20 best brush cutters by reviews. Rating

Every year more and more people begin to use household plots or cottages exclusively for recreation, and not for growing vegetables and fruits. And what is a vacation without a beautiful and well-groomed environment? For example, neatly trimmed shrubs. Even an ordinary geometric figure looks more aesthetically pleasing than an ordinary bush.

A special tool is used to process the shrub. He can be:

Mechanical : such a brush cutter is similar to a regular garden pruner, but with elongated blades and more powerful handles. 

Electric : the simplest and most convenient option to use, requiring no physical effort from the user, but tying him to the outlet. 

Cordless : the same electric tool, but with a battery. A little less powerful, but without wires and extension cords. 

And gasoline : these are the most powerful tools designed for maximum loads. Their main advantage is autonomy. You are not connected to the network and do not need to charge batteries. In addition, a gasoline engine can be of any power, and a lot of weight and high cost stand out from the shortcomings.

It is difficult to say which of these options is the best. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to look at what tasks you plan to set for the tool. If you have only a couple of small bushes on the site, mechanical scissors will suffice. For more complex objects, a drive will already be required, and what it will be depends on the size of the site and the required performance. Battery models are the most convenient, but at the same time weak. Gasoline, on the contrary, are very powerful, but the most difficult to handle.

The best mechanical hedge trimmers

The main advantages of mechanical hedge trimmers are durability and simplicity. Many of them are affordable and do not require special care and storage.


★ Teflon blades

Country: China

Every housewife knows what Teflon is. This is a unique polymer coating with maximum protective properties. It is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion. And they use it not only on pots and pans, but also on garden tools. Before us is a mechanical brush cutter, whose blades are completely coated with Teflon. They practically do not need sharpening and remain sharp for a long time.

It also uses carbon steel with a high content of alloying additives. It does not form chips and damage. Also, this steel has undergone heat treatment, that is, the manufacturer has used all modern technologies to maximize the durability of its tool. He also took care of ergonomics. Rubber grips do not slip in wet hands. Probably, this approach is associated with the youth of the brand, and while it is capturing the market, it means that it is obliged to produce high-quality goods at an attractive price.

4 RACO 4210-53/212

★ Anti-corrosion coating. Long service life

Country: Taiwan

Designed for yard work, cutting lawn grass and a wide variety of garden plants, the mechanical hedge trimmer RACO 4210-53/212 is particularly user-friendly. Thanks to the presence of rubberized telescopic handles, you can adjust the required size of the tool in the range from 62 to 85 cm, which allows you to easily perform the necessary manipulations even in hard-to-reach places.

The blades of the RACO 4210-53/212 brush cutter are made of hardened steel with a unique RACO-Hitekflon coating that provides corrosion protection and makes cutting easier. Their wavy shape guarantees a better grip on branches. The technology of a returnable spring used in this model allows to carry out work with the least expenses of energy. In the reviews of the owners, a long service life, unpretentiousness in operation and ease of care for the tool are positively noted.

3 PALISAD 60588

★ The lightest. Adjustable handle length

Country: made in China

Manual brush cutter with telescopic handles PALISAD 60588 will be the best choice if you need to rejuvenate the garden or form the crown of bushes with live shoots, the diameter of which does not exceed 10 mm. Due to the fact that the handle is made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, the manufacturer has managed to reduce the weight of the tool, which greatly facilitates the work.

The straight blades of the PALISAD 60588 mechanical hedge trimmer are 180 mm long and made of high-strength steel with a Teflon coating, which provides a low coefficient of friction, thereby speeding up the pruning process. The linkage provided in this model is also designed to simplify the work by increasing the cutting force by 20% without increasing external forces. In their reviews, users note the simplicity and reliability of the design, as well as ease of use and long service life.

Common types of brush cutters

  • Many ordinary people know a hand or mechanical tool as scissors. They really have the shape of scissors, but at the same time they are able to cut thick branches of bushes and trees;
  • Electric hedge trimmers are complex devices consisting of a bar with sharp teeth and an electric motor. Power is supplied through an electric cord, which is a significant disadvantage of this group of tools;
  • Rechargeable models favorably differ in mobility and lightness. The short cutting part is powered by a battery. Usually it is enough for 30-40 minutes of work, which is not enough for large-scale pruning;
  • For professional purposes, petrol hedge trimmers are best suited. They are somewhat heavier than mechanical and electrical models. But you can do pruning away from the household network throughout the working day.

