20 best power saws for home reviews

An electric chain saw is the best alternative to gasoline models when choosing this tool for your home or garden. The obvious advantages are: low noise level, no emissions, burning smell, and decent performance, in some cases not much inferior to liquid fuel counterparts.

Work does not need to be interrupted regularly for refueling. You can buy a high-quality electric saw with a chain from both European and Asian, as well as domestic manufacturers. There are up to 50 brands on the market.  

The review presents the best models of electric saws, including cordless chain saws for wood. Rating participants are distinguished by high build quality, competitive price and other advantages outlined in the reviews of owners who have already made their choice. What to look for when choosing, we will tell you at the end of the article.

The best inexpensive chain saws

Chain saws are a powerful tool that in most cases can replace a mid-range gasoline saw. Their only problem is that the working radius is limited by the length of the power cord – in other words, mobility leaves much to be desired. In addition, it is not uncommon for the cable to be interrupted by the cutting part of the saw right during operation. But if you do not take these facts into account, in terms of the ratio of the average cost and the existing quality, network saws become a completely justified purchase. Below are the best inexpensive chain saws that are great for a home or cottage where a long and high load is not required.

5 PATRIOT ESP 1614 1500W

★ Light weight

Country: USA (made in China)

The electric chainsaw weighs only 3.3 kg, so it is easy to manipulate with outstretched arms while standing on the stairs, for example, cutting branches in the garden. The tire length of 30 cm allows you to cope with thick knots, use a tool for chopping firewood. A rotation speed of 7000 rpm contributes to high productivity. The set includes spare brushes of the electric motor, a casing, a wrench for tightening the equipment. 

Judging by the reviews, the power saw takes up little space when transporting to the country. Owners like the affordable price and good features. The plastic of the body is strong and does not have an unpleasant odor. Despite the budget segment, the product is distinguished by high-quality assembly and reliability. With a power of 1.5 kW, the tool cuts confidently. But the chain lubrication tank is only 130 ml, so you will have to regularly add technical fluid. There is still no viewing window to control the level of lubrication – it always ends unexpectedly and you can overheat the chain. 

4CHAMPION 120-14

★ Low temperature resistance

Country: made in China

Lightweight and ergonomic chain saw CHAMPION 120-14, powered by 220 V, will become an indispensable tool for pruning trees in the garden, preparing firewood and other household chores in a country house or cottage. Thanks to the high power of the engine, which provides the best torque performance, the tool shows high performance even in low temperatures.

The presented electric saw has the function of automatic chain lubrication, for which there is an oil tank with a capacity of 110 ml. For optimal operator safety, this model is equipped with a guard to protect hands from contact with the saw blade, as well as an emergency brake function. The owners of the CHAMPION 120-14 electric saw in their reviews note its reliability, excellent build quality, low vibration and oil consumption.

3 Parma-M6

★ High quality native chain

A reliable domestic-made electric saw with a kilowatt power can easily cope with cutting oversized trees, although most users, based on reviews, purchase this tool for trimming small and medium branches in a country house or near a house where it is inconvenient to use heavy gasoline saws.

The chain of an electric saw is made of high-quality steel, which can grind even nails, but of course this is best avoided to increase the life of the product. The scope of delivery is extensive and includes everything you need for trouble-free operation and regular maintenance. In general, for its price niche, the model turned out to be one of the best and let its toy appearance not be misleading – it is a reliable assistant capable of performing hard work without fail, and light weight is only an additional advantage.

2 Edon ECS405-KA40

★ Best price

Country: China

The Edon ECS405-KA40 chain saw model presented in our rating is attractive not only for its affordable price, but also for its better functionality. The device is equipped with a 1.8 kW motor, providing a performance of 820 rpm. This is quite enough to solve everyday problems in the country or at home. Thanks to the design features of the handle of this saw, it is possible to easily cross-cut and cut wood when working in the garden or construction. The bar length of this electric saw is 40 cm, which allows cutting wood or workpieces with a diameter of up to 355 mm.

At the same time, the Edon ECS405-KA40 saw weighs only 4 kg, due to which the operator’s energy consumption is minimized during long-term work. An additional advantage of this model is the ability to stretch the chain without additional tools – for this purpose, a special mechanism is provided in the saw. Also in the reviews positively note the option that allows you to adjust the volume of oil supply. This allows high quality cuts to be made regardless of the type of wood selected.

