7 best CHAMPION trimmers by reviews. Rating

If you have a summer house, a garden or a plot near your own home, the trimmer will be simply an indispensable tool. And one of the leaders in the production of trimmers is Champion. Products manufactured under this brand are distinguished by high reliability and excellent workmanship.

Currently, the range of such devices has become so large that it does not allow you to immediately find a quality Champion trimmer, especially if a person is not very well versed in the features of these devices. To facilitate this process, you can use the reviews of people who have already bought it, or the rating of the best Champion trimmers.

TOP 7 best CHAMPION trimmers

The American brand Champion originates in 2005. With the help of modern materials and innovative technologies, the company’s engineers were able to develop products that allowed them not only to adequately compete in the market, but also to take a leading position. Among the many items, garden products, such as trimmers, are the most popular.

The main task of the trimmer for the home is trimming, trimming and trimming. These devices are divided into conventional and motokosa. The latter can cope not only with ordinary grass, but also with more complex tasks, for example, removing:

  • dense vegetation;
  • wild shoots;
  • weeds.

This kind of trimmers can be used both in the adjacent territories and in parks, on lawns and agricultural land.

Champion professional trimmers have the following features:

  • reliability and durability;
  • powerful engine;
  • the possibility of changing nozzles;
  • large mowing width (45 cm for fishing line and 35 cm for knives).

1. CHAMPION T433-2

model CHAMPION T433-2

This grass trimmer is a fairly popular model designed to work on relatively small areas. As a cutting part in this trimmer, a fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm or a disc with a diameter of 255 mm can act. The first type is great for grass, and the second is great for mowing coarse weeds.
The movement of the cutting part is provided by a 1.7 hp two-stroke engine. The easy start function will significantly reduce the effort during the “cold” start of the device. The 0.95 liter tank allows you not to worry too much about the need for emergency refueling. CHAMPION T433-2 is recommended for owners of plots ranging from 12 to 18 acres.


  • powerful motor;
  • excellent performance;
  • two types of cutting part;
  • ease of transportation;
  • presence of a shoulder strap.


  • winds tall grass.


model CHAMPION Т523

This model is a powerful trimmer designed for gardening, lawn care, cutting coarse growth and grass along curbs and walls. It is equipped with a 2 hp engine. air cooled. The trimmer can be started using a manual starter. After a long period of inactivity, the engine can be started with 7-10 clicks on the primer. The kit includes a fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm and a disc with a diameter of 255 mm. The fishing line provides a mowing width of 400 mm. Recommended for professional or semi-professional use.


  • powerful engine;
  • straight bar;
  • easy start;
  • sophisticated filtration system;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • good equipment.


  • perceptibly noisy.

3. CHAMPION T333-2

model CHAMPION T333-2

This good and inexpensive unit is intended for mowing grass along walls and curbs, lawn care, as well as for use on small lawns and suburban areas. Engine power of 1.25 hp allows you to effectively mow grass, small weeds and even dry vegetation. The engine is started using a manual starter. The low noise level does not cause irritation and allows the operator not to get tired for a long time. The trimmer tank has a capacity of 0.85 litres, ensuring long-term operation without the need for refueling.


  • economical fuel consumption;
  • detachable rod;
  • low level of vibration;
  • small mass;
  • reliable engine.


  • not designed for continuous processing of large areas.


model CHAMPION T333

This gasoline trimmer is one of the inexpensive models in this review. It is one of the most popular among gardeners because the trimmer does an excellent job of mowing lawns, mowing grass and weeds. The portability of this device makes it possible to use it even in hard-to-reach places. The cutting part is driven by an air-cooled two-stroke engine. A fishing line or a special knife can be used as a cutting tool.


  • translucent fuel tank of 0.95 liters;
  • collapsible shaft;
  • permissible noise level;
  • reasonable cost;
  • suspension strap included.

5. CHAMPION LMH5640 wheeled

model CHAMPION LMH5640 wheeled

This device is one of the best Champion trimmers. Its main purpose is to cut tall grass in overgrown areas. At its core, this device is a wheeled trimmer equipped with a powerful 5 hp four-stroke engine. and fishing line with a diameter of 4 mm. The width of the strip cut in one pass reaches 600 mm. Large wheels help overcome bumps and small obstacles. The cutting height is adjustable from 380-760 mm, allowing you to process even uneven areas. Ease of use is also ensured by the ability to adjust the handle height. This trimmer is recommended for professional maintenance of large areas of dense grass.


  • powerful engine;
  • good maneuverability;
  • low vibration level;
  • big wheels;
  • ease of changing equipment;
  • adjustable handle.


  • considerable cost.


model CHAMPION ET1204A

This electric trimmer is intended for lawn care in personal or summer cottages, as well as mowing weeds and grass on lawns that have a flat surface. The powerful 1200 W motor is completely environmentally friendly and does not require additional maintenance. This makes it very easy to operate. The presence of ventilation holes on the sides allows it to cool quickly enough without reaching the temperature of overheating. However, it is not recommended to allow continuous operation for more than 20 minutes.


  • convenient location of controls;
  • smooth start;
  • elaborate security system;
  • the presence of a shoulder strap;
  • detachable rod.


  • the need to take a break every 20 minutes.


model CHAMPION ET1203A

Buying this trimmer means purchasing a very useful tool for giving. It can be used for trimming the edges of the lawn in the backyard, removing the grass cover, cutting and mowing. A semi-automatic head acts as a cutting tool, into which a cord with a diameter of 2 mm is loaded. It is driven by a 1200 W motor that does not require much maintenance.


  • powerful engine;
  • processing width 380 mm;
  • light weight;
  • copes well in hard-to-reach places;
  • detachable rod.


  • no cutting disc.

Which trimmer is better to buy

To choose the best trimmer, you need to know what criteria you should pay attention to. First you need to decide the type of trimmer (gasoline, electric or battery). Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Next, you need to understand what type of cutting part is needed (knife or fishing line). The line does an excellent job of working on uneven areas where you can meet various obstacles, such as stones. The knives are suitable for cutting bushes or thick dense grass.

Next, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power . The higher it is, the more productive the device will be. For small areas, a power of 0.25-0.5 kW is enough, and for large areas – 1-1.8 kW.
  • The cutting width is selected depending on the needs. For example, 250 mm is recommended for working with a small continuous patch of grass. For large areas – 420 mm.
  • Weight . Less is better.
  • The speed of rotation of the cutting part . The more, the higher the performance. Should not be lower than 6000 rpm.
  • Line diameter . The thicker, the better it will cope with thick grass and even shrubs.
  • Fuel tank volume . Affects the operating time without the need for refueling.
  • Battery capacityif we are talking about cordless trimmers. The higher, the longer the device can work.
  • Rod type . It is straight and curved. In the first case, it has greater strength, and in the second, it makes it possible to mow grass in hard-to-reach places.

If you take into account all the above characteristics, then you can choose a CHAMPION trimmer that will meet all the requirements of the buyer. If in doubt, you can focus on customer reviews on the Internet who have experience with it.