2 Rostock 423555

★ Best price and minimum weight

Country: made in China

The lightest and most affordable mechanical hedge trimmer. This is the Rostock 423555 model. The tool is intended for domestic summer residents and gardeners. With its help, it will be possible to take care of the hedge, cut the branches of bushes and trees. Thanks to the sharp blades made of alloy steel, a perfectly smooth and even cut is obtained. This quality is especially appreciated by gardeners when pruning and grafting. The scissors weigh only 700 g, so you can do crown shaping for a long time without feeling tired. Steel handles allow you to apply the most powerful effort of male hands. The presence of rubberized handles provides comfort during operation.

Domestic summer residents and gardeners speak flatteringly about such qualities of Rostok 423555 scissors as accessibility, lightness, ease of use, reliability and durability. Periodically, the cutting edges of the blades have to be sharpened, and when pruning thick branches, a lot of effort is required.

1 GARDENA 600 Comfort

★ The most powerful mechanical brush cutter

Country: Germany

The GARDENA 600 Comfort mechanical hedge trimmer is powerful. The scissors are equipped with a patented gear train that increases the power of the tool by 46%. Gel pads in the bed of the handles absorb shocks during work, which creates the necessary comfort during work. Given the low weight (840 g), scissors can be used for a long time without getting tired. The manufacturer also took care of the sharpness of the blades, the length of which is 23 cm. Rectilinear sharpening is perfect for shaping the crowns of bushes and trees. The highest quality of production is confirmed by a 25-year guarantee.

According to gardeners, the best features of the GARDENA 600 Comfort Scissors are cutting power, ease of use, light weight, sharp blades and a long warranty. The disadvantages include the high price of a mechanical tool.

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The best electric hedge trimmers

Electric brush cutters have limited capabilities due to the presence of a 220 V network nearby. They are best suited for summer residents who have bushes and hedges near their house or garage.

5 Einhell GC-EH 4550

★ Best dimensions

Country: Germany

Very often, an electric brush cutter looks very heavy and bulky. To handle it, you need remarkable physical strength and endurance. If you do not have the parameters of an ancient Greek hero, be sure to look at this product. This is the lightest tool, whose weight was only 2.1 kilograms. Even a fragile woman can easily handle it, and this is also affected by the size of the device. It is compact, but at the same time well thought out in technical terms.

In a small case, the manufacturer managed to place not only an electric motor, but also several protective options, as well as a vibration damping system. With a motor power of 450 watts, you will hardly feel how it works. This significantly increases productivity and allows you to work longer without stopping for rest. Not to mention the high build quality. The reviews under the product are mostly positive, and the total score is close to 5 points, which is not so common.


★ High performance. A light weight

Country: USA (made in China)

The powerful (500 W) BLACK+DECKER BEHTS301 electric hedge trimmer, designed for garden and hedge maintenance, will cope with even the thickest branches with a diameter of up to 35 mm. The best cutting qualities of this model are provided by a 50 cm double-sided blade with a tooth pitch of 22 mm. Ease of use of this tool provides an ergonomic handle with a rubberized surface.

Accidental start of the BLACK+DECKER BEHTS301 hedge trimmer is excluded thanks to the provided protection system, which consists in the need for a double start. The low weight of the device allows you to trim even in the vertical position of the tool and with your hands up, without spending enormous effort. Reviews about this electric brush cutter are mostly positive – users note the minimum amount of time and effort required when performing a large amount of work.


★ Thoughtful ergonomics

Country: Japan

The Japanese brand RYOBI is famous for two main aspects. First, they always have high-quality assembly and components. And, secondly, here they constantly think about the convenience of the user. No mechanical hedge trimmer will give you such a comfortable working experience. It seems that designers and engineers have taken into account every bend of the tool, making it as ergonomic as possible, and as a result, productive.

Yes, ergonomics affect productivity, as with a comfortable tool you can work much longer without feeling tired. There is even a vibration dampening system, and of very good quality. You hardly feel how the 450 watt electric motor works. And despite all the advantages of this product, it does not shock with its price. The model is from last year, and there are already more modern versions in the brand’s catalog. But this one can be bought at the most reasonable price. Maybe not the lowest on the market, but definitely affordable by the standards of the brand.

2 See UH4261

★ Best quality

Country: Japan (made in China)

The Makita UH4261 electric brush cutter is of excellent quality. It is perfect for summer residents and owners of country houses. With the help of the device you can comfortably cut hedges and bushes. The tool does not make noise, has a small weight (2.9 kg). You can work with him for hours without rest. Of course, the mobility of the model is limited by the electric wire and carrying. But the device is made in a safe design. The hedge trimmer will operate by pressing and holding the two keys at the same time. Therefore, you can not be afraid for spontaneous inclusion. The power of the device is enough to cut branches with a thickness of 18 mm. The rubberized handle prevents slipping of the hand.

