10 Best Inexpensive Gasoline Trimmers – Full Buyers Guide

The trimmer is a reliable assistant to any summer resident or owner of a country house. With this tool, you can quickly and easily get rid of unwanted vegetation in the garden or vegetable garden and keep the area clean. It is best to give preference to devices that run on gasoline – they are more functional than battery-powered ones.

Their main advantage is autonomy, and therefore the ability to move around the entire site, regardless of how far the power source is from the place of work. In addition, they are easy to operate and very unpretentious in maintenance. The choice of a specific model depends on how the unit is supposed to be used. Before you go shopping, you should study the technical specifications of products from different manufacturers and decide which ones are most important to you. All gas trimmers on the market today, in addition to cost, may also differ from each other in a number of other indicators. The most significant are the following.

Engine location. It can be at the bottom, at the top or separately in a shoulder bag. At the bottom, the engine is located, as a rule, in low-power trimmers. In devices with engines of medium and high power, a top location is usually used – this simplifies the control of the unit and its movement around the site during operation. Models with an engine located separately from the device itself are extremely rare.

Power. The most powerful units are professional equipment. For domestic needs, these are rarely needed, because they are expensive, and will be used at best at half strength. However, at low power, there is a risk that the trimmer will not cope with dense grass. If you plan to use the trimmer rarely, a low-power model is quite suitable; with frequent use, it is better to find a more powerful option.

Fuel tank volume. The duration of work without refueling directly depends on this indicator. It should be borne in mind that the larger the fuel tank, the heavier the trimmer itself. The standard minimum volume is 0.35 liters, the maximum is 1.2 liters, however, there are models where the fuel tank is increased to 1.4 liters.

Rod type. It can be straight or curved, as well as solid or collapsible. The first option is more common, it is the simplest and most reliable. Models with a curved shaft are characterized by increased maneuverability, so they are well suited for hard-to-reach places. Collapsible are easier to transport.

cutting mechanism. Gas trimmers can be equipped with a fishing line, a steel or plastic knife or a slant cutter. The denser the canopy in your area, the stronger the cutterbar material should be. 

Almost all companies specializing in the production of tools and small construction equipment are engaged in the production of gas trimmers. 

Top 10. Caliber BK-1800

The best ratio of price and quality

Despite the low price, this device is of high quality.

  • Engine power: 2.4 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 1.2 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife

This model is the most inexpensive in our rating. At the same time, the quality is not inferior to the rest. It appeared on the market relatively recently and immediately gained popularity due to its good technical characteristics. Its main function is to mow grass and trim lawns. The main advantages are sufficiently large power and ease of operation. It is designed both for fishing line and for a knife, which, by the way, is made of high-strength steel. A good air cooling system guarantees protection against overheating. The model is equipped with a gas tank of maximum volume – 1.2 liters. It is very convenient that the handle is adjustable in height. The trimmer comes with a shoulder strap, a knife, a reel for fishing line and tools for assembling the unit. Among the shortcomings is the high level of noise produced during operation.

Pros and cons

  • Ease of controls
  • Big gas tank
  • low cost
  • Good equipment
  • Noise at work

Top 9. Stavr “TB-1700LR”

The most popular

Due to the rich configuration, good functionality and low price, the model is in great demand.

  • Engine power: 2.31 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 1.2 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife
  • made in China

The trimmer of this model is suitable for eliminating any plants up to 1.2 cm thick. The collapsible bar allows to transport and store the tool conveniently. The reliable two-stroke engine equipped with the chromeplated cylinder prolongs trimmer service life and reduces probability of breakages in the course of work. To prevent stones, grass and other small debris from flying into the operator, the unit is equipped with a special protective cover. The air cooling system saves the engine from overheating. A rich package includes a reel with fishing line, a knife with three blades, a shoulder strap, two hex keys, one wrench (8×10 mm) and one candle wrench, as well as a screwdriver and a set of fasteners. Among the main disadvantages, users name the high consumption of gasoline – it takes about 2 liters per 6 acres, as well as the fact that grass often gets stuck between the coil and the casing.

