12 Best Surface Pumps – Ranking and Reviews by Experts

Surface pumps can be seen on many homes today . This is not at all surprising – often it is the installation of such equipment that is the only way to deliver the right amount of water to the house without bothering with unnecessary physical labor. Still, living in a private house or in a country house, no one wants to carry water in buckets, as they did 100 years ago. Fortunately, the choice of pumps today is large enough for each potential buyer to easily choose the option that suits him completely. True, it is precisely because of the large assortment that difficulties often arise – which model should be preferred?

To simplify the choice, we will rank the best surface pumps , listing the most successful models, their advantages and disadvantages. This will allow each reader to purchase exactly such equipment, which will be the best choice for him.

How to choose a surface pump – recommendations and tips

In general, to choose a surface pump for water, you need to take into account quite a lot of nuances and subtleties. Let’s talk about the main ones.

One of the most important indicators is the depth of suction . It shows what can be the maximum depth between the water level and the pump, so that the latter works stably and without interruption.

Also, do not forget about performance – it directly depends on power. The performance depends on how much water the pump can supply in a certain time.

The maximum pressure shows the allowable length of all pipes located between the pump and the end user (or rather, a boiler, storage tank or other container where water is stored).

Finally, we must not forget about safety . It is desirable that the pump has protective functions that protect it from overheating and failure. They significantly reduce the likelihood of having to take the pump to a repair shop a few weeks after purchase.

Surface pumps conventional – the best models

In general, surface pumps are the most popular. The fact is that they do not need to be lowered into a well or well – it is enough to install them in the immediate vicinity of those. This means that the equipment is easy to install and dismantle. For summer residents, this is especially important – it is possible to install a pump in the spring, and in the fall, when leaving summer housing, take it with you so that it does not become the prey of thieves. True, you have to pay for this with a higher noise level – it is not drowned out by the thickness of the earth. However, according to most users, the safety of property is worth putting up with a slight discomfort.

1. VORTEX PN-650


Looking for an inexpensive, easy to use and convenient well pump? This model will certainly not disappoint. It boasts a good suction depth – up to nine meters. For most regions of our country, this is quite enough. It’s nice that the developed pressure reaches 45 meters – it is possible to install the pump at a great distance from the house, and it can easily deliver water without causing unnecessary problems. In addition, the remoteness further reduces the noise level, which, judging by the reviews, is already quite low. Finally, the throughput of the model is quite good – 3.6 cubic meters per hour of work. Most summer residents do not need more.


  • small dimensions;
  • high power;
  • durable cast iron body;
  • quality assembly;
  • combination of performance and price.


  • check valve quality.

2. GILEX Jumbo 70/50 P

GILEX Jumbo 70/50 P

Here is one of the most powerful surface pumps among those for which you do not have to pay a huge amount. It will be a good choice for users who need to deliver water for a long distance, for example, if the house is far from the well. After all, this model has a maximum pressure of as much as 50 meters. And the suction depth is quite high up to 10 meters.

When choosing a model, it is desirable to choose a capacity 10-20% higher than required in order to compensate for the increased demand for some reason, and not to buy a new pump.

Thanks to the power of 1100 W, the model is able to pass through itself up to 4.2 cubic meters of water per hour – a very good result. An additional plus is the quality assembly – it is not surprising that almost all the reviews left on this model are positive.


  • affordable cost;
  • high power;
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • quality performance;
  • easy to maintain.


  • significant noise level.

3. Navy CAM 80/PA

Navy CAM 80/PA

Are you looking for a surface pump that suits you in terms of price and quality ? Take a look at this. Its productivity reaches 3.6 cubic meters per hour, which can be called a pretty good indicator. At the same time, the unit is quite compact and light – the weight is only 7.2 kg, so there will be no unnecessary problems during installation and transportation. The maximum head is 42 m, and this will surely be enough for most users. Finally, the suction depth reaches 8 meters, so there will be no problems with lifting water. So, if you need to choose a surface pump for a well, then you definitely will not regret buying this model.


  • good maximum head;
  • light weight;
  • long service life;
  • the presence of a handle for transportation;
  • affordable price.