Consumers love the Makita UH4261 electric hedge trimmer features such as trouble-free operation, high performance, safe switching system. The disadvantages include the high price.


★ The most powerful tool

Country: Sweden

The Swedish company Stiga specializes in the production of professional garden equipment. It is professional, therefore the price tags here are appropriate. If you need a hedge trimmer from time to time, and you do not load it with super-complex tasks, it does not make sense to buy this model. You simply cannot realize its full potential. At the same time, when looking at the characteristics, you cannot say that the Stiga is a powerful, productive device. But this is a deceptive delusion.

This hedge trimmer can operate for many hours without overheating. He does not need rest, and the quality of work is at the highest level. Basically, it is the best electric tool using high quality alloy steel blades. They practically do not blunt and are able to cut even thick branches. At the height and ergonomics. In particular, the presence of a vibration damping system. Even after many hours of work, your hands will not experience fatigue.

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The best cordless hedge trimmers

Lightness and practicality are the main advantages of cordless hedge trimmers. The tool is equipped with an independent battery that requires periodic recharging. The power of the devices is limited, so they can be used to cut thin branches (up to 2.5 cm).

5 Worx WG252E.9

★ Multifunction device

Country: China

Brush cutters come with a long handle and a short one. Buyers choose the option that is most convenient for them. But what if you have both tall shrubs in need of care and low ones on your site? You may need to take both options. But there is a better and more economical way – to pay attention to this model.

This hedge trimmer is versatile. It can be short and long. Just enough to change the bar. The maximum length, excluding double-sided knives, is 1.7 meters, that is, you will reach the highest points of the bush. It is also convenient for them to work with low vegetation. If you need spot work, just remove the bar and leave the handle on which the battery is attached. And that’s it, you have a handy manual brush cutter weighing a little over 2 kilograms. By the way, for lower work, the manufacturer puts shoulder straps in the kit, identical to those used on trimmers. In terms of versatility, this is the best tool on the market. Even if not from the most famous brand.

4 Husqvarna 115iHD45

★ High performance

Country: Sweden

Many potential buyers will certainly be put off by the price tag of this tool, and in vain. Before us is a professional cordless pruner that can cope with the most complex tasks. In terms of performance, even the electric version will yield to it, not to mention the mechanical one. In one minute, the brush cutter makes 3000 movements, that is, the processing is carried out very quickly. Husqvarna is great as always.

In terms of technical characteristics, this tool deserves a much higher position in the ranking, but it cannot be called popular among buyers. For the home, it is simply not needed, because it is designed for a professional purpose and has the appropriate parameters. It only makes sense to take it if you have a large hedge on the site, which you regularly mow. For small bushes and rare inclusions, simpler and cheaper models are suitable. However, in this case you pay not only for the characteristics, but also for the high quality.

3 Stavr KA-570/20

★ Best value for money

As a rule, a cordless tool is not a cheap pleasure, but there are always exceptions. Now we have one of the most budget models on the market, but at the same time with high quality and durability. Otherwise, she would not have made it to our list. This is a brush cutter with long double-sided blades made of alloy steel with a protective coating. They are not afraid of corrosion and chips. The tool weighs just over 2.2 kilograms, however, excluding the battery. By the way, there are no batteries included, as well as a charger. This increases the price tag, but such a package bundle is not something exceptional.

Reviews are mostly positive. Users appreciate the convenience and performance of the model. This is a great cordless hedge trimmer that can handle even tough vegetation. A 20-watt power supply contributes to this performance. At the height and ergonomics of the device.

2 Bosch Ahs 50-20 li

★ The most reliable model

Country: Germany (produced in Hungary)

The Bosch Ahs 50-20 li cordless hedge trimmer can perform a wide range of garden work. Thanks to its high power and long rail, the tool easily handles branches up to 25 mm thick. The special design of the teeth helps to cut quickly. It is called Quick-Cut, branches and branches are cut off the first time. Where other models can’t handle the tough job, the anti-blocking system helps the Bosch Ahs 50-20 li hedge trimmer to form hedges and shrubs without fail. Despite the high power, the device is quite light (2.5 kg) and convenient. For operator comfort, there is a multi-position front handle, a rubberized rear handle, as well as a transparent hand guard.

Users in the reviews note the functionality of the tool, ease of use, the presence of protection from concrete walls and foundations. Only the high price causes dissatisfaction among consumers.


★ Best form factor

Country: Japan (made in China)

A very practical and mobile tool in the garden is the cordless hedge trimmer MAKITA UH200DWE. With it, you can not only cut hedges or bushes, but create unique shapes. The appliance weighs only 1.2 kg, which allows you to work on a stepladder with your arm outstretched. A short tire (22 cm) will not cling to everything in a row, giving the gardener the opportunity to realize his fantasies. The battery is able to work for about 30 minutes without rest, so you need to set local goals. Ease of use is ensured by a rubberized handle and a lock against spontaneous activation.

