-18 3400W/4.6HP

model from Husqvarna 365-18 3400 W/4.6 hp

Another multi-purpose Husqvarna professional model, where users will find all the best developments of the brand. Given the specifics of use, it provides for the ability to limit the oil supply, because the overspending of expensive lubricant in daily operation can result in a large amount. To protect the operator from vibrations, both handles are docked through spring fasteners. And the centrifugal filter is responsible for the purity of the air supplied to the carburetor. Being lighter than the 395th, the chainsaw wins in terms of maneuverability. Also, the saw will be an excellent help where medium power models are not suitable for their intended purpose – hardwood harvesting, professional construction, work at low temperatures.


  • easy start in all weather conditions;
  • great resource;
  • high build quality;
  • power reserve;
  • comfortable chain tension.


  • demanding on the quality of gasoline.

3. Husqvarna 372XP-18 3900W/5.3HP

model from Husqvarna 372XP-18 3900 W / 5.3 HP

The best professional chainsaw in the medium size class. According to customer reviews, this model has reference reliability and proven quality. Being one of the most torquey, the saw is capable of such “feats” that not every heavy-class tool can do. At maximum speed, it cuts wood effortlessly and with enviable speed. The saw is able to work efficiently even at medium speed, because the thrust of a seventy cc engine is enough with a margin, even for tires of 70 cm. This is what some owners use by installing a blade longer than the manufacturer allows. The reverse side of the coin was the price, which makes such a purchase expedient only for professional activities.


  • good traction in a wide rev range;
  • tire length up to 70 cm;
  • long service life and reliability;
  • crankshaft and piston for extreme loads;
  • power.


  • high price.

4. Husqvarna 61 2900W/3.9HP

model from Husqvarna 61 2900 W / 3.9 hp

The sixty-first Husqvarna is the saw for those who need a quality and productive tool for occasional work. It will not withstand wear and tear in logging conditions, but at the same time it costs half as much as models with an infinite margin of safety. As a rule, this is not required in everyday life, construction or small production. But, as user reviews show, it is not inferior to them in terms of maximum diameter and cutting speed. And it really is. After all, a 3.9 hp motor, a half-meter tire and 3.6 Newton meters of thrust are the characteristics not of a delimber, but of a full-size professional chainsaw.


  • wide tire;
  • performance;
  • well-designed ergonomics;
  • long service life;
  • composite crankshaft;
  • winter mode.


  • expensive original filters.

5. Husqvarna 353-15 2400W/3.3HP

model from Husqvarna 353-15 2400 W/3.3 hp

One of the most popular saws for home and household needs combines the performance of a professional tool and adequate dimensions. With a weight of 5 kg, its motor produces more than 3 hp and 13,000 rpm. Such power-to-weight ratio allows the tool to cope not only with sawing birches for firewood, but also with more difficult tasks. According to customer reviews, she will saw through 50-60 cm of a tree trunk without much effort. In terms of reliability, the saw also does not cause any complaints. If you do not use low-quality oil and gasoline, the service life of the piston group will please you. Otherwise, costly repairs are inevitable.


  • quick access to the air filter;
  • light weight for its class;
  • easy start system;
  • low oil consumption;
  • good traction at low revs.


  • Comes with fine toothed chain.

6. Husqvarna 435 II (9671554-45) 1600W/2.15HP

model from Husqvarna 435 II (9671554-45) 1600 W/2.15 HP

The Husqvarna brand, which produces dozens of already proven models, does not forget to please fans of the brand with modern high-tech innovations. One of these was the 435 II model, which is based on American-made components. The chainsaw was not developed from scratch, the 135th, which underwent a complete modernization, served as the base. First of all, a system was introduced to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions in accordance with eco-standards. This, in turn, allowed the saw to build muscle up to 2.15 hp. without increasing the mass and volume of the motor. The system of vibration damping, air purification and engine start in cold weather were also improved.


  • fuel consumption is reduced by 20%;
  • quick access to the cylinder;
  • well-developed vibration damping system;
  • American components;
  • comfortable chain tension.