Pros and cons

  • Rich equipment
  • Ease of transport and storage
  • Reliable engine
  • High fuel consumption
  • Thin belt and weak bindings

Top 8. Elitech T 33P

Minimum fuel consumption

One filling is enough for about 10 acres.

  • Engine power: 1.2 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.85 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line or knife
  • Country: China

One of the fairly popular inexpensive models of gas trimmers. Equipped with a 1.2 horsepower two-stroke engine. A distinctive feature is a collapsible bar, which makes it convenient to transport the tool in the trunk of a car, as well as low fuel consumption. The design provides for the installation of such cutting elements as a fishing line or a knife. At one gas station, the trimmer can process about 10 acres of land. To reduce the load on the hands and general fatigue when working with the trimmer, there is a special anti-vibration system. The levers that control the tool are located on the U-shaped handle. You can carry the device using the shoulder strap. The main disadvantage of this model is the high noise level during operation.

Pros and cons

  • Small consumption of gasoline
  • Quality steel knife
  • Good air cooling
  • High rotation speed
  • Noise at work

Top 7. Champion T 433-2

Increased cord thickness

Thanks to the 3 mm fishing line, even fairly dense thickets of grass can be mowed.

  • Engine power: 1.7 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.95 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife
  • Country: USA (made in China)

Powerful model of a petrol trimmer (1.7 horsepower or 1250 W) with a fairly large fuel tank (0.95 liters). Works well for mowing grass in large flat areas. For ease of use, a U-shaped handle is provided, and for ease of transportation and storage, the bar has a collapsible design. The increased thickness of the fishing line (3 mm) allows you to cope with denser thickets of grass. The air cooling system protects the engine from overheating. A special casing prevents the cut grass from flying in all directions. Due to the reduced level of vibration, even with prolonged use of the tool, the hands do not get very tired. The package includes a metal knife, fishing line and shoulder strap. The main disadvantage, like many other inexpensive high-performance models, is the high noise level.

Pros and cons

  • High performance
  • Comfortable handle
  • split rod
  • Reduced vibration
  • High noise level

Top 6. Huter GGT-1500TX

The most convenient gas tank

The fuel tank is transparent, thanks to which you can always see how much gasoline is left and top it up at the right time.

  • Engine power: 2 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 1.2 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife
  • Country: Germany

The model appeared on the market a few years ago. This is a modern, improved version of the hand scythe and is best suited for tall grass. The trimmer comes with an Easy Load head, a chrome-plated disc-knife with special soldering, as well as goggles and a backpack-type belt (for two shoulders). The model is equipped with a powerful two-stroke engine and an anti-vibration system, which allows you to work comfortably for a long time, as well as a gas trigger blocker that makes it impossible to accidentally turn it on. It is quite simple to operate the unit – all the necessary levers are on the handle. The main feature is the transparent fuel tank, which allows you to monitor the amount of remaining gasoline. A special casing protects the operator from flying grass, stones and other debris from under the mower. Thanks to,

Pros and cons

  • Wear-resistant housing
  • Throttle lock
  • Convenient management
  • Light weight and dimensions
  • Noise at work

Top 5. RedVerg RD-GB252

The best cooling system

Thanks to the air cooling system, the engine is reliably protected from overheating.

  • Engine power: 3 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.7 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line or knife
  • made in China

The petrol trimmer of this model copes well with dense thickets of grass, and even with small bushes. This is possible thanks to a powerful engine (3 horsepower) and high-quality cutting elements: you can install a fishing line with a thickness of 2.4 mm or a three-bladed knife with a length of 23 cm. as accurate and stress-free as possible. Thanks to a good cooling system, the motor is reliably protected from overheating. For greater convenience during operation, you can use the shoulder strap that comes with the kit.