Users highlight several advantages of the MAKITA UH200DWE cordless hedge trimmer. This is lightness, mobility, practicality, simple maintenance, the presence of a charge indicator. The disadvantages include significant noise, the ability to cut only thin branches, limited operating time.

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The best petrol hedge trimmers

The most powerful and independent type of brush cutter is a gas tool. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine, which requires regular maintenance and complex repairs. Such models weigh a lot, make a lot of noise, emit toxic gases. But for professional activities, they are indispensable assistants.

5 Hammer KST250

★ High maintainability

Country: China

A gasoline tool fails more often than an electric, battery, and even more so a mechanical one. It’s all about the large number of modules that are under load. Even the best brush cutter with a fuel engine will break down sooner or later, and no one has canceled maintenance. Most brands, especially from the top segment, have very low maintainability. Without a special tool and experience, it is better not to climb there at all. And in this respect, this option is the most attractive.

The manufacturer thought about how the user will maintain the motor and its modules. Everything is as open and accessible as possible. Yes, I had to sacrifice attractiveness, but when something breaks inside the engine, you think about it last. There is also an excellent motor from Lifan, which has long been popular in the market. There are a lot of spare parts for sale on it, and they all cost adequate money.

4 Husqvarna 522HD60S

★ Better performance

Country: Sweden

Before us is a real garden monster that will cut down even small trees, as well as carefully and quickly process the bushes. This is a professional brush cutter that no other electric or mechanical option can match. It has almost a full horsepower of power, and for a segment like this, this is a lot. In a minute, the motor is capable of producing up to 8 thousand cuts, while you adjust the speed yourself.

In addition, the model has a very long double-sided blade of 60 centimeters. Only a gasoline unit will pull such a colossus with wide teeth. Yes, the price tag is high, and it was he who became the reason for getting into such a not the most honorable place in the ranking. And it is also the main factor in the low popularity of the instrument. Husqvarna has developed this product for professional use only. Not only performance works for this, but also overall reliability. This is the best option for utilities, but completely redundant for domestic tasks.


★ Affordable price. Buyer’s Choice

Country: made in China

The brush cutter has a 1 liter petrol drive. with and equipped with a 60 cm blade. The tool is capable of performing a large amount of greenery tasks. The maximum diameter of cut branches should not exceed 12 mm. (depending on the length of the knives). Of course, the power of a two-stroke engine is enough for more massive branches, but in this case there is a high probability of damage to the blades, which will have to be replaced for further work.

Despite the noise of the engine, this is the most relevant type of tool for autonomous and continuous operation. The rotary handle makes it easier to use in a vertical position – the weight of the tool is quite decent, and is 5.4 kg. In general, owners are satisfied with the performance and durability of the CHAMPION HT625R (the cylinder walls are chrome-plated). The reviews highlight the affordable price compared to similar models from other brands. Users who have tested this brush cutter in action consider it more than fair.


★ Best professional brush cutter

Country: Japan

The Japanese brush cutter ECHO HCR-161ES is intended for professional activity. In the skillful hands of a gardener, he becomes a samurai sword that cuts everything around. High performance tool provides a powerful gasoline engine. It is renowned for its exceptional durability and reliability. The exhaust system is interestingly made, exhaust gases blow out cut grass and branches. The engine starts flawlessly, especially the reduced resistance of the starter cord. Vibration is effectively suppressed by a special stabilization system. For convenience in work the handle has five-level adjustment.

Experienced users highly appreciate such qualities of the ECHO HCR-161ES hedge trimmer as high productivity, comfort during work, and reliability. Many amateur gardeners would like to buy such a tool, but their impulse is held back by a high price.

1 Stihl HS 45

Most popular brush cutter

Country: Germany

A very popular gasoline hedge trimmer in our country is the Stihl HS 45 model. Motor shears are liked not only by professional gardeners, but also by owners of houses and cottages. The unit is equipped with a powerful engine that is easy to start and runs smoothly. Installing a double-sided knife allows you to work in different planes. The model differs in universality thanks to the rotary handle. It is equally comfortable for both right-handers and left-handers. The built-in shock absorber dampens jerks and reduces kickback when starting the engine or during overloads. Considering the light weight of petrol hedge trimmers (4.7 kg), you can work in comfortable conditions for a long time.

Professional gardeners and amateurs alike put the quality of the Stihl HS 45 hedge trimmer in the first place, such as maneuverability. The model is easy to use, does not cause problems with maintenance and repair. Of the minuses, a small fuel tank is noted.