7 best electric snow blowers. Rating

A good electric snow blower can greatly facilitate physical labor when removing snow. In a matter of hours, the machine clears the local area, garden plots, pedestrian and driveways. Electric models have a lot of advantages, in many ways they bypass gasoline “classmates”, which have gained great popularity.

However, not every representative of its class can boast of quality, reliability and performance at the same time. Our editors analyzed the reviews and compiled an independent rating of the best electric snow blowers worth buying.

TOP 7 best electric snow blowers

According to users, electric snow blowers have significant advantages:

  • No exhaust gases;
  • Low noise level during operation;
  • Lightness and compactness – even powerful cars are much more maneuverable than gasoline ones;
  • Minimal maintenance – the absence of a gasoline engine simplifies maintenance;
  • Acceptable price.

Experts agree with these factors, in the presence of an electrical network, gasoline equipment loses a number of advantages.
The review of the best included several popular high-quality models, with a competent combination of characteristics. However, the needs of users are different, so before buying, you should get to know the features of the equipment better.

1. Daewoo Power Products DAST 3000E

Daewoo Power Products DAST 3000E

Daewoo electric snow blowers are a range of equipment that differ in performance and purpose. But it is the most powerful snow blower in the line that will be of interest as an almost equal alternative to entry-level gasoline machines. Enviable performance and a snow throw of 12 m allow it to be used for clearing large areas without rest breaks. The 33 cm high grip makes it possible to break through snowdrifts, and the rubber coating of the augers will protect paving stones or decorative tiles of garden paths from damage. The electric motor is enclosed in a moisture-proof housing, so the snow blower is not afraid of wet snow.


  • powerful engine;
  • practical and reliable;
  • throwing range up to 12 m;
  • decent build quality;
  • rubber pads on the augers;
  • handles wet snow.


  • patency due to small wheels;
  • poor lighting.

2. Huter SGC 2000E

Huter SGC 2000E

The popular electric powered snow blower is mid-range and has an excellent balance of maneuverability and performance. A powerful motor and a wide grip allow you to clean the local area in the shortest possible time. It will take 10-15 minutes to free the exit from the garage from precipitation or make an entrance to the country house. In addition, due to the low weight, women and the elderly can operate the snow blower. According to customer reviews, packed snow also lends itself to it, but in this case it will be necessary to make two or three passes so as not to overload the drive belts. It should be borne in mind that formally such models are designed for cleaning loose snow.


  • quiet electric motor;
  • convenience;
  • cleaning quality;
  • release beyond the declared;
  • productive.


  • flimsy plastic, requires careful handling;
  • belts break under heavy load, and it is rather difficult to acquire them.



CHAMPION is not the most powerful model in the ranking of the best electric snow blowers. However, it will be an excellent solution if you need to clear snow in confined spaces where maneuverability is more important. A small economical motor made it possible to make the design compact, making it easy and comfortable to operate the snow blower. To compensate for the modest power, the auger blades have a significant slope, which increases the ejection speed. There are no claims to the equipment regarding the reliability of the units. But as the reviews show, the plastic from which the grip is made often suffers from stones. To solve this problem, users reinforce the design with a metal overlay.


  • reliability;
  • developed brand service network;
  • maneuverability;
  • compact design.


  • brittle plastic.

4. STIGA ST 1151 E


According to buyers, STIGA is the best snow blower in the combination of price and quality. The two-component auger, powered by a revving electric motor, gently clears snow from surfaces and even copes with dense flooring. The height-adjustable handle comes in three parts to fit users of all sizes and save space when stored. The grip is relatively low – 25 cm, but the half-meter width increases the cleaning speed, especially in open spaces. It is also noteworthy that the snow blower is equipped with large wheels that improve transportation and movement on uneven surfaces.


  • well protected from moisture penetration;
  • wide grip;
  • reliability and quality of parts;
  • excellent build quality;
  • minimal noise.


  • snow emission is less than other similar models.



A snow blower from one of the most reliable manufacturers pleased with the increased clearing width. With a fairly compact size, the snowplow removes a strip 50 cm wide, the grip height is 33 cm. Such characteristics fully cover all the domestic needs of users. Customers, after use, called this model one of the best electric snow blowers in the light class. It is efficient, productive, and the technical parameters even exceed the declared ones. However, the machine requires proper maintenance – cleaning, storage in a warm room. Some considered this a minus, but in practice, any machine needs some care.


  • small dimensions and maneuverability;
  • excellent build quality and reliability of the mechanism;
  • will master hard, rolled, melted snow;
  • metal rubber screw.

6. Sibrtech ESB-2000

Sibrtech ESB-2000

Most buyers who have chosen an inexpensive Sibrtech snow blower for their summer residence agree that the equipment is not only reliable, but also productive. Despite the plastic grip and rubber augers, the snow blower does not require special care during operation. Since the materials are of good quality, in frosty weather, stones falling into the auger do not cause damage to parts, as often happens with budget snow blowers. In terms of speed, this model is also among the best. In several passes, it can be used to clean off a half-meter layer of snow, without even breaking it with a shovel. But only with the condition that the snow is not too packed.


  • durable plastic;
  • folding handle;
  • gentle cleaning;
  • low price.


  • unreliable mechanism for turning the chute.

7. Monferme 26087M

Monferme 26087M

Monfeme’s quality electric home snow blower is ideal for clearing fresh or melted snow. Lightweight and compact design allows you to maneuver on difficult terrain, between various obstacles on the site. The machine is good for any household purposes – to clear the paths in the garden, the entrance to the house, the entrance or the garage. In one pass, the snow blower removes up to 15 cm of snow, so even heavy snowfall is not a problem for it. And according to reviews, the unit even takes rolled crust. Customers liked the ease and efficiency of the machine, low noise level. No deficiencies were found by users.


  • maneuverable and light;
  • copes well with dense snow;
  • low noise level;
  • affordable price.

Which electric snow blower is better

Experts believe that the best car is the one whose characteristics correspond to the tasks. And a good seller will never offer an inexpensive lightweight model for cleaning large areas. Based on these recommendations, there are several tips on how to choose equipment:

  • Light class – maneuverable, compact like the Monferme 26087M, ideal for small jobs or infrequent use.
  • The middle class is the optimal combination of performance and lightness, good for a private house and medium-sized plots. Huter SGC 2000E has similar characteristics.
  • The heavy class is an alternative to gasoline units in terms of power and performance, therefore they are suitable for both large areas and commercial purposes. For example, Daewoo Power Products DAST 3000E.

The rating of electric snowplows includes devices of all classes, so among them you can choose and buy a model for any task. The main thing is to correctly determine your own preferences.