20 best Dry Closets. Top Reviews, Guide

Dry closets will help relieve the need in comfortable conditions, regardless of location. When choosing suitable models for summer cottages and at home, experts recommend starting from the following characteristics:

Type of dry closet. There are peat, liquid (chemical) and electric dry closets.

Volume of the tank. This indicator is calculated based on the desired frequency of cleaning and the number of family members.

The weight of the filled tank. This factor plays a crucial role if the dry closet is intended for the elderly, who will find it difficult to clean.

Fill indicator. The presence of the function will help to avoid excessive filling of the tank and save on consumables.

Drain button. There are three variations – a corrugated button, a piston pump and an electric pump.

Chair height. The characteristic is relevant if the dry closet will be used by children and the elderly.

Peat, liquid or electric?

By type dry closets are divided into peat, chemical (liquid) and electric. What are their advantages and unique features, and what are the main disadvantages – we learn from the detailed comparison table.

Biotoilet type pros Minuses
Peat + Simplicity and accessibility

+ Environmentally friendly

+ No water required

+ Possibility of self-arrangement

+ Rare tank cleaning

+ Low cost of peat filler

– The need to allocate a separate well-ventilated room for the toilet

– Unpleasant smell in the absence of powerful ventilation

– Stationarity

Liquid + Compactness

+ Ease of use

+ Hygienic and odorless

+ Full indicator

– Drainage is carried out only in a separate pit

– It is undesirable to throw ordinary toilet paper inside

– Careful choice of medium

Electric + Ease of use

+ No need to purchase chemical and biological consumables

+ No flush required

+ Rare cleaning

+ No unpleasant odors

– Expensive

– In the absence of electricity, the toilet is not usable

– The need to allocate a separate room for the toilet

– Requires forced exhaust with output to the street

The best inexpensive dry closets

Budget dry closets – the best solution for a country house . The low cost is primarily due to the small volume of the tank. The brands presented in this category are not the most famous, but gaining popularity.

4 Piteco 506

★ Best max load (150kg)


The domestic manufacturer offers users a convenient and practical dry closet for a country house without communications. Piteco 506 is durable, stable and looks pretty solid, according to real users in their reviews. In addition, it is distinguished by an increased degree of maximum load; the dry closet can easily withstand weight up to 150 kilograms. It has a direct-flow ventilation pipe to eliminate unpleasant odors in the room.

Piteco 506 has a very affordable price. The set includes 20 liters of peat, in the future, to save money, you can buy consumables in bags of 100 liters. The accumulative capacity is equipped with handles for convenience of transportation. Of the minuses, the owners note the need to install a pedestal for the drainage to work correctly, as well as the lack of corners for bringing ventilation to the street through the wall. Sometimes the drainage hole becomes clogged, it is important to monitor this moment when emptying.

3 Bioforce Compact WC 15-20

★ Compact and easy to use

Country: China

The portable dry closet is lightweight and compact in size, which allows you to use it both in country conditions and take it with you on a trip or on a picnic. Able to withstand loads up to 120 kg. It consists of two containers that are interconnected by special latches. The upper capacity is 15 liters, the lower one is 20 liters. The top compartment, which is a bowl-shaped reservoir, is equipped with a pump with a built-in pump and a seat with a lid. The water needed to flush the waste is poured into the container through a special hole. The lower container has a valve that does not let odors and liquids out, and a carrying handle. For the high-quality disposal of waste products, special means are used, thanks to which it is then possible to drain the waste into a compost heap.

Users write that this is a solid product, which is very convenient to use. The dry closet takes up little space, is lightweight, has a simple design, is easy to assemble and disassemble, and does not emit odors. But because of its compactness for large people cramped. Also, some buyers note that the fill and drain caps should be tightened as best as possible, with effort – if this is not done, then it drips from the connection.

2 Thetford Porta Potti Letter 145

★ Best value for money

Country: USA

An inexpensive model of Thetford company is Thetford Porta Potti Qube 145 portable dry closet. Despite the low cost, the device is made with high quality and has all the necessary characteristics. There are handles for carrying the lower tank, pressure relief valve, sanitary fluid included. The model weighs only 3.6 kg and will hold 12 liters of waste.

Buyers call the model the best in terms of price component and quality characteristics. This is an ideal solution for summer cottages and country houses without a sewerage system. A compact dry closet can be used not only in the country, but also taken with you on a road trip. Users note in the reviews the high quality of the product, attractive design, lightness and compactness, comfortable seat, no unpleasant odors during use. But it is recommended to check that the halves are well latched so that waste products do not spill out.