Pros and cons

  • light weight
  • Low vibration
  • Powerful engine
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Small cutting width

Top 4. Patriot PT 3555 ES

Increased permeability

This model is suitable for mowing grass even on uneven ground.

  • Engine power: 1.8 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.9 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife
  • Country: USA (made in China)

Among inexpensive petrol trimmers, the model is distinguished by an all-metal forged shaft, as well as high engine power and, accordingly, performance. It copes well with mowing the lawn both in the garden, where increased maneuverability of the device is needed, and in the garden. Even on uneven ground, the PT 3555 ES performs well. The cutting elements, depending on the type of vegetation, are a fishing line and a four-blade knife. The control system is built into the handle. Among other advantages, users also note the high quality of the spark plug and easy access to the air filter. Thanks to the built-in anti-vibration system, even long-term work will not be too tiring.

Pros and cons

  • High performance
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Quality spark plug
  • Noise at work

Top 3. Kruger GTK-52-7

The most powerful

Among inexpensive models, this one is distinguished by the largest power – 4 horsepower.

  • Engine power: 4 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 1.2 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife
  • Country: Germany (produced in China)

If your site has hard-to-reach areas overgrown with grass, you should pay attention to this model. Due to the high power and good maneuverability, this trimmer copes even with thick weeds. Easy to start, low fuel consumption. The T-handle has been redesigned and improved to make the trimmer easier to control. The bar is one-piece, reinforced, the handle can be adjusted in height. Rich equipment allows you to save on components. In particular, five different types of knives, a semi-automatic coil, a spider coil, a set of tools, a measuring tank and a knapsack-type belt are sold complete with a gas trimmer, thanks to which the unit is convenient to carry. The model is equipped with a branded carburetor, as well as a shaft of 9 steel slots. During operation, vibrations are practically not felt.

Pros and cons

  • Rich equipment
  • Big power
  • Reinforced rod
  • Convenient shoulder strap
  • Inconvenient belt loops

Top 2. UFO TR 150Me

The easiest

The weight of this gas trimmer is only 5 kg.

  • Engine power: 1.4 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.4 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife

The robust design ensures that the trimmer of this model can withstand heavy loads without the risk of engine overheating. Because of this, it is classified as a professional technique. It should be noted that fuel consumption is quite modest. It is easy to carry the unit – for this, a double shoulder strap is provided in the kit. Management is also quite simple thanks to the convenient T-handle. The tool bag that comes with the trimmer will allow you to quickly fix any damage at any time. In addition, the package includes a three-blade knife, a mowing head and goggles. The weight of the structure is only 5 kg, so any adult can use the trimmer, regardless of build and level of physical fitness.

Pros and cons

  • Heavy load resistance
  • Comfortable strap
  • Tool bag included
  • Little weight
  • small gas tank

Top 1. Hyundai Z 535

Enlarged gas tank

The fuel tank capacity is 1.4 liters, so you can cover a larger area without refueling.

  • Engine power: 1.9 HP
  • Fuel tank volume: 1.4 l
  • Cutting mechanism: fishing line and knife
  • Country: South Korea (made in China)

The main feature of this model is the increased volume of the fuel tank, thanks to which a large area can be processed without refueling. In case of a fall, the tank is protected by a special pad. Equipped with a reliable two-stroke engine, a comfortable bicycle-type handle and an anti-vibration system. The advantages also include quick line renewal, comfortable shoulder straps that come with the trimmer, and optimal balance. Depending on the type of vegetation on the site, you can use a fishing line or a knife. Good maneuverability allows you to mow weeds even in difficult areas. The kit consists of the actual trimmer, belt, line spool, 40-tooth and 3-blade knives, as well as a set of keys.

Pros and cons

  • Enlarged fuel tank
  • Rich equipment
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Good maneuverability
  • Weak belt fasteners to the trimmer
  • Noise at work