7 best walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft

Motoblocks with PTO have a wide functionality, in comparison with models of lower classes. The ability to install attachments allows you to carry out all types of agricultural work: from plowing the soil and planting potatoes to transporting heavy loads and snow removal. The rating of the best walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft in 2023 is a selection of the most successful units from our editors.

The review has been compiled taking into account the specifics of the operation of machines and the requirements of modern users. And all the pros and cons of popular models helped to reveal customer reviews on reputable websites.

How to choose a walk-behind tractor with a PTO

When choosing a walk-behind tractor with a power take-off shaft, you should carefully study the characteristics of the best models. Experts call the main criteria for buying:

  • Engine type: petrol or diesel. Diesel models are characterized by high torque, economy, but their repair in case of breakdown will be more expensive.
  • Power – directly affects performance. The indicator is measured in hp. For middle class models, a good value is from 7 to 9 hp. The more power, the easier the walk-behind tractor copes with heavy loads, but this will increase the weight and dimensions of the machine.
  • Cultivation depth – varies from 20 to 35 cm.
  • Working cutter size – determines the width of the strip that the machine will process in one pass. There are also adjustable cutters that allow you to process large areas or work in small garden plots with narrow beds.

In addition to the main characteristics, it is important to consider that the walk-behind tractor is a heavy and large-sized unit. Therefore, it is worth answering the questions of how and where it will be stored, whether it is necessary to transport it to the site, how much weight the operator can physically handle.

TOP 7 best walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft

The review of the best walk-behind tractors includes seven models from reliable and proven brands. These are middle-class gasoline and diesel walk-behind tractors with an optimal combination of price and quality, well-designed technical part and excellent ergonomics.
The units are designed for most agricultural work in the garden, summer cottage or home garden. Thanks to the power take-off shaft, various attachments can be attached to them:

  • Plows and harrows;
  • Hillers, cutters;
  • A hitch for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Mowers;
  • Snow blowers;
  • Carts for the transport of various goods.

Regular delivery does not always include a complete set of equipment. It must be purchased separately or in sets, depending on the needs. Reliable manufacturers always provide a wide range of different components for their equipment.

1. PATRIOT Ural with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581) 7.8 hp

PATRIOT Ural with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581) 7.8 hp

A powerful mid-range walk-behind tractor is distinguished by high cross-country ability on difficult ground, thanks to large 50 cm Extreme wheels with a deep tread. The domestic assembly unit is equipped with a durable P175FC gasoline engine with a power of 7.8 hp. enough for the cultivation of loose or rough soil, virgin soil. For convenience, the depth of the cutters can be adjusted. In terms of reliability, the walk-behind tractor will compete with more expensive analogues, which has gained popularity among experienced users. Of the technical shortcomings – weak welding of the fastening of the coulter.


  • quality assembly;
  • cutters 90 cm wide;
  • copes well with high loads;
  • one-piece cast iron gearbox housing;
  • on the steering wheel – a box for keys;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • detailed and clear instructions.


  • weak coulter attachment.

2