12 best Electric Trimmers 2023. Reviews by Experts

In terms of popularity, electric trimmers are not inferior to gasoline ones. They are easy to use, light in weight and quiet in operation. However, when buying, the question always arises, how to choose a good electric trimmer among the variety of offers, how they differ from each other, what kind of work they can do.

For our review, we have selected the best electric trimmers for 2023, made by trusted and trusted brands. Among the presented models, you can choose a simple tool for light work or a powerful and productive electric scythe that will cope with any task.

Best Inexpensive Electric Trimmers (2023)

A limited budget will not be an obstacle to buying good equipment. TOP-12 of the best trimmers included 3 models that are characterized by: affordable price, reliable quality, maintainability, proven brand. What’s more, buyers have a choice between powerful and productive versions or light and agile versions. This category of garden tools is intended for domestic use in the country or the adjacent territory – this fact should be taken into account when buying.

1. Huter GET-1000S

Huter GET-1000S Trimmer

This is one of the best electric trimmers for a low price. Thanks to the powerful 1kW motor and air cooling system, the tool can work for a long time without overheating. The handle is collapsible, which greatly facilitates the transportation of the electric scythe, and the curved bar allows you to accurately cut grass around flower beds, trees, fences or beds. The model is relatively light and maneuverable, equipped with protection against accidental start, equipped with a shoulder strap. The trimmer has earned its popularity thanks to a competent combination of technical characteristics and ergonomics.


  • affordable price;
  • hardy engine;
  • convenient design;
  • quiet work;
  • a wide network of services throughout the country.


  • there are complaints about the quality of the standard shoulder strap;
  • no knife included.



This inexpensive and good electric trimmer has become popular among users due to its good performance and very affordable cost. Owners praise the comfortable handle, length-adjustable rod and light weight (2.5 kg). A unit with a 500 W motor is a budget option for home use in small garden plots of 6-8 acres. According to customer reviews, the model is hardy, not prone to overheating, if you periodically clean the slots in the protective casing.

High speeds provide high-quality processing of the site, however, the trimmer can skip thick weeds. For processing dense thickets, it is better to immediately take reinforced fishing line. The trimmer has practically no technical shortcomings, with the exception of high noise, but the lower location of the electric motor puts a strain on the operator’s hands. Also, this design is not designed for cutting damp grass due to the possibility of moisture entering the engine.


  • light weight;
  • rod length adjustment;
  • low price;
  • hardy engine;
  • high speed and good cutting width;
  • There is a sensor for forced shutdown in case of overheating.


  • noisy;
  • the coil is collapsible, but not removable.

3. Denzel TE-1200 (96611)

Denzel TE-1200 (96611)

According to user reviews, the TE-1200 electric trimmer is designed for intensive use in the home. It is resistant to overloads and does not heat up even after 2-3 hours of continuous operation. Moreover, this inexpensive electric trimmer works with both fishing line and knives, so it easily cuts thin and thick grass, shrubs, hogweed thickets, and young trees.

The top position of the motor helps to distribute the considerable weight of the tool due to the shoulder strap, making it easier to work. The assembly is also good – after long-term operation, all fasteners and parts are firmly in place. Also, users responded well to moderate vibration, which does not tire. For easy storage and transportation, the bar can be disassembled and compactly put the trimmer in a box or bag. The TE-1200 model is consistently included in various reviews and ratings of the best as the most affordable and hardy.

Advantages :

  • suitable for mowing thick weeds and shrubs;
  • moderate vibration during operation;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • quality of parts and assembly;
  • collapsible bar;
  • durable and powerful engine is not prone to overheating;
  • adjustable bevel width.


  • noisy;
  • heavy weight 4.7 kg.

4. BOSCH EasyGrassCut 26

BOSCH EasyGrassCut 26

The Bosch electric trimmer has proven itself to be excellent – German quality, a reliable engine that is not prone to overheating, and excellent ergonomics. The unit is low-powered, so it is suitable for mowing low, thin grass – for working the lawn, the area around paths, trees, flowers or shrubs. Small dimensions allow it to be used in places where there is not enough space for a large trimmer or lawn mower on wheels. With moderate loads, the tool will serve the owner for many years. This is a great model for those who are looking for the best electric trimmer up to 300W. But when buying, you should pay attention to the availability of services – the reverse side of the “branded” braid is in the originality and price of parts, including reels for fishing line.


  • semi-automatic line feed;
  • very comfortable grip with the left or right hand;
  • light and not noisy;
  • there is protection against accidental start.


  • not suitable for tall grass;
  • the high cost of the original line reel.

