10 best Stihl chainsaws by reviews. Rating

Stihl appliances have been in production for over 80 years and are very popular among amateur and professional craftsmen. The brand has long been synonymous with timeless quality, excellent ergonomics and high performance. The secret of success is total product quality control at the stage of raw material selection, and Stihl’s production facilities are located in Germany, the USA, Brazil, and China.

The company specializes in the production of garden equipment, in particular, gasoline chain saws. The model ranges include dozens of different modifications: from light “home” to powerful, suitable for rescue work, felling trees and construction. Our editors have studied the features of all models and selected the TOP of the best Stihl chainsaws.

Rating of the best Stihl chainsaws

In terms of reliability, the saws of the German manufacturer are the best on the market. Regardless of the class and technical characteristics, the user receives an excellent unit with a long working resource. Therefore, different models were included in the review – light, medium and heavy saws. These are the best representatives with the optimal combination of power and performance.

1. STIHL MS 880-36

Model STIHL MS 880-36

The best professional Stihl chainsaw can significantly reduce the usual turnaround time due to outstanding performance. Its high technical equipment, true German quality and performance fully justify the impressive price. In its arsenal there are summer and winter operating modes, carburetor heating, all kinds of security systems. The filter element filters out even the smallest dust particles, significantly increasing the service interval. The power-to-weight ratio of a chainsaw is such that the density and diameter of the wood does not matter to it. Starts one of the heaviest chainsaws in any conditions on the first try. To curb such power (8.7 hp), the manufacturer has equipped the tool with very effective systems for damping vibrations and an emergency stop in case of abnormal situations.


  • highest power;
  • big cut;
  • reliability;
  • effective vibration damping system;
  • electronic engine control;
  • carburetor heating;
  • easy start;
  • convenient control allows you to hold the saw with two hands during any manipulation.


  • high price;
  • increased noise level;
  • demanding on fuel quality.

2. STIHL MS 661-28

Model STIHL MS 661-28

The MS 661-28 is the perfect combination of high power (7.3 HP) and maximum ergonomics. The saw weighs 7.4 kg, but the design is so well thought out and convenient that it is very comfortable to work with. Electronic engine management maintains power, and 2-MIX technology has reduced fuel consumption by 20%. The set of pluses is complemented by the latest development – 2D filters that absorb the finest dust, and the M-Tronic easy start system from Stihl. The chainsaw is designed for extreme loads, according to reviews, it is unpretentious to weather conditions and, with proper maintenance, works flawlessly.


  • convenient for long-term use;
  • low vibrations;
  • optimal tire size;
  • more economical than models with a conventional 2-stroke engine;
  • electronic adjustment of fuel supply;
  • durable starting system.


  • requires proper maintenance.

3. STIHL MS 361-18

Model STIHL MS 361-18

Under the body of this powerful and dynamic chainsaw, 4.6 hp is hidden, which greatly expands the area of ​​\u200b\u200buse. A high-quality saw can easily cope with any horticultural work, suitable for thinning medium-density plantings, construction. The main features of the model are a strong case and a reliable design, ultra-low vibrations. The manufacturer increased the efficiency of the engine by introducing the technology of a four-channel fuel mixture supply. The special design of the engine made it possible to significantly reduce fuel consumption, which is confirmed by numerous reviews from customers. The owners also claim that the saw is unpretentious and trouble-free.


  • high performance and power;
  • dynamic acceleration;
  • economy and increased torque over a wide rev range;
  • advanced lubrication system;
  • effective anti-vibration system;
  • endurance and reliability in various working conditions.


  • high price.

4. STIHL MS 260

Model STIHL MS 260

This versatile chainsaw has become very popular, the model is suitable for domestic use, small construction, firewood, thicket cutting, as well as for cultivating and thinning. The saw combines all the best from Stihl – the ElastoStart easy start system, which reduces the load on the brushes, the high-quality Ematic chain lubrication system, the QuickStop brake. The chainsaw is unpretentious in operation, filter cleaning is required only in case of serious pollution, it is equipped with an anti-vibration system and carburetor heating.


  • easy start under any climatic conditions;
  • good power reserve;
  • oil supply adjustment;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • really low vibrations;
  • convenient design.


  • appreciable weight;
  • high noise level.

5. STIHL MS 201 TC-M

Model STIHL MS 201 TC-M

According to user reviews, this chainsaw is most suitable for use on a personal plot or a small farm. Thanks to the short base, the tool is very manoeuvrable, which is especially important when caring for trees and shrubs, as well as in construction, when it is often necessary to work in confined spaces. A high-quality saw is made in the best traditions of the brand, all parts are tightly fitted, the control is simple and convenient.


  • short base;
  • light weight;
  • great resource;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • decent performance;
  • ergonomics.