  • some models have not too high build quality.

Circulating surface pumps – the best models

Surface pumps are not only used to raise water from a well or drain a tank of dirty water. Circulating ones are no less popular. Most often, they are built into heating systems, which can significantly increase the rate of water distribution and, accordingly, speed up the process of heating the premises. This reduces the inertia of the heating system and often makes it possible to save a lot of money by reducing the amount of fuel burned. Therefore, it will be very useful to talk about the most successful of them.

1. Grundfos UPS 25-40 180

Grundfos UPS 25-40 180

A very good surface circulation pump that can be a good choice for many buyers. It weighs only 2.5 kg, making transportation and installation much easier. Suitable for pipes with a diameter of one and a half inches, which are used quite often in heating systems. The throughput is very good – as much as 4 cubic meters per hour. The maximum pressure is not too great – only 4 meters. However, this will not cause problems – a larger indicator is basically not needed, unless we are talking about a two- or three-story mansion with high ceilings. The pump is suitable for clean water of both low and high temperatures – in the range from +2 to +110 degrees Celsius.


  • light weight;
  • long service life;
  • low noise level;
  • profitability;
  • good performance;
  • small dimensions.

2. VORTEX TsN-25-4


This is an inexpensive, compact, but at the same time reliable and high-quality circulation pump, which will significantly improve the heating system in your country house or cottage. It is suitable for small houses – a maximum of two floors, since the maximum pressure is 4 meters. In an hour of operation, the pump passes up to three cubic meters of water – for such a compact model, this is a good result.

The model uses a “wet” rotor, made of high quality, rust-resistant materials, which increases efficiency.

Can work with water temperature up to +110 degrees. And even if something happens and the heating system freezes, then lowering the temperature to -10 degrees Celsius will not harm the device. No wonder it takes pride of place in the ranking of the best surface pumps . With all this, its weight is 3 kg, which can be called an additional plus. It has a 1.5 inch threaded exit hole.


  • high-quality, reliable materials;
  • low noise level;
  • small sizes;
  • affordable cost.


  • Not all models can boast of high-quality assembly.

3. Grundfos UPS 25-60 180

Grundfos UPS 25-60 180

Looking for an inexpensive surface pump for a country house with high ceilings? Surely this one will suit you. After all, this model can raise water to a height of up to six meters! And her performance is very good – 4.35 cubic meters per hour. Works great with liquid in a wide temperature range – + 2 … + 110 degrees. The “wet” rotor provides not only good performance, but also a higher level of reliability due to the simplest design. It’s nice that this circulation pump has a very small mass – only 2.6 kg.


  • works almost silently;
  • affordable price;
  • practical and reliable;
  • compactness;
  • significant maximum pressure.


  • some models vibrate strongly during operation.

Surface sewer pumps – the best models

Temporarily or permanently living in a private country house, most people are still not going to give up the benefits of civilization in the form of a warm toilet. However, in order to be able to do this, you need to regularly empty the waste tank, otherwise it will fill up pretty quickly. This is where special surface sewer pumps come to the rescue. They can work not only with clean water, but also with a liquid that has a large amount of impurities – including drainage, sewage and waste water. Let’s talk about some of the most successful models.



A very successful model of a surface pump for sewage. One of the advantages is good performance – as much as 6.6 cubic meters per hour. This allows you to easily and quickly deal with large volumes of dirty water. It’s nice that the maximum pressure is quite large – five meters. This allows you to remove waste both from the house and from deep drainage pits. Two water intake points can be connected to one pump, which is very convenient and practical. An additional plus is the high level of security. After all, the model is equipped with an idle protection function, which means it will not fail due to work in vain. This is facilitated by float control of the water level – simple but reliable. Many users like that the installation is quite quiet – only 46 dB. So, this surface pump for dirty water will definitely not disappoint.


  • high throughput;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • high build quality and materials;
  • two connection points;
  • simple operation;


  • high price.