1 Storm! CC99222

★ Ergonomic design. wear resistance

Country: made in China

This electric saw, due to its power of 2200 kW and relative lightness of 5 kg, can be used not only at home or in the country, but also in work on construction sites, in the construction or dismantling of wooden structures. The model proved to be excellent at felling large trees and dissolving logs with a diameter of more than 40 cm. To increase comfort, the handle has rubber anti-slip pads. An emergency inertial brake, an accidental start-up interlock and a safety shield are responsible for safe operation.

According to reviews, the saw is not pretentious in maintenance, you just need to occasionally look at the oil level and chain tension. Thanks to the ergonomic body, you can cut at any angle, and the presence of a tooth stop allows you to control its accuracy. The set includes an original high-quality tire and chain from TM Oregon. For intensive and productive work, this model will be the best option.

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The best professional cordless saws

For some users, purchasing a cordless power saw may be the ideal option. In terms of power, a cordless tool is certainly inferior to a corded saw, but wins in terms of mobility and autonomy. The purchase of a cordless electric saw is justified in cases where there is no electricity in the work area or it is inconvenient to pull the power cord. Compared to the petrol version, the cordless tool benefits from environmental friendliness and autonomy. No need to constantly worry about the level of gasoline and oil, and, accordingly, bear the cost of fuel. Another obvious plus that absolutely all users note is that the saw is always ready to work (it does not need to be started, turned off before each cut).

The most popular manufacturers of cordless chain saws are Makita, Bosch, Husqvarna, Stihl, Gardena and Riobi. The cheapest models are saws from the Chinese company Riobi. The most expensive and productive are the Calm and Husqvarna models. In terms of price-quality ratio, Makita and Bosch win. Consider the 5 best models of cordless electric saws.

5 PATRIOT CS 402XL 40 V/2.5 Ah

★ Instant tire release

Country: USA (made in China)

Unfastening the bar in an electric cordless saw is done by turning the knob at the base. Thanks to this, you can instantly reduce the size of the tool to fit in the trunk of a small car. Another function is useful if the equipment is clamped when cutting a large trunk. Then you can unfasten it, install another one and continue working. The model is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2.5 Ah, which is enough to clear the garden or cut down one tree with a dense species (beech, ash). The oil capacity here is slightly larger than that of competitors – 160 ml. 

Users in the reviews like the anti-vibration system, automatic fast chain brake. The model is praised for its quiet work in the forest, so as not to attract too much attention to itself. In idle mode, the charge lasts for a long time, before use it is not required to put an additional battery on the station. The battery for the model is produced by Samsung and lasts for more than one year.

4 Makita DUC353Z

★ Low vibration

Country: Japan (made in China)

When choosing a tool for work in the garden and in the country, many users prefer the Makita DUC353Z cordless chain saw due to its mobility and at the same time high performance. This model is equipped with a brushless motor that does not require additional maintenance and provides a minimum level of vibration during operation. This guarantees optimum operator comfort and the best cut quality, which can be made with high precision.

The presented saw has two built-in Li-ion batteries, thanks to which it is possible to carry out long-term work with a chain rotation speed of 20 m/s. This model has the highest level of protection against dust, moisture, overheating and overload. The presence of a battery charge level indicator, an automatic lubrication mechanism and chain tensioning contributes to optimal indicators of time spent on preparing the device for operation. Users who have rated the performance of the Makita DUC353Z saw at home or in the country leave mostly positive reviews, noting its mobility, reliability, quick start and no emissions.

3 Greenworks GD40CS40 4.0Ah x1

★ The most powerful battery

Country: USA (made in China)

One of the main advantages of the Greenworks GD40CS40 4.0Ah x1 chain saw is the presence of a 40 V battery that guarantees uninterrupted operation of the tool for 60 minutes. The robust Digi Pro brushless motor delivers the highest performance comparable to 1.5 HP petrol counterparts. At the same time, the presented saw is distinguished by high build quality, minimal noise and vibration, which also has a positive effect on the efficiency of the workflow.

The Greenworks GD40CS40 4.0Ah x1 electric saw is equipped with a 40 cm Oregon bar, which is more durable and performs better due to the use of silicon steel in its production. This feature allows you to easily and quickly cope with the tasks of cutting and cutting down a wide variety of tree species in the area near the house. Preparation of the tool for work does not require additional actions from the operator – the saw is activated by pressing one button. Among the reviews left by users about this model, most often you can find positive ratings about performance and minimal maintenance costs.

2 DeWALT DCM575X1 54 V/3 Ah

★ Fast battery charging

Country: USA

The cordless electric saw comes with a battery with a capacity of 3.0 Ah. It is replenished in just 1 hour. One charge is enough to cut three pine trees with a diameter of 30 cm and cut chocks of 1 m. and she will have time to replenish. The brushless type of brushless motor ensures long-term operation and does not require any maintenance. An electric saw is suitable for serious tasks in a private house, for example, building a bath. 

