7 best Makita trimmers by reviews. Rating

The TOP 7 best Makita trimmers of include proven models recommended by users. The experts of our editorial office analyzed the reviews of the brand’s products and studied the model lines of recent years. As a result, an overview of the top electric and petrol powered grass trimmers has been compiled.

The Japanese company Makita Corporation is known in the market as a manufacturer of high-quality tools and garden equipment for professionals. Under the brand, a tool of the best quality is supplied – it is reliable, durable and unpretentious in use. And strict production control and in-house developments ensure a long trouble-free service life.

The best Makita petrol trimmers

The review of the best Makita trimmers includes four gasoline models. These are powerful and trouble-free garden tools, which is confirmed not only by a quality guarantee, but also by numerous laudatory reviews.

Gas trimmers have several important advantages:

  • mobility and independence from the source of energy;
  • large power reserve;
  • equipment variability – a reel with fishing line, various types of knives.

Products from the Makita company are distinguished by a competent, verified constructive part. All models are comfortable for long-term use and easy to maintain. And the variety will allow you to choose a powerful trimmer for removing dense thickets or an easy option for rare use in the country.

1. See EBH341U

Model Makita EBH341U

The popular model of a gasoline trimmer is famous for its reliability and power. The included three-blade knife cuts not only weeds and dry grass, but also cuts young trees up to 2 cm thick. The four-stroke engine does not require adding oil to the fuel, which greatly simplifies the process of refueling the tool, and the capacity of one tank is enough to mow an area of ​​10 acres. This reliable trimmer can be used not only for home or summer cottages, its safety margin is enough for work in public utilities and other areas of improvement.


  • high power;
  • economical engine;
  • no need to prepare the fuel mixture;
  • convenient unloading strap included;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • easy to start in any weather.


  • large dimensions;
  • uninformative instructions.

2. Makita EM3400U

Model Makita EM3400U

One of Makita’s finest trimmers, it features a state-of-the-art catalytic converter motor, forced stop system, comfortable T-handle and responsive controls. A non-separable rod with a solid shaft slightly complicates its transportation, but significantly increases the reliability of the tool. As evidenced by numerous positive reviews, the trimmer is distinguished by a confident cold start, comfortable operation and high quality.


  • low fuel consumption;
  • durable construction;
  • convenient to use;
  • there is an engine brake;
  • increased turnover.


  • inconvenient to transport;
  • weak shoulder strap.

3. See EM4351UH

Model Makita EM4351UH

Makita’s professional grass trimmer meets all modern garden equipment criteria. A powerful motor spins the cutting elements up to 10,000 rpm, which allows the trimmer to easily cut even small trees at the root. The vibration damping system protects the operator’s hands from harmful effects when the knife hits obstacles, the unloading vest compensates for the considerable weight of the tool. To reduce starter resistance, a decompression valve is installed on the spit.


  • high power 2 hp;
  • easy start;
  • vibration damping system;
  • low noise level;
  • good equipment;
  • four stroke engine.


  • weight 8.6 kg;
  • The manual does not contain maintenance information.

4. Makita EM2500U

Model Makita EM2500U

The best of the inexpensive trimmers with a gasoline engine Makita EM2500U is characterized by low fuel consumption and versatility. The ability to install not only a fishing line, but also a knife significantly expands the scope of its application, and its light weight allows you to clean the grass for a long time. Unlike most similar equipment, this model is not demanding on maintenance and fuel quality. According to the owners, this is an excellent trimmer for home and garden, which can be easily handled by both men and women. The only identified drawback is the spontaneous unscrewing of the reel with fishing line when wet grass is wound on it.


  • affordable price;
  • small mass;
  • convenient design;
  • great resource.

The best Makita electric trimmers

Makita electric trimmers are very popular among buyers. At a relatively affordable price, the user receives reliable garden equipment with a long working life and excellent ergonomics.
A review of the best electric trimmers is the choice of buyers, it includes models with an electric drive and one battery.

The key advantages of this type of tool are:

  • low weight and increased maneuverability;
  • affordable cost;
  • ease of use and minimal maintenance.

To choose a good trimmer, just read the opinions of the experts presented in our rating.

1. See UR3501

Model Makita UR3501

A high-quality electric top-mounted trimmer easily mows fresh grass of medium hardness and dead wood. According to its characteristics, the trimmer is perfect for summer cottages and garden plots up to 10 acres in size. The durable electric motor of this model is not prone to overheating even with prolonged loads and allows you to mow large areas in one go. The long bar is designed in such a way that even a tall person will not have to bend down while working, and the shoulder strap evenly distributes the weight of the tool. The disadvantage of the trimmer is the original spool for fishing line, which cannot be replaced with a cheaper analogue if necessary.


  • great resource;
  • convenient design;
  • not prone to overheating;
  • combination price-quality;
  • low noise and vibration levels;
  • smooth start.


  • expensive original parts.

2. See UR3000

Model Makita UR3000

Portable electric Makita trimmer belongs to the category of light tools designed for lawn care, mowing grass along flower beds and beds. It is also suitable as a second, paired with more powerful and overall models, which, due to their size, are not as maneuverable as this model. At the same time, in terms of reliability, this good and inexpensive trimmer surpasses most analogues and works properly for 5-6 years even with intensive use.


  • light weight;
  • telescopic handle;
  • solid materials and assembly;
  • long service life;
  • there is a shoulder strap.


  • cut grass is stuffed into the casing;
  • inconvenient for people with height above average.

3. See DUR364LZ

Model Makita DUR364LZ

The technologically advanced battery trimmer is comparable in performance to network counterparts, but is not tied to a power source. To make it more convenient and comfortable to use, the manufacturer placed the electric motor in the lower part, while the controls and the twin battery pack remained at the top. This arrangement made it possible to evenly distribute the weight of the tool and reduce the load on the operator. The brushless design of the motor has a positive effect on its dimensions and technical characteristics. In addition, the trimmer is equipped with an electronic brake, reverse and two speeds. According to customer reviews, this is the most practical and reliable model of analogues on the market.


  • two speeds;
  • there is a reverse;
  • high performance;
  • operating time on a single charge for more than an hour;
  • large selection of batteries.


  • high price;
  • small protective cover.

Which grass trimmer is better to buy

The choice of trimmer depends on the preferences of the user, as well as the specifics of the upcoming work. When processing large areas, it is better to buy a grass trimmer with a gasoline engine or battery – such devices are mobile and do not depend on the location of the electrical outlet.
If the amount of work is small and is carried out in the local area, you can get by with a light electric trimmer of low power.

The main factors for choosing a model:

  • The area of ​​cultivated land, the specifics of the work.
  • Type of grass – lawn, thick weeds, weeds. The tougher and thinner the thickets, the more power will be required to remove them.
  • Physiological features – for women, light models and medium-weight trimmers are more suitable. For men, the selection is carried out according to height – the device must have a height adjustment of the rod or have standard sizes.

The rating of the best trimmers from Makita will help you understand the features of popular models, as well as identify their pros and cons. Having useful and reliable information, it will become easier to make a successful purchase.