  • cost of original consumables.

7. Husqvarna 455e 2600W/3.5HP

model from Husqvarna 455e 2600 W/3.5 HP

One of the best Husqvarna chainsaws is also a continuation of the previous model. With a new motor featuring X-Torq technology, the saw is more fuel efficient, now consuming less than half a liter per kWh. And the motor itself spins up to almost a record 13,300 rpm in this class. Accordingly, increased productivity allows you to do the same work, but with significant time savings. But reliability and a high resource were inherited by her. Customer reviews of this tool also indicate the highest quality of the Swiss brand. The chainsaw is not capricious and does not require maintenance.


  • convenient, combined control;
  • X-Torq engine;
  • great performance;
  • price-performance combination;
  • reliability.

8. Husqvarna 440eII 1800W/2.4HP

model Husqvarna 440eII 1800W/2.4HP

Relatively cheap chainsaw by origin American. But the great popularity of this model is due not only to the country of assembly and low cost. A successful design with a keyless chain tensioner, convenient controls and a modest weight by the standards of professional equipment added to its practicality. For a house or periodic construction work, it will be difficult to choose something better. Experienced users are advised to complete the tool with a tire of the maximum allowable length of 45 cm. Then you can also fell trees of the appropriate diameter. However, before buying, you should pay attention to one feature of this saw – like all American equipment, it is very picky about the quality of fuel.


  • wide range of thrust;
  • moderate price;
  • ease of maintenance and configuration;
  • practically no vibration;
  • chain tensioner without tools.


  • bad fuel causes damage.

9. Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 W

model from Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 W

A fairly popular chainsaw model, with an excellent combination of price and quality, is a universal option for purchase. Its working power and productivity will be enough not only for sawing firewood, but also for felling small trees. In the best traditions of the brand, the model is very easy to use – there are almost no vibrations, good balance, very easy start. Users also commented on the cutting speed, no oil drips, and overall stable performance in a variety of conditions. There are no complaints about the model, even a slightly high price does not bother buyers – 135 Mark II is unanimously recommended for purchase. However, experts pointed to high oil consumption.


  • wide area of ​​use;
  • effective anti-vibration system;
  • side chain tensioner;
  • fast cut.


  • oil consumption is slightly above average.

10. Husqvarna 120 Mark II-14 1400W/1.9HP

model from Husqvarna 120 Mark II-14 1400 W/1.9 HP

This is a good, high-quality chainsaw at a reasonable price, which, according to its technical parameters, is ideal for household tasks and work on the garden plot. The central feature of the unit was the innovative X-Torq gasoline engine, which reduced exhaust emissions by 70% and fuel consumption by 20%. And the branded Air Injection air purification system takes care of the cleanliness of the air filter. Users were also pleased with the modern easy start system, according to reviews, the saw instantly starts thanks to the primer. The performance of the chainsaw is sufficient for various works on the site. It is not suitable for large-scale construction and logging, but the device is not designed for such loads.


  • easy start;
  • small weight and compact dimensions;
  • minimum vibration and comfortable design;
  • profitability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • The design is borrowed from the professional line.

Which chainsaw is better to buy

The main criterion for choosing a good chainsaw is the operating conditions and the amount of work to be done. Experts recommend to be guided by the following factors:

  • Amateur class models are designed for occasional use at home or at their summer cottage. The working resource, as a rule, is enough for cutting firewood, felling and cutting small trees, boards, and dismantling simple outbuildings. The main characteristics of the class are low or medium power, small tire, light weight and compactness.
  • Professional models are designed for heavy and intensive loads. They are suitable for felling trees, capital construction. For such tasks, models are equipped with large tires from 45 cm, powerful and durable engines. As well as additional functions, for example, adjusting the oil supply.
  • Semi-professional chain saws are technically in between the professional and amateur class. This is a universal option for domestic use, when the scope of work is higher than the periodic harvesting of firewood.

The review is made for those who are looking for the best Husqvarna brand chainsaw. The presented models were highly appreciated by experts, experienced craftsmen, as well as amateurs using equipment for homework.