  • demanding on the quality of chain sharpening.

6. STIHL MS 193 C-E-14

Model STIHL MS 193 CE-14

Lightweight, less than 4kg loaded, and handy small class chainsaw is designed to provide maximum comfort when working. Low noise level and complete absence of vibrations, ideal weight distribution, starting “with half a turn” in any weather, chain tension without tools make it possible even for women to work with a saw. At the same time, like other similar tools from Stihl, this model has good performance and the highest quality. The downside is the high cost of servicing in branded centers, but original consumables and oils significantly increase the service life.


  • lightweight design;
  • lack of vibrations;
  • simple control;
  • hardy engine;
  • easy start;
  • excellent weight distribution reduces the load on the hands.


  • high cost of maintenance and original spare parts.

7. STIHL MS 250 C-BE

Model STIHL MS 250 C-BE

Optimum characteristics and weight for private use allow this saw to be used very intensively. A sufficiently powerful gasoline engine does not succumb to difficult tasks and easily saws several cubic meters of firewood in one day, will help in the construction of a house or a bath and will not overheat when felling a forest. Also, to make the operator’s work much easier, this chainsaw is the best in terms of price-quality ratio, the chainsaw is equipped with the ErgoStart system, keyless chain tension adjustment and a powerful brake responsible for safety in emergency situations. And the adaptive lubrication system saves chain oil by adjusting its flow depending on the load.


  • winter/summer mode;
  • facilitated cold start;
  • chain tension without tools;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • capacious refueling capacities for long work at one gas station;
  • the lubrication system reduces the oil supply when the load decreases.


  • systematic cleaning of the drive sprocket from sawdust is required.

8. STIHL MS 230

Model STIHL MS 230

The popular model MS 230 is equipped with an unpretentious 2.5 hp gasoline engine, sufficient for sawing down small trees, dead wood, birch firewood and other work in the garden. Light weight and dimensions make it easy to transport the saw in the trunk of a car, take it to the country or fishing. The time-tested design is very reliable, but not without flaws, the absence of viewing windows makes it difficult to control the remaining fuel and oil. There are no other downsides to the saw.


  • easy start function;
  • price-opportunity combination;
  • excellent build quality and components;
  • copes with hard wood;
  • low noise level;
  • anti-vibration system.


  • there are no viewing windows for monitoring fuel and oil residues.

9. STIHL MS 180-16

Model STIHL MS 180-16

One of the simplest models of the company, it has such valuable qualities as unpretentiousness and reliability. Its power is not enough to work at a logging site, but in everyday life this tool is optimal. An inexpensive and good saw can cut firewood, fell a dead tree in the yard, or saw down interfering branches. A chainsaw is also indispensable during construction. Unlike more powerful models in the range, MS 180-16 weighs only 4 kg, which makes it suitable for use in cases where the operator does not have a stable position. Another important feature is a compensator that saturates the fuel mixture with oxygen when the filter is clogged. According to user reviews, this Stihl chainsaw does not have significant drawbacks, the main disadvantage is the small volume of the tank and unstable cold start.


  • low price;
  • light weight;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • one hand control;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • can work with a clogged filter.


  • small tank 0.25 l;
  • in cold weather, the first start is difficult.

10. STIHL MS 170

Model STIHL MS 170

The lightest chainsaw in the range is great for carpentry and other jobs where high precision and quality of cut is required. To compensate for the low power, the manufacturer increased the engine speed and installed a narrower chain, which ultimately had a positive effect on productivity and cleanliness of the cut. Despite the fact that the saw is sold at a low price, the quality of its workmanship corresponds to the impeccable reputation of the brand. With this chainsaw, you won’t run into common consumer problems such as oil leaks or hard starting. The only drawback of the chainsaw is a plastic toothed stop, a metal one is installed on top, but you have to buy it separately.


  • convenient management;
  • light weight;
  • affordable price;
  • high quality workmanship and resource;
  • smooth cut of any materials without chips;
  • profitability;
  • no chain oil leakage even after long periods of storage.


  • The metal spike is not included in the scope of delivery.

Which chainsaw is better to choose

Stihl lightweight household chainsaws are great for home use – various gardening work, firewood, private construction. They are distinguished by low weight, compact design, small tire length. Medium ones are suitable for private construction and rare use in industrial conditions. Heavy and powerful saws optimally operate in harsh conditions:

  • in construction;
  • when felling a forest;
  • for rescue and other work where maximum performance is needed.

Our rating of Stihl chainsaws, which combined top models, will help you choose the best unit. Which is better is up to the buyer to decide. Having familiarized yourself with the pros and cons of gasoline technology, it is easier to understand a wide variety of modifications and make a good purchase.