2. Grundfos Sololift 2 WC-1

Grundfos Sololift 2 WC-1

Looking for a surface fecal pump that delivers high performance? Pay attention to this one. It is characterized by high performance – almost 8.94 cubic meters per hour. With a maximum head of 8.5 meters, the pump can operate both above ground and below ground level.

Some models of sewage pumps are equipped with a cutting nozzle, allowing them to cope with large blockages.

A 10-litre hydraulic tank improves working comfort, and a special cutting attachment ensures that blockages do not occur. It’s nice that, despite the excellent performance, the pump weighs quite a bit – only 7.3 kg.


  • quality assembly;
  • good cutting nozzle;
  • perfectly copes with the assigned tasks;
  • excellent design.


  • serious noise at work.



It may not be the best surface pump for dirty water, but it certainly is one of them. One of the advantages is the low noise level during operation – 42 dB, which can be called a very good result. It can pump out up to six tons of liquid with impurities per hour, and this is probably enough even for a large family and a large household. It is also important that one pump has up to three water intake points – this is very important, as it allows you to connect, for example, a bath, toilet and sink to it, without spending extra money on buying several devices. It’s nice that the pump works with hot water – up to +60 degrees, which not all analogues can boast of.


  • good performance;
  • three water points;
  • silent operation;
  • ease of installation.


  • Due to the lack of a filter, an unpleasant odor arises during a long space.

Surface pumping stations – the best models

To completely solve the issue of water supply in a private house, it is better to use not a simple pump, but a pumping station. It is more functional and quite often equipped with a storage tank – its volume can vary significantly. The check valve prevents water from flowing into the well or well after shutdown, which reduces the amount of idle work. Yes, the cost of such equipment is higher than that of standard pumps. But it is much easier and more comfortable to use them, which is appreciated by many owners.

1. VORTEX ASV-370/2 H


A simple but high-quality surface pumping station with a relatively small capacity – 2.7 cubic meters. in hour. For a small family, this is enough, but for a household or a large group of people, you will have to look for a more powerful analogue. Due to the maximum pressure of 30 meters, it can deliver water to the house from a well located at a great distance. A plus can be called a nine-meter suction depth. Equipped with a small hydraulic tank – only two liters. In general, the station is designed to work with clean water, but the content is not more than 150 grams of sand per cubic meter. water won’t be a problem. It works with a fairly large temperature range – from +1 to +50 degrees Celsius.


  • small dimensions;
  • low price;
  • powerful pressure;
  • maintainability.


  • very small hydraulic tank.

2. JILEX Jumbo 50/28 Ch-18

JILEX Jumbo 50/28 Ch-18

A very successful surface pumping station for giving and at home. It has a good throughput – up to 3 cubic meters per hour. water. The maximum pressure of 28 meters makes it possible to deliver water to the house from a remote well. A suction depth of nine meters is enough for most regions of our country. The model is equipped with a fairly large hydraulic tank of 18 liters, which makes it possible to start the pump less often, which means increasing the service life.

The built-in hydraulic tank allows you to have a certain supply of water on hand so as not to turn on the pump every time you need to wash your hands.

The weight is quite large – about 15 kg, but for pumping stations this figure is rather modest. In general, the pump is designed to work with clean water, but a special filter qualitatively retains particles up to 0.8 mm in size.


  • good power;
  • capacious hydraulic tank;
  • quality materials and assembly;
  • easy to purchase spare parts;
  • small size.


  • makes a lot of noise when working.

3. Grundfos MQ 3-35

Grundfos MQ 3-35

Easy to use and reliable model. The risk of failure is almost completely eliminated by the function of protection against overheating and dry running. Electronics monitors the water level, which is an additional advantage. A capacity of three cubic meters per hour is enough for most small farms, not to mention cottages. The maximum pressure of 35 meters solves the problem of the remoteness of the well or well. The boost function is another big plus.


  • quality assembly;
  • low noise level;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • small size and weight;
  • the possibility of increasing pressure.


  • there is no hydraulic tank.

Which surface pump is better to choose

This concludes our review of the best surface pumps . In it, we tried to study the advantages and disadvantages of models from different categories, which will surely allow each reader to choose the option that will completely solve all his problems.