7 best chainsaw companies. Rating

Chainsaws are made by many brands that specialize in the development of garden equipment and power tools. The undisputed leaders in this direction are companies whose main focus is on gasoline-powered vehicles for domestic use and harsh working conditions – for construction and logging, highly specialized work in furniture production and the service sector.

It is they who create new technologies and improve operational properties, becoming examples for other companies. The rating of the best brands from our editors will help you decide which company chainsaw is better to buy. The review is based on the opinions of real owners and their personal operating experience.

Rating of the best chainsaw companies

The TOP-7 of the best chainsaw manufacturers included only leaders in their sector. These are companies with a long history, whose products are actively supplied to most countries of the world. For Russia, these are familiar and popular brands offering units with different characteristics.

When choosing top brands, our editors focused on factors such as:

  • build quality and materials used.
  • reliability and power of chainsaws.
  • compliance with the declared characteristics.
  • the ability to independently purchase consumables, spare parts and accessories.
  • customer reviews.

To choose the right chainsaw, you should get to know the features of each company that has become a member of our rating.

7. Huter

Huter chainsaw company

The Huter brand chainsaw line includes a range of semi-professional equipment, consisting of inexpensive models. The consumer has access to small “loppers”, medium-sized saws with a tire up to 40 cm and more productive ones with a blade of 45 cm. All of them are distinguished by a simple, maintainable design, unpretentiousness and hardy engines. However, wanting to cover as large a segment of the market as possible, the German company launched the production of more powerful equipment suitable for professional purposes. The flagship was a good and inexpensive BS-62 chainsaw with a 4.5 hp horizontal gasoline engine. To avoid problems with the maintenance of the sold equipment, the company’s management took care of the development of a wide network of service centers, thereby gaining even greater customer confidence.

6. Hyundai

Hyundai firm chainsaw

The famous Korean manufacturer has been on the list of the 100 most successful brands in the world since 2006. Its products are not inferior to competitors in terms of quality, and therefore are very popular. But since the gasoline tool is not the main focus of the company, the range of saws is not as wide as that of other manufacturers, and today it consists of only three models. The first is a small “lopper” for gardening, the second chainsaw with a 40 cm tire is suitable for cutting firewood and construction work, and the third, the most powerful one, can be used for logging. All three chainsaws are equipped with a professional piston group that allows the motor to develop 11,000 rpm. This feature has a positive impact not only on the performance of the tool, but also increased the cleanliness of the cut.

5. Visible

Makita chainsaw company

The Japanese brand Makita was founded in 1915. For more than a hundred years of its existence, the manufacturer of professional power and gas tools has earned an impeccable reputation and has become one of the leaders in its industry. In order for products to be in demand, their design takes into account the specifics of the work for which the tool is intended, climatic conditions and other nuances associated with operation. Particular attention is paid to the durability of equipment, ease of use and safety. Own production facilities have allowed the company to establish the most stringent quality control, develop and innovate in their equipment. Today, Makita is one of the best brands of chainsaws with a wide range in which you can find a tool for any task.

4. Oil-Mac

Oleo-Mac chainsaw company

Professional chainsaws of the Italian brand Oleo-Mac have become the standard of quality and reliability. The company’s lineup is replenished annually with new products, although at the moment the buyer can choose a good chainsaw, according to his needs. Almost all models are suitable for long-term work in difficult conditions and can be used in the industrial sector, as evidenced by the manufacturer gives them a 4-year warranty. In addition to the equipment itself, Oleo-Mac manufactures oils, tires and chains, as well as other related accessories and spare parts for its tools. Thanks to this, owners do not have to select analogues of consumables, as is often the case with other brands. The service network of the company also received numerous positive reviews, since all equipment is trusted to be serviced only by specialists.


firm ECHO

TOP-3 chainsaws under the ECHO brand are opened, which have been produced for more than 50 years. A variety of equipment of this brand is used in everyday life and at forestry enterprises in Europe, the USA and Japan. Its popularity is due to a wide range in which the buyer can find quality entry-level chainsaws, semi-professional and professional models at an affordable price. All products of the company undergo strict control, therefore, in terms of reliability, there are practically no complaints about it. The manufacturer also pays great attention to comfort when working with their tool, constantly improving ergonomics and performance properties.

2. Husqvarna

Husqvarna chainsaw company

Husqvarna chainsaws have been at the top of the world rankings for many years, setting new quality standards. The developments and technologies of the company are trying to be adopted by all manufacturers who want to make their products competitive. It was Husqvarna who was the first to equip their saws with a vibration dampening system, which made the hard work of logging easier. Then she began to pay attention to the environment, equipping the tool with unique engines with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The brand’s range includes lightweight chainsaws designed for garden and yard care, medium and professional models with advanced features. As well as a tool of a narrow focus, designed for specific tasks.


STIHL chainsaw company

The undisputed leader of the rating is the German company STIHL, rightfully awarded a huge number of awards and international certificates. Industrial chainsaws from a popular brand have received the KWF-Profi mark, which indicates that they meet the high safety, ergonomic and environmental requirements for professional forestry equipment. Household saws are also marked with the KWF-Standard, based on extensive testing. The STIHL chainsaw range covers all the needs of customers, not only in terms of technical characteristics, but also in terms of price range. According to customer reviews, this is the best tool for professionals who value proven, high quality and comfort.

Which chainsaw is better to buy

If you need a good chainsaw for giving or small work in the garden, you can consider a semi-professional class model. The affordable price of equipment and spare parts will not affect the budget, and the tool itself will last for a long time at the appropriate load class. These include products from Huter and Hyundai, entry-level models from Makita.

When you need a high-performance chainsaw for long-term use, it is better to take a more durable option with a power reserve and an increased resource. Such models are in the Makita, Oleo-Mac, Husqvarna line. STIHL, top positions Husqvarna, ECHO are productive units designed for high continuous loads.

In the review from our editors, only the best, according to reviews, chainsaw companies for domestic use or professional activities are presented. When choosing, it is important to take into account individual requirements, as well as the availability of authorized service centers nearby. In the SC, you can order the necessary components and carry out scheduled maintenance, without which the instrument will lose its warranty.