20 Best Garden Shredders (2023) – Reviews by Experts

Pruning tree branches, removing dead wood, weeding grass in a personal plot allows you to get an excellent biomaterial for compost or warm beds. And if earlier all this was simply burned, introducing ash into the soil as fertilizer, then with the advent of garden shredders , it became possible to use waste more fully.

In this ranking, we will consider the best models on the market. For convenience, we will divide the article into categories according to the performance of shredders, because everyone has different sites and someone will have enough unit for 30 kilograms per hour, while someone needs 200 or more. We will also study gasoline models. This segment is not so popular among users, as it costs more and most often has a very large randomness, which is unnecessary in domestic use.

The main criterion for getting into the rating was the reliability of the presented unit. You can evaluate it by the reviews of real users and professional reviews on the network. We will not have absolute nonames, since in their case it is difficult to talk about reliability due to the large number of defects and the instability of manufacturers.

Best Inexpensive Garden Shredders 2023

Not all summer residents can afford to buy an expensive garden shredder . This is not necessary to do, because among the budget models there are quite efficient equipment.

5 Bison ZIE-40-2500

★ Lots of security features

According to the characteristics and quality parameters, this garden grinder could take a much higher line in the ranking, but it already falls into this segment at a stretch. This is the best option in terms of security from any adversity. If a strong fraction that the grinder is not able to process gets into the funnel, it will simply stop and will not damage the knives. There is also protection against overheating and power surges. Since the tool is electric, this is very important. In dachas, there are often drops, and sometimes sharp, short blackouts.

In terms of productivity, there is 100 kilograms per hour and a large container of 50 liters. It is hard, that is, there will be no problems with extracting the ground fraction. This design is the most convenient, but it is also the most cumbersome. When buying such a tool, make sure you have a place to store it. The design is solid and does not fold.

4 DDE SH2540

★ Best price

Country: China

In this section of the rating, we consider the most budget models, and now we have a winner in this nomination. The cheapest electric garden shredder with a capacity of 95 kilograms per hour. But he does not have the first place, and this is explained by the fact that the tool has a number of shortcomings, which are written about in reviews by real users. The chopper can grind branches up to 40 millimeters thick and it copes with them perfectly. But when working with a small fraction, he simply passes it through himself. If this question does not really bother you, then here it is a real way to save on your purchase.

It is also desirable that grass does not get inside. A large amount of it is wound around knives and can even stop them. If you do not notice the stop in time, it can lead to combustion of the engine. There is no protection against overheating and other emergencies, so carefully monitor the work and do not leave the chopper alone.

3 Einhell GH-KS 2440

★ The lightest model

Country: Germany (produced in South Korea)

Many potential buyers are put off by the standard garden shredder due to its size and weight. It needs to be stored somewhere and is hard to handle, even with wheels. If you also do not want to clutter up your farm with another huge unit, pay attention to this model. The smallest and lightest shredder that even a child can easily handle. Its weight is only 11 kilograms, and in size it is only slightly larger than a conventional grass trimmer. For him, you do not have to look for a place in the back room or at home.

As for productivity, here 80 kilograms per hour, and the maximum thickness of processed branches is 40 millimeters. This is not to say that these are top-end characteristics, but they are quite adequate for domestic needs. At 40 thousand revolutions per minute, and thanks to 8 teeth on the knives, the tool turns any garden waste into mulch. True, in the reviews you can find a mention that he skips some small branches.

Chopper motor type Advantages Flaws
Electric + low noise level

+ simple design

+ easy start

+ low weight

+ environmental friendliness

– dependence on the mains

– little power

– limitation on the thickness of the branches

Petrol + strong motor

+ mobility

+ independence from electricity

+ high performance

+ grinds thick branches

– high price

– loud noise

– exhaust gases

– maintenance difficulties


★ Optimal performance


To restore and maintain order in the garden, the ELITECH IVS 2400 2.4 kW electric shredder will be the best assistant. It is able to process wood waste up to 40 mm in diameter and will also easily cope with any grass and leaves. The mulch obtained in this way finds many uses in the garden. The powerful engine of this shredder is equipped with reliable protection, which significantly increases its operational life. With a power consumption of 2400 W, this model demonstrates the best rotation speed of the cutting elements.