1 EcoProm Rostok

★ 100L capacity storage

The peat dry closet is suitable for use by a family of 4 for a whole month, as it is equipped with a capacious storage tank of 100 liters. Waste is recycled thanks to the peat filler that comes with the product. Also, the filler ensures the absence of unpleasant odors. As soon as the time comes to empty the accumulated container, the contents can be safely sent to the compost pit. The manufacturer claims that the dry closet can be used all year round, both inside the house and outdoors – it is designed for a temperature range of -30 – +60 degrees.

Customers are pleased that you can choose a model from four color options: green, black, black granite, white granite. They also note the beautiful appearance, good quality plastic, ease of use, ease of maintenance and the possibility of obtaining fertilizers for horticultural crops. But they speak negatively about the drain hose, which is strongly bent. It is also important to know that the use of the toilet requires the installation of a ventilation and drainage system.

The best electric dry closets

In the absence of the possibility of installing a stationary toilet, there is an alternative – electric dry closet . A distinctive feature of products from this category is powerful ventilation, which eliminates unpleasant odors even in a small room.


★ Light weight (12.5 kg). Wheels for transport at the storage tank

Country: USA

This model will be an excellent solution for a country house or cottage. A storage tank with a volume of 19 liters will allow a family of 3-4 people to use the dry closet without any hassle. The bottom container has a full indicator, which eliminates the need to look into it to prevent overfilling. Users like water flush with vacuum valve, structural strength. The ceramic insert is resistant to scratches, which allows you to keep the original look for a long time.

The dry closet pleases with a small weight. The storage tank has wheels so that it is convenient to carry the container even alone. Ergonomic and comfortable toilet bowl adds comfort when using, eliminates splashing. The dry closet can be installed in any, even a little suitable, at first glance, space. Its bowl rotates 90 degrees in both directions. For DOMETIC CTW 4110, the manufacturer offers an excellent set of accessories, including a spare cassette and a service hatch.

3 BioLet 25

★ Fast recycling rate. Service only 1 time per year

Country: Sweden

BioLet 25 is an electric dry closet from the Swedish brand “BioLet”, equipped with a composting waste disposal system. Its main advantage over competitors is the accelerated process of composting waste products. Therefore, the device guarantees the absence of any odors in the room.

The material of the toilet body is made of ABS plastic, which is not afraid of corrosion and rusting. Unlike dry closets with separate liquid collection, BioLet 25 composting toilets need to be serviced only once a year. Subject to continuous use by a family of three. BioLet toilets are the best selling composting toilets in the world. The best of the best.

2 Thetford C224-CW

★ The best cassette electric dry closet

Country: Holland

According to the owners, Thetford C224-CW is the best cassette electric dry closet. And many make such a conclusion, having a good basis for comparison. It has everything you need for a device of this class: a water flush, a pressure relief valve, a removable lower tank with a volume of 18 liters. The latter is equipped with wheels for more convenient transportation. A special indicator will notify you that too much waste has accumulated and the tank should be emptied.

The seat is relatively low, only 49.2 cm, even a child can use the dry closet without difficulty. The total weight of the structure with an empty tank is only 8 kg. Thetford C224-CW can withstand heavy loads, according to the manufacturer, the permissible maximum is 250 kg. Of the minuses, one can single out the high cost of the model, but given its features and characteristics, the dry closet deserves a place in the ranking .

1 Separate Villa 9011

★ Quality and reliability. Optimal equipment

Country: Sweden

A high-quality electric dry closet is produced by the Swedish company Separett. Model Villa 9011 is equipped with a separate waste collection system. Liquid waste is removed into a special container, and solid waste, along with toilet paper, is dried to a state of flour.

This is an anhydrous composting dry closet that does not need to be connected to water supply and sewerage. The main thing is the availability of electricity. The best solution for cottages, recreation centers, camps and country cottages. Unlike chemical toilets, this device does not require liquids, granules or powders. Accumulated waste requires cleaning no more than after 2 months, with the constant use of a family of two.

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The best peat dry closets

The peat type of dry closet requires installation in a separate building. Among the prerequisites are ventilation and installation of a drainage system. It is not recommended to install a peat dry closet without powerful ventilation in the house due to fetid odors.

4 Biolan Dry toilet

★ Waste separation design

Country: Finland

Quite a large and roomy dry closet for a country house or summer cottage. Users in their reviews highlight the separation of waste. In their opinion, it is in this model that the process is most optimally implemented. Thanks to this solution, the latrine has no smell, especially if sprinkled with peat, as provided for by the type of dry closet. For greater comfort, a warm seat is provided.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting the height of the seat. You have to use a stand, especially if there are children in the family. During installation, installation of a drainage system and a ventilation pipe is required. The storage tank has a volume of 28 liters, it is equipped with handles and wheels. The body is made of non-staining smooth materials that are incredibly easy to care for. The dry closet perfectly composts waste and toilet paper, while it is not recommended to send substances that interfere with the process to the tank.