In the reviews, the owners note the high-quality assembly and relatively quiet operation, while hard woods such as oak and ash, the tool cuts easily. Many people like the sharpening of the chain and the hardness of the steel from which it is made. It is comfortable to hold the device with a weight of 5 kg thanks to the fully rubberized handle. Dissatisfaction is caused by a small tank of oil with a volume of 120 ml.

1 Husqvarna 436 Li

★ Better performance

Country: Sweden

One of the clear leaders among cordless saws is the Husqvarna 436 Li model. With its fairly light weight (only 2.5 kg), this tool is one of the most productive and durable cordless saws. The length of the Husqvarna tire is 35 cm, and the continuous operation time from the lithium-ion battery is 45 minutes. The saw differs with low noise, not exceeding 93 dB. It is also worth noting the possibility of tensioning the chain without tools.

The most obvious minus of Husqvarna is the price. In terms of cost, it is ahead of its competitors by 1.5-2 times. But this is justified by the advantages of the product: ergonomic handles, low weight, which reduces the load on the hands, minimal vibrations. The rotation speed of the tool is 15 m/s, which is ahead of all other battery-powered versions. Soft start allows you to accurately start the cut along the intended line, which is useful when cutting through door and window openings, cutting boards and timber to size. 

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Best Inexpensive Battery Powered Saws

Unlike stand-alone counterparts of a higher class, budget battery-powered electric saws cannot boast of high power and nominally high quality. Most often, succeeding in one component, such a tool significantly loses its position in another. However, even budget models have a number of significant advantages (besides the price): one of these is the low weight of the product and, as a result, greater mobility. This is a great tool for doing light maintenance work, and it is not designed for anything else.


★ High performance

Country: made in China

An electric saw with a battery is the best in terms of cutting speed – 10 m / s. With it, you will prepare more firewood in an equal amount of time. The manufacturer has endowed it with a short 25 cm tire (farm type), which simplifies manipulation in confined spaces, for example, among the branches on a tree. The weight of the model is only 2.8 kg, so it does not overload the hands. The valveless motor without brushes is in no way inferior to more eminent foreign analogues. The electric saw has protection against accidental start and two types of chain brake, which increases safety. 

The slide-type battery is located at the back of the handle. This form factor allows the use of batteries of different capacities, depending on the needs of the user, but the product is sold without a battery. The owners report that batteries from another Interskol tool are suitable for the saw. The chain tensioner is key here. This increases the reliability of fixing the headset, but requires additional manipulations during adjustment. The chain in the kit is constantly stretched for the first few days and you have to tighten it. But don’t be afraid – then it works perfectly. 

4 DeWALT DCM565P1 18 V/5 Ah

★ Long autonomy

Country: USA

The saw comes with a 5.0Ah battery that can idle for 55 minutes. This is enough to make 70 cuts in a beam with a section of 100×100 mm. But the capacity is replenished after 5 hours. At a voltage of 18 V, the speed of rotation of the circuit is 7.7 m/s. The model has a soft start, an automatic chain brake and a keyless type tensioner. The rubber pad on the main handle provides a secure grip. Through the viewing window, you can control the remaining lubricant in the tank. 

From the reviews it can be seen that a saw with a 30 cm tire fits easily into a sports bag. This allows you to take it with you to the forest for firewood or a picnic. The owners note the high build quality. If you do not regularly cut dense wood species, then such a model with a brushless motor will last a lifetime for preparing firewood for the sauna and caring for the estate. Of the shortcomings, buyers single out only one – oil leakage in storage mode. Therefore, before placing the instrument in the pantry, drain the remaining liquid.

3 Makita DUC302Z 18V

★ For one hand

Country: Japan (made in China)

The form factor of the cordless electric saw is specially designed for one-hand operation. The second handle is provided, but not in front of the saw chain, but on the side. The transverse position of the engine also distributed the weight differently, shifting the center of gravity under the main handle. Thanks to this design, it is convenient to reach for cutting the top of a tree or a long branch at a height. The model weighs 4.1 kg, so it does not put much pressure on the hand. 

The power saw is designed to work with two 18 V batteries, which provides a total characteristic of 36 V and a high performance of 8.3 m / s. The tension can be easily adjusted without special tools. The soft start assists in the precise start of the cut without jerking at the start. In the reviews, the owners note the good work of the reduction gear, the low noise level. But the product is sold without battery and chain. Sometimes oil can leak from under the cover, so some advise you to immediately change the gasket. 