Shredding of garden waste in ELITECH IVS 2400 is carried out using durable steel knives, which can be easily replaced if necessary. Loading grass and branches into the chopper is very easy thanks to the wide funnel , and at the same time it is safe, because if the lid is open, the switch-on lock will work. Transportation of this garden unit is also easy due to its light weight and convenient wheels.

1 PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW

★ The best choice in the budget segment

Country: USA (made in China)

The high-performance PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW electric shredder perfectly copes with branches and branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm, shredding them to a state of mulch. The powerful engine of this unit provides the blade rotation speed of 4500 rpm, which is optimal for high-quality and fast processing of garden waste. During operation, the motor does not emit harmful emissions and makes a minimum of noise. At the same time, special protection will protect it in case of a possible overload.

The PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW garden shredder is manoeuvrable and easy to use. Large wheels and a wide frame provide the unit with better stability and movement. For the convenience of filling grass and small branches, the PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW chopper has an impressive funnel and a special pusher. The biomass obtained in this way can be used for a variety of purposes: put into compost or used for winter shelter of plants, etc.

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The best small size garden shredders: up to 100 kg/h

If you have a small area and there are not many trees on it, it makes no sense for you to buy a powerful unit that will be heavy and consume a lot of electricity. A compact model with an output of up to 100 kilograms in one hour of work is quite enough. These are the weakest models on the market, and they are also the cheapest. If you have enough such performance, it is quite possible to save on the purchase, and sometimes quite an impressive amount.

5 Huter ESH-2500T

★ Thoughtful design

Country: Germany

Ergonomics is an important factor for any tool. It depends on how convenient it is to handle the unit, and now we have the best option in this regard. The design here is thought out to the smallest detail. Everything is convenient, from loading branches to cleaning the system. Everything has a corresponding lever or button. The container is easily removed from the seat, but at the same time it sits quite firmly in it during operation.

The tool is equipped with a pusher and a protected cover. Security is at the highest level, as is performance. The unit processes up to 100 kg / h, and it does not matter what it is, dry branches or small wet grass. Everything turns into a small mulch with the most identical fraction. The manufacturer paid no less attention to protection than to convenience. There are a huge number of auxiliary systems. If you often turn off the light or there are voltage drops in the network, this motor is not afraid of them. As well as biting knives when a solid fraction hits.

4 Bosch AXT 2000 RAPID

★ Best value for money

Country: Germany (produced in Malaysia)

Bosch has long established itself in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality, reliable equipment. And this electric shredder is no exception . Outwardly, you can’t say that this tool is designed for the highest loads. Of course, commensurate with its performance and power. On board the unit is a 2 kilowatt motor, and it processes about 80 kilograms per hour. Moreover, it recycles into the mulch of the same fraction. And it doesn’t matter if you load different branches, or grass will fall among the garbage.

In addition, there is a built-in pusher that sucks in the loaded debris, which is very convenient. You don’t have to constantly move the branches into the funnel to get caught by the knives. The grinder will do everything by itself. And from unforeseen situations, he has powerful protection. The engine is ready for overloads and sharp drops in the generation of the network. This is the case when not the most attractive price tag is fully justified by the quality and reliability.

3 GramTech Ur

★ Robust construction

Even the best garden shredder creates a lot of vibration during operation. It is she who is the main reason for the failure of such units. But not in this case. This is a real monster with a capacity of up to 100 kilograms per hour. It has a large bell, and the frame is entirely made of metal. There is no frivolous plastic here, but bolted connections. If over time the tool becomes loose, it will be enough to tighten the bolts and everything will return to normal.