The best electric trimmers: price – quality

The balance of quality and cost is something between the domestic and professional categories. Sometimes equipment of this class is called “farm”. Electric trimmers in this group are characterized by options and layout comparable to the capabilities of professional models, but they are slightly inferior in performance and power. Tools can be used both for domestic purposes, processing large areas with difficult terrain in the country or in the garden, and in industrial conditions, but only for auxiliary work. Despite the fact that trimmers are produced by famous brands, their prices are quite reasonable.

1. Made it to FSE 71

Stihl FSE 71 trimmer

Stihl FSE 71 combines the best qualities that are important for a “home” trimmer: lightness, maneuverability, comfortable design and reliable performance. The tool is equipped with a safety clutch, the height of the handle is adjustable, and the top position of the engine will allow you to work areas with wet grass after rain. Due to the average power, the area of ​​\u200b\u200buse is predetermined, the trimmer can mow soft grass, lawns, not very dense thickets . It is also possible to mow thicker weeds, but in a small volume, for example, near a fence, or at a slow pace. There are no complaints about the quality, the design is reliable and devoid of various shortcomings, which budget versions sometimes “sin with”.


  • low noise level;
  • comparatively light;
  • lack of heating during prolonged use;
  • no noticeable vibrations;
  • perfectly mows, without winding the grass on the shaft.


  • no fixation of the power button;
  • low power reserve;
  • no belt included.

2. Monferme 21327M

Monferme 21327M Trimmer

Monferme 21327M is a comfortable and lightweight trimmer with an attractive design. However, its technical side is no less bright. The engine is located at the bottom, which significantly reduces vibration during operation, but its main feature is the adjustment of the angle of inclination of the cutting surface. The handle is adjustable, which will allow you to adjust the tool to any height. The mass of the electric scythe is only 2.4 kg, women or the elderly can use it. The flip side of lightness and maneuverability is a somewhat limited area of ​​\u200b\u200buse. The electric trimmer is not suitable for intensive mowing of weeds, trees and thick shrubs, otherwise there is complete freedom of action. If you are looking for the best trimmer model for regular use , be sure to take a look at the benefits of Monferm.


  • great for areas with difficult terrain;
  • handy for leveling the lawn;
  • additional handle height adjustment;
  • ergonomic main handle;
  • thoughtful design;
  • quality engine.


  • no objective deficiencies were found.

3. See UR3501

Makita UR3501 Trimmer

Without creating problems, the Makita UR3501 electric trimmer will cope with grass of any height and thickness. The durable motor allows you to increase the time of continuous work, speeding up the processing of large areas. The powerful trimmer has a relatively low weight, a powerful 1 kW engine and a comfortable curved bar. It is also worth noting the presence of an automatic brake and a height-adjustable handle. Among analogues, this is perhaps the best trimmer in terms of price and quality.


  • smooth start without jerks;
  • hardy engine is not prone to rapid overheating;
  • simple replacement of fishing line;
  • low noise level;
  • lies comfortably in the hands;
  • suitable for women;
  • equipped with a shoulder strap.


  • sensitive automatic line feed on a new spool;
  • somewhat taut start button.

4. Daewoo Power Products DABC 1400E

Daewoo Power Products DABC 1400E trimmer

This model is for those who are looking for a reliable trimmer with a power of 1 kW or more for regular use. With its quite reasonable cost, the model boasts a powerful 1.4 kW engine, a folding handle, adjustable in height, and a relatively low weight. The most powerful trimmer in the ranking is designed not only for grass and shrubs, but also for rough processing of trees. The manufacturer also took care of the comfort for the operator: comfortable handles at the grip points, good balance and maneuverability, smooth start keys. The trimmer with a high-quality anti-vibration system does not tire the operator during long-term use, which is very useful for models with overhead engines. The aluminum shaft is collapsible, the tool can be compactly folded for transportation or storage.


  • high power and performance;
  • vibration and noise suppression system;
  • optimal balancing;
  • easy transportation;
  • excellent equipment;
  • protective casing made of impact-resistant plastic.


  • not very informative instructions;
  • when using a thick fishing line and intensive work, it heats up noticeably.

The best cordless trimmers

Cordless trimmers have appeared a long time ago and have become a real breakthrough in the field of garden equipment. Over time, manufacturers have perfected the technical part, developed capacious batteries – now the units are not inferior to network or gasoline units either in terms of convenience or performance. In the rating from our editors, a selection of the four best representatives in their class, who have collected a lot of positive feedback.