3 Separett Camping 1165

★ Better mobility

Country: Sweden

Separett Camping 1165 is the most popular model among travelers and lovers of comfortable outdoor recreation. All thanks to the high mobility and portable design. The weight of the dry closet is only 4 kilograms. The cost is also more than affordable. The set includes a warm seat. Liquid waste separator with outlet hose. At the heart of the toilet are biodegradable storage bags.

The design is foldable, takes up minimal space in the trunk. Transportation is carried out in a special case. The legs have a special design, do not sink into the ground, so that the toilet can be placed anywhere. The hose removes liquid waste 1 meter from the main location, for which you can dig a special hole or put a separate container for collection. Separett Camping 1165 is by far the best touring model that deservedly took its place in the ranking.

2 Piteco 905

★ Large storage tank (120 l)

Compost peat dry closet Piteco 905 is truly popular. The choice in its favor is made by many consumers and this is due to many factors. First of all, the owners like a very capacious storage tank, its volume is 120 liters, there are wheels for easy transportation. The construction is pretty solid. Despite the fact that the model is made of polypropylene, the maximum load that the dry closet can withstand is 150 kg.

The toilet is odorless. The drainage compartment is well implemented, nothing leaks, everything reaches its goal. The design is assembled very simply, all parts fit tightly together, there are no slots or holes. Piteco 905 is an excellent solution for houses and cottages where sewerage is not provided. Peat is consumed moderately, 50 liters is enough for a month of active use. Of the minuses, the owners note only a short pipe for ventilation. The rest of the model deservedly entered the rating of the best.

1 Kekkila Ecomatic 50

★ High-quality body material

Country: Finland

Kekkila Ekomatic 50 took the leading position in the category of peat dry closets . This is a durable and reliable model made of high-quality material. The design is based on the interchangeable container system patented by the manufacturer. The latter provides ease and convenience of use. Dry closet Kekkila Ecomatic 50 will be the best companion on a trip to nature, it takes up little space and does not require additional installation or installation.

The model is designed for a family of 4 people. The dry closet is made of frost-resistant material, so it can be left outside even in extreme cold. Many users note an attractive appearance (as far as possible for a toilet), the absence of an unpleasant smell. On average, a tank is enough for a month of use by a family of 3-4 people. For a relatively low cost, the user receives an excellent dry closet for summer cottages and at home, comparable in terms of comfort to home.

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The best liquid (chemical) dry closets

A chemical dry closet, also known as a liquid toilet, is attractive to owners of cottages and houses that lack water supply and electricity. The compactness and portability of the design allows you to take the dry closet with you on trips to nature.

4 Thetford Door Potti Letter 165 Luxe

★ Easy to use and maintain

Country: USA

The liquid portable toilet is highly popular due to its compactness, portable design and affordable cost. In addition, the owners note the pleasant design, simplicity and ease of use and sufficient volume. The top tank is 15 liters, the bottom tank is 21 liters. A water drain is organized, the outflow is provided by a bellows pump, there is a pressure relief valve. By tradition, there is a filling indicator of the lower compartment.

Users especially note the fact that the liquid dry closet is odorless. The design does not allow unpleasant odors to enter the room. The device is easy to clean and refill. A starter set of liquids is included in the kit, in the future they can be easily bought at any store of household goods. Thetford Porta Potti Qube 165 Luxe is definitely one of the best in its category.


★ Compact and easy to use

Country: China

The portable ECOS OC09 has all the advantages of a stationary toilet, but it is not so big, it does not require installation, plumbing or electricity. The model has a compact size, very light and convenient for use at home and on the road. A special flushing liquid is poured into the upper 12-liter tank. A substance for splitting waste and getting rid of an unpleasant odor is placed in the lower tank of the same volume. The dry closet is designed for a maximum load of up to 120 kg.

Users in the reviews say that they are quite satisfied with the purchase. They note that the quality of the plastic is good, the model has a concise appearance, a pleasant gray color, light in weight, easy to fill and empty. But they complain about the rather tight handle that opens the compartment.

2 Thetford Porta Potti 565P

★ Best design

Country: USA (Produced in China)

Thetford Porta Potti 565P attracts not only with its quality characteristics, but also with a stylish design, which is harmoniously emphasized by a gray and white color scheme. The liquid model is equipped with a piston drain system, an additional compartment for storing toilet paper, a full indicator, a lock on the lid for transportation – all this ensures high ease of use of the product. The model confidently ranks second in the liquid rating also for its low weight, compact dimensions, mobility, high seating position, large seat. Can withstand loads up to 150 kg.