Of the shortcomings here, only low external attractiveness and rather large dimensions can be distinguished. Unlike more familiar modern models, this shredder looks like a machine from an industrial sawmill. But even large branches are not afraid of him, and small grass is not wound on knives. Everything is crushed into mulch of the same fraction, and nothing needs to be sieved after work. In general, if you have a lot of space on the site, then this is definitely the best choice.


★ Best quality

Country: Sweden

For processing thin branches after pruning the garden, the STIGA BIO SILENT 2500 2.5 kW household electric shredder is perfect. This device is equipped with an eight-tooth cutting drum and a gearbox that provides high torque. This allows him to cope with branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm. The brushless device of the electric motor, which is equipped with the presented shredder, guarantees the absolute environmental friendliness of the production process and long maintenance-free operation.

Of the features of this model, it is necessary to highlight a very convenient function of adjusting the degree of grinding of the material, depending on the purpose of the application. To ensure better operator safety while using the STIGA BIO SILENT 2500 2.5 kW garden shredder, a special funnel is provided, the shape of which prevents hands from getting into the danger zone. In its absence, the blocking system will not allow the engine to start. Chopped branches and grass are collected in a plastic collector with a volume of 60 liters , which is very convenient for further processing of the resulting biomass.

1 Makita UD2500

★ The most reliable model

Country: Japan

Wood shredder Makita UD2500 2.5 kW, the basis of the cutting system of which are cutters, will be the best acquisition of the owners of garden plots. It will save you from the long work of recycling cut branches of trees and shrubs up to 45 mm thick, processing them into a fine fraction. A distinctive feature of this model is the reverse system, which turns on when jammed to try again to grind them. If the situation repeats more than 3 times, the unit goes into standby mode, making it possible to remove the stuck branch.

This device comes with a capacious 67-liter waste bin with an easily removable lid. For the convenience of tracking the fullness of the box during the grinding process, the Makita UD2500 2.5 kW has a viewing window. Comfortable handles and large-diameter wheels provide the convenience of moving this unit around the site. Users note the best build quality and solid body of this garden shredder, as well as the minimum noise level and a clear control panel.

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The best high-capacity garden shredders: from 100 kg/h

If you have a lot of trees on your site and you often cut branches, you need a more productive tool that will process more than 100 kilograms per hour. Such a model will already be larger and a powerful electric motor will be installed on its board. There is no upper limit. There are household class models with a capacity of up to 500 kilograms. The main thing is to choose a high-quality model, since the load on the device is very large, and a weak design will quickly fail. Especially if thick branches are processed, and not small grass.

5 Cramer SUMMERTIME 2300

★ Better performance

Country: Israel

Household garden shredders often differ little from each other . They have almost the same performance parameters. But if you need to process large volumes, then you need this option. This is the most efficient shredder. For an hour of work, he will process 270 kg. garden waste. The figure is very large and is more common in industrial equipment, and not in household ones. But this is precisely a household model, as it works from 220 V, and on its board there is a motor with a power of only 2.3 kW.

True, you will have to come up with something with a container for collecting finished mulch. He is not here. Raw material is ejected through the lower chute directly onto the ground. Not very convenient, but not critical either. This is a very expensive unit, so it is not particularly popular with buyers. But there are a lot of reviews on the network from professionals, and they praise the tool very much, calling it the most reliable and high-quality.

4 AL-KO Easy Crush МH 2810

★ Easy maintenance

Country: Germany

The more sophisticated garden shredder you take, the more difficult it is to maintain and maintain. It is very difficult to get to some important mechanisms there, and if something fails, it is better to immediately turn to professionals, but you will have to pay a considerable amount for this. This option is the best in terms of maintainability. The design is thought out in such a way that it is as easy as possible to maintain it. The case is one-piece and you can’t tell at first glance, but after disconnecting just a couple of fasteners, you understand that all the mechanisms are at hand.

In fact, the advantage is very important, since any, even the top-end chopper, will sooner or later require repair . And besides, this technique often clogs the channels and they need to be cleaned. With AL-KO Easy Crush MH 2810, the repair and maintenance process will be much easier. The productivity did not let us down either: 125 kg/h and 40 mm branch thickness. Not the highest results, but they fit our category.


★ Most popular model

Country: Japan

The Japanese brand RYOBI can hardly be called popular in the market. It produces a quality instrument, but is inferior to other brands in terms of popularity. But when it comes to the garden shredder, it becomes clear that this is the most sought after product. It was under him that users left the most comments. However, this demand is easy to explain. With a productivity of 125 kg / h. and the maximum thickness of processed branches is 45 mm. In this segment, the price tag is very attractive and, compared to the closest competitors, it is almost two times lower.

At the same time, the build quality and overall reliability are at a high level. However, as always with this brand. Why the manufacturer set such a price is also easy to understand. The model in the catalog is not new. It has been on the market for a couple of years now and now the company is releasing updated versions, and this model is considered outdated, which is why it is so cheap.

2 Bison ZIE-44-2800

★ Better engine power

Garden shredder ZUBR ZIE-44-2800 2.8 kW enjoys well-deserved popularity among homeowners due to the highest performance and affordable price. This model is equipped with a powerful electric motor with high torque, which allows the unit to process up to 150 kg of garden debris in one hour of operation. The presented shredder can easily cope with both dry and freshly cut branches with a diameter of up to 44 mm, and with any garden vegetation. At the same time, it is possible to adjust the degree of crushing depending on the loaded material.

A distinctive feature of the electric grinder ZUBR ZIE-44-2800 2.8 kW is the presence of a metal transformer funnel, which can be reduced by more than 2 times with a simple movement, which greatly facilitates the storage and transportation of this device. The capacious container for a mulch provided in this model also adds convenience in the course of use. A reliable protection system not only significantly extends the service life of the grinder, but also makes working with it absolutely safe.

1 Bosch AXT 25TC

★ High performance

Country: Germany (produced in Hungary)

The design of the electric shredder Bosch AXT 25TC thought out to the smallest detail. That is why the model is characterized by high performance and ease of use. The rotary mechanism with sharp knives is capable of grinding soft green tops and dry branches up to 4.5 cm in diameter. The cutting part rotates slowly enough, so the unit does not make much noise during grinding. In addition, the equipment does not shake when grinding, and garden waste is drawn into the working area spontaneously. In extreme cases, you can help the chopper with a spade pusher. In case of jamming, it will be possible to release the knives by pressing the “reverse” button.

Users highly appreciate the performance of the Bosch AXT 25TC shredder, up to 230 kg of waste can be ground per hour. In preparation for storage, the equipment is folded into a small block. The disadvantages of the device include the high price and the lack of a wire in the kit.

The best gas-powered shredders

Petrol shredders give the owner of large plots of land maximum mobility and independence. They have high productivity, grind branches up to 7 cm thick, and with proper care serve a person for a long time.

5 Caiman Iroko 60S

★ Compact form factor

Country: France

Before us is a compact gasoline shredder with high performance. This is precisely the household option, although it is capable of grinding up to 300 kilograms of raw materials per hour. It’s all about home use. The machine is easy to move and quite light. At least if you compare it with the models of competitors.

On board is a 6 horsepower engine. The bed is completely metal, as is the body of the structure. Judging by the reviews and reviews over time, nothing is loose and does not rattle. The build quality is very high, so the price is appropriate. It was the price that caused the unit to fall into not the most honorable place in the ranking. It is very expensive, even by the standards of its segment. Although there are a lot of reviews on the network, which indicates a certain popularity of the model among buyers. All in all, if you’re looking for the best high performance petrol machine and you’re ready to forget about savings, then this is the one for you.

4 Tazz K33

★ Large bell

Country: USA

The gasoline shredder has a higher power and is able to process large branches. But in some models it is simply impossible to load them and first you have to cut them into small pieces, which takes extra time and effort. With this device, you will not have such problems. It has a very large bell, where everything will fit, even small tree trunks. And the power is enough to grind them.

Small grass will not be an obstacle either. The machine is equipped with a self-cleaning system, so in case of winding on the knives, the engine will not stop and will not start to overheat. The power of the power plant is 6.5 horsepower. At 3600 revolutions per minute, this allows processing approximately 350 kilograms of raw materials per hour. The performance is very high. As is the price. The machine is produced in the USA, not in Asia, so many gardeners will not be able to afford it. However, gasoline units and so do not differ in democratic prices.

3 Thermite 250 (B)

★ Best engine

Before us is a unique garden shredder, as it has a 4-stroke gasoline engine. a rarity for such a technique. He does not need to prepare the fuel mixture. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers. In addition, this is a very high quality motor. His brand is Brait BR220. The manufacturer is Chinese, but the motor is a complete analogue of Honda, which has long established itself in the market. In terms of performance and durability, the motor is not inferior to its Japanese prototype, but it is easier to maintain and cheaper to repair.

As for the technical characteristics, despite the small size and compactness, this is a very powerful machine. It handles up to 400 kg. raw materials, turning it into a homogeneous mulch. The fraction can fluctuate in size, which is written a lot in the comments, but the machine is not afraid of even large branches. At rotation speed, there is a very large rated power, so even the strongest parts are ground.

2 Champion SC2818

The most affordable gasoline shredder

Country: China

At the most attractive price, the Champion SC2818 shredder is offered. The Chinese manufacturer equipped it with a small 2.5 liter gasoline engine. With. The kit includes all the necessary accessories to get started right away. These are 2 loading funnels, a capacious bag (10 l), a pusher and a special hook for extracting branches stuck in the knives. The model does not have wheels, however, its light weight (16 kg) allows you to move equipment around the site alone. 

It is not recommended to load branches with a thickness of more than 2.8 cm, as well as old dry wood. Otherwise, the blades wear out quickly. The owners of suburban real estate liked the Champion SC2818 shredder at an affordable price, complete set, light weight, silent operation. The weaknesses of the unit include not very strong knives, weak power, lack of wheels.

1 Patriot PT SB76

★ Optimal combination of price and performance

Country: USA (made in China)

The third line of our rating was occupied by the Patriot PT SB76 gasoline shredder. It perfectly combines affordable price and performance. The model is equipped with a high-quality Briggs & Stratton engine with a capacity of 6.5 liters. With. and two bunkers. The upper tray should be loaded with soft and wet plant waste, as well as thin branches and branches no more than 1 cm thick. Dry and thick wood residues up to 7.6 cm in diameter can be thrown into another receiver. Sharp knives will quickly turn the tree into small chips. Safety during operation is ensured by a reliable steel case.

Based on consumer feedback, a simple conclusion can be drawn: the Patriot PT SB76 gasoline shredder is the best model for private lands. It has an affordable price and a good set of technical characteristics. Experienced users recommend alternating grass with branches. The owners are not satisfied with the quality of the body paintwork.

What to Consider When Choosing a Chopper

To choose the most useful unit, and even at a bargain price, you should decide on the scope of its application.

  • Summer residents and owners of country houses with small plots of land are best suited inexpensive electric garden shredder . He will cope with weeds, and with thin branches of bushes and trees. Of course, the length of the cord is not enough to move the equipment around the site. Small armfuls of vegetation are easier to bring to the location of the electrical appliance.
  • If the backyard allotment is large, and a lot of trees and bushes grow on it, then it is better to find a chopper with a high capacity . To do this, you should look into the premium segment, where you can find reliable and durable models. They will absorb branched branches, turning them into small chips.
  • Gardeners-farmers or foresters cannot do without a chopper with a gasoline engine. You will only need to take a can of fuel with you in order to grind plant and wood waste all day. Moreover, this can be done by constantly moving around the site and evenly spreading a layer of mulch.