The advantages of battery technology are undeniable – they are more maneuverable, can be used in areas without power supply, or in remote corners of a summer cottage. At the same time, the constructive part retained all the best – convenience, compactness and acceptable weight.

To correctly determine which electric trimmer is better: battery or mains, it is enough to evaluate the operating conditions. For large areas, network models are more suitable, for places remote from electricity – wireless.

1. See DUR181RF

See DUR181RF

The grass trimmer is equipped with an 18-volt battery with a capacity of 3 Ah, which is enough for 20-30 minutes of continuous work under load. The fast charger fully charges it in about the same time, so there is no need for a replacement battery. The unit is quite light (weight 3 kg) and maneuverable, suitable for mowing grass, lawn, decorating beds, paths. The well-fitted body parts of the cordless trimmer protect the engine from dust and foreign objects, increasing its service life. According to reviews, this is the best representative in its class, the Japanese brand has taken care of ergonomics and durability, and in terms of reliability, the trimmer is not inferior to domestic or European-made competitors.


  • indication of the charge level on the battery;
  • charger and battery included;
  • low noise level;
  • reliable design;
  • light weight;
  • length-adjustable rod.


  • not suitable for large areas and weeds.

2. RYOBI OLT 1832


The high-speed cordless trimmer is designed for maximum comfort in the garden. It has a 3-position mowing angle adjustment, a modern EasyEdge function for fast lawn edge formation. The height of the folding handle and telescopic rod is adjusted exactly to the height of the operator. The trimmer is powered by 18-volt ONE+ series batteries, depending on the capacity, the continuous operation time is 11-38 minutes.

The unit was highly appreciated by experienced owners of garden equipment – it is convenient, the construction is of high quality, all fasteners and adjustment units withstand long-term operation, there are no backlashes. Separately, the owners note the durable batteries for Ryobi trimmers, which provide sufficient power and mowing time.


  • easy replacement of fishing line;
  • automatic coil;
  • adjustments for customization;
  • durable fasteners;
  • a large selection of batteries with different capacities.


  • Battery and charger not included.

3. BOSCH EasyGrassCut 18-26

BOSCH EasyGrassCut 18-26

The model from Bosch is the best cordless trimmer in terms of price and quality . A nice bonus is the package, which includes a universal 18 V Li-ion battery and a quick charger. The trimmer is light and very maneuverable, suitable for women, the elderly. It is comfortable to hold in your hands, the position of the additional handle is individually adjustable. The cutting element is a fishing line up to 1.6 mm, the grass mowing width is 26 cm. The unit is purchased for the formation of flower beds, paths, the area around buildings, buildings, fences. The mowing angle is adjustable, there is a function of processing the edges of the lawn at an angle of 180 degrees. As a minus, some note a non-separable bar, however, the absence of additional connections only prolongs the life of the tool.


  • The battery fits other Bosch tools;
  • time of continuous work on one charge from 20 minutes;
  • little weight;
  • semi-automatic line feed;
  • low noise level.


  • unbreakable rod.

4. greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30

greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30

A technological electric trimmer with a battery is designed for home use in a small household or garden plot. Like many well-known brands, the design of the scythe is designed to operate with batteries of 2 or 4 A / h of different capacities, depending on the needs. At the same time, the continuous operation time on a full charge is 20 and 40 minutes, respectively. As a cutting element of the trimmer, a removable spool with a 1.6 mm fishing line is used, this thickness is enough to mow fresh grass or small growths of tougher weeds. Despite the relatively large weight of 4.1 kg, it is very easy to control the electric scythe due to the excellent weight distribution and thoughtful design, thanks to which the model is confidently kept in the TOP-best.


  • collapsible shaft facilitates storage and transportation;
  • good ergonomics;
  • there is an adjustment of the width of the bevel;
  • duration of work;
  • protection against accidental start.


  • big weight;
  • high cost of batteries;
  • takes a long time to charge the battery – 1 hour.

What is the best electric trimmer to buy?

In practice, the choice of an electric trimmer is quite simple, it is important to determine for what purposes you need it. For periodic work, any model of the budget class is quite suitable. Such a tool is able to serve its owner for a long time, if used for its intended purpose. For intensive use, a more durable model will be required that will “endure” overloads. Also, when working for a long time, attention should be paid to ergonomics.

When choosing a trimmer, pay attention to the manufacturer. It is important to take into account factors such as the availability of service centers, spare parts and components. During operation, there may be a need for additional equipment or replacement of wear parts. The brands that are featured in our ranking of the best electric trimmers have already earned the trust of many users, as evidenced by positive reviews.