A dry closet is chosen by those buyers who prefer special comfort and convenience in civilization anywhere. In the reviews, they praise the attractive design, similarity to a conventional stationary toilet, ease of use, hermetic design, and the presence of handles for carrying the container. But some complain about the quick filling and the heavy weight of the lower tank along with the contents, which makes emptying the waste somewhat difficult.

1 Thetford Port Potti 365 letters

★ The best portable chemical dry closet

Country: USA

Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365 is one of 2019’s top selling chemical dry closets. This is a quality device from a well-known American manufacturer. Thetford is one of the first companies in the world to start manufacturing portable dry closets. Thetford today has 11 branches in 9 countries and a staff of more than 1,400 people. The main international headquarters of the company is located in Holland.

In terms of equipment, Porta Potti Qube 365 is the best portable dry closet in the budget price segment . There is a low tank full indicator. A very handy feature. When the tank is full, the green button lights up to indicate that accumulated liquid needs to be removed. This eliminates the need to constantly look into the tank to determine the degree of filling of the waste. We note the presence of a piston pump for draining waste. This mechanism provides good water pressure and is considered more convenient, unlike the cheaper bellows pump. The weight of the model is only 4 kg – also one of the best indicators in our review.


The best dry closets-cabins

Here, special microorganisms or chemicals are used to process waste. They eliminate unpleasant odors, destroy drains and turn waste products into useful fertilizers for the garden plot. Such models are very convenient for giving and represent a separate room.

4 EcoLight Summer resident

★ Best equipment

The Bioecology company specializes in the production of high-quality and functional dry closets. The EcoLight Summer Resident model involves installation both on a cesspool and on a storage tank. And in both cases, the cabin shows itself from the best side. This model pleases not only with a storage capacity of 225 liters, but also with a carefully thought-out and reliable ventilation system of the internal space. The dry closet is completely odorless.

The walls are made of durable polyethylene, which can easily withstand both low temperatures and sultry heat. The method of waste processing is compost, peat. Users will appreciate the advanced equipment: a warm toilet seat, a toilet paper holder, a coat hook, a durable latch with an external indicator. The strengthened pallet provides durability of model. “EcoLight Dachnik” adequately begins the rating of the best dry closets in its category.

3 Bioecology Ecolight Universal

★ Large storage tank (250 l)

The domestic manufacturer pleases consumers with high-quality toilet cabins. Dry closet “Bioecology Ecolight universal” will appeal not only to summer residents. It is also great for arranging public places (parks, street cafes, etc.). It is equipped with a capacious accumulative tank of 250 liters. The cabin is made of low-pressure polyethylene, which makes it durable, wear-resistant and lightweight.

There is no toilet seat. The accumulative tank is equipped with a platform for legs. The roof is made of translucent material, which provides good visibility inside the cab when the door is closed. The dry closet has two options for additional equipment, it includes a mini-sink, washstand, mirror and soap dispenser. Dry closet “Ecolight Universal” – liquid, provided that special fillers are used, the absence of unpleasant odors is guaranteed even with a significant filling of the tank.

2 Toypek toilet cabin

★ Made of strong plastic

Toypek is a street-type chemical dry closet. It includes all the advantages of such a solution: a capacious tank, structural stability, good equipment. The dry closet is made of durable plastic, as stated by the manufacturer and confirmed by users in the reviews. A thermal stabilizer has been added to the composition of the material, thanks to which the cabin is not afraid of frost, heat and temperature changes in general.

All parts of the dry closet are securely attached to each other, especially the door. According to the owners, a person with an average weight can hang on it without consequences. The locking structure is equipped with an external indication system, which makes it easy to recognize whether someone is in the toilet or not. The toilet seat and the opening are oversized. Toypek “Toilet Cabin” has several available colors to suit every taste.

1 EcoGroup Standard Ecogr

★ Excellent functionality and durability

EcoGroup Standard Ecogr is one of the best dry closets with a separate cabin and located outside the living quarters. He deserves a leading position in his rating category. The manufacturer provides a 7-year warranty for its product. The housing is made of high-strength polyethylene, which is impact and UV resistant. The roof is made of light-transmitting material, thanks to which it is light in the cabin.

Storage tank capacity 250 liters. It has a one-piece construction and is highly durable. The pallet is treated with a moisture-repellent agent that prolongs the life of the outdoor dry closet. The model has a good package: there is a warm seat with a cover, a hook for clothes, and a paper holder. EcoGroup Standard Ecogr is a great option for summer residents who want to have a comfortable outdoor dry closet.