2 BOSCH UniversalChain 180

★ Ease of work in hard-to-reach places

Country: Germany (produced in China)

A distinctive feature of the BOSCH UniversalChain 18 0 chain saw is its light weight (2.7 kg) and compact dimensions, making it perfect for small amounts of tree and shrub pruning in the country garden. The tool perfectly copes with its task in the most inaccessible places, it is also possible to trim branches lying on the ground thanks to the original shape of the tip. The cutting part of this saw is represented by a guide bar with a length of 20 cm and a chain with a pitch of 6.35 mm, which allows you to cut wood with a diameter of up to 13.5 cm,

The soft rubberized handle contributes to a confident grip, for better operator safety, an inertial brake is provided. In the reviews, the owners note the minimum time spent on preparing the electric saw for work and its maneuverability.

1 Greenworks G40CS30 0

★ Best price

Country: USA

Many buyers, having seen a sample in the window, mistake it for another toy model, which is just the right time to cope with small twigs. But, having tested the unit in practice, the realization comes that the tool is suitable for making a fence, cutting trunks into chocks, cutting trees in the garden. The only depressing thing is that neither the battery nor the charger is supplied with the saw – you have to buy them yourself. But even taking into account such “thoughtfulness”, it remains the most balanced both in terms of price and characteristics.

The owners of the goods like the massive protective shield that securely covers the second hand of the operator. When biting the saw set and pulling the tool to the barrel, the equipment immediately stops. Rubberized handle fits comfortably in the hand. Users in the reviews note a narrow factory chain, which is important for an accurate cut when sawing boards for a canopy, bench or gazebo. Since the motor and battery are located in the middle part, the tool does not outweigh the back. But keep in mind that to replace the brushes, you will have to disassemble the entire body – there are no separate hatches. 

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The best chain saws of the medium and premium segment

Professional chain saws in appearance can not be distinguished from amateur ones. Here, the main emphasis is on the quality of internal components that can withstand long-term work and maximum loads. Having high power in such a saw, there should be a well-thought-out and reliable brake protection system with an instant stop of the chain. The manufacturer of professional saws should take care of vibration reduction and comfortable handles with anti-slip coating, increasing the level of comfort and safety during prolonged use. Models that meet the required criteria are considered in our rating.

5 Husqvarna 418EL 1800W

★ High speed chain rotation

Country: Sweden

The electric saw, with a standard power of 1800 W, develops a chain rotation speed of up to 15 m / s. This allows you to quickly cut firewood, cut down trees, perform construction work on the construction of a house or cottage from a log house. The control window is convenient for monitoring the oil level. The factory Made Kanada branded chain is nickel plated for better edge retention. Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and improves grip. On guard of safety – automatic chain brake after releasing the trigger or triggering the bump stop.  

In the reviews, the chain saw is praised for its rugged body and endurance during intensive use. The product is supplied with a Shortest (35 cm) tire, which can be replaced by a Longest (40 cm). With high power and rotational speed, the noise level does not exceed 90 dB, so the operator’s hearing is less affected by sound pressure if you need to make a series of short cuts and do not want to go for headphones. Thanks to this characteristic, the tool will cause less disturbance to neighbors.

4 BOSCH AKE 35 S 1800 W

★ Economical oil consumption

Country: Germany (produced in Hungary)

The chain saw has a 200 ml chain lube reservoir. This allows less distraction for refueling compared to the 90-130 ml versions. The owners also share in the reviews that the chain oil consumption is very economical – just to ensure easy running along the tire groove, but without drops, so that there are no oily chips underfoot. This saves money on consumables for high-volume work and allows the use of chips for recycling. 

The power of 1800 W is quite enough for cutting trunks of birch, oak, ash. With a diameter of 20 cm, the tool does not feel the load at all. The cut is even, there are no chips, so with such an electric saw you can safely dissolve the boards if there is no circular at hand. A simple tightening mechanism makes it easy to adjust the headset without a key. But in order to reduce the price, the manufacturer did not provide rubber pads for the handles and left the length of the power cord only 30 cm.


★ Better cutting accuracy. Chain tension system

Country: Germany

The STIHL MSE 230 C-BQ power saw presented in our rating belongs to the class of professional tools and is designed to perform long-term and large-scale woodworking. The best performance with a chain speed of 13.5 m / s, this tool provides an electric motor with a power of 2300 watts. Ergonomics and some technical features contribute to unsurpassed precision and quality of the work performed, making this saw perfect for finishing workpieces.

An additional advantage of the STIHL MSE 230 C-BQ electric saw is the presence of the STIHL quick chain tensioning system and the QuickStop Super chain brake mechanism, which is instantly activated when the handle is released. Another distinctive feature of this electric saw is the most economical oil consumption, which is confirmed by users in their reviews. The unique Ematic technology precisely regulates the supply of lubricant, which falls exclusively on the parts.

2 Hummer CPP 2200 C

★ The best in its line

Country: China

The compact professional model Hummer CPP 2200 C is the best in its line and is characterized by resistance to increased loads thanks to its fiberglass reinforced body. The longitudinal arrangement of the motor provided the saw with a power of 2.2 kW, and the control electronics monitors the speed and load, saving electricity and wear and tear on moving parts. For safety reasons, the engine has a braking lock, there is also a chain brake and an accidental activation lock.

The Hammer electric chain saw is in high demand for reliability, convenient maintenance and comfort, even during long periods of work. The development and design of the device was carried out by a German company, and in order to make the product as affordable as possible, production was transferred to China, under strict quality control. The model has gained a lot of positive feedback and is successfully suitable for both home and professional activities.

1 Makita UC4041A 1800W

★ High popularity

Country: Japan (made in China)

Among the electric chain saws of the middle price segment, Makita UC4041A is very popular. Only on Yandex.Market alone, almost 15,000 people are interested in it within two months, and the product has collected more than 300 reviews. The tool is reliable and durable, has electronic engine protection, convenient tension adjustment. The bar length of 40 cm allows you to use the saw for sawing thick logs and construction in the country. To prevent the oil tank cap from getting lost, it is tied to the body with a cable. 

Unlike budget chain saws, a steel metal stop, double insulation of the winding, built-in overload protection are provided here. The 1800W power ensures high performance, and the included chain stays blunt for a long time. Owners share in reviews that after releasing the trigger, the headset stops instantly. You can disassemble the case for minor repairs without tools – special latches are used.


Buying an electric saw begins with choosing a manufacturer. The most popular and, accordingly, the best-selling brands include: Makita, Bosch, Rebir, PATRIOT, Stihl, Echo. By purchasing equipment of a well-known brand, on the one hand, you overpay for the brand. On the other hand, you pay for a kind of reliability. Almost all popular brands have their own services and official representative offices in the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the subsequent repair and purchase of spare parts will be much easier than in the case of a little-known brand.

We do not in any way persuade you to buy branded brands. Today there are many manufacturers, including domestic ones (Interskol, Zenit, Energomash), which are not much inferior to eminent brands. And even in something they win, for example, in price. In any case, the choice is yours.


Such an indicator as power indicates how easily the saw will cope with the task. To cut harder materials, you will need tools with a 2500 W motor. For garden work, a tool with a power of 1200 – 2000 watts is enough. Although, experts recommend purchasing electric saws with a power of at least 1800 W, because the more powerful the engine, the easier it reacts to voltage drops. In places with an unstable power supply, this characteristic is especially relevant.

Most modern models, even in the budget price segment, have a power of over 2000 watts. Therefore, before using the saw at home or in the country, you should consult with electricians, as the network may not be able to withstand the load.

Bar length

The tire is the main working element of the electric saw, on which the chain is attached. The depth of cut directly depends on the size of the tire. The longer the tire, the larger the diameter of the material can be sawn. Unlike chainsaws, for electric saws, the tire size rarely exceeds 50 cm. The most running size is 40 cm. With such a tire, you can perform most household and construction tasks.
In modern power saws, the bar is a removable and replaceable element. So, if you bought a saw with a small bar, it can be replaced with a larger one if the engine power allows it. Pay attention to an important rule – it is not recommended to put too long tires on weak engines, as the latter can wear out quickly.

Chain brake

Chain brake – a mechanism that prevents kickback of the tool during the first contact of the teeth with the surface of the wood. This is not the most important indicator of the quality of the saw, however, and you cannot call it useless. Today, even budget electric saws come with a built-in chain brake mechanism.

Soft start and engine braking

Soft start is a very useful feature. When turned on, the saw consumes a large starting current, which is not good. The soft start system allows you to reduce current consumption and the overall load on the network, which will protect the motor from overload. Also, soft start reduces the kickback when the teeth plunge into the material. It is a pity that such a system is placed mainly on expensive electric saws.

The weight

An important parameter for hand saws. The lighter the weight of the saw, the less stress on the hands and joints and, accordingly, the less fatigue from working with the tool. At the same time, the more powerful the saw, the greater its weight. So, relying on the mass when choosing an electric saw, you need to understand for what purposes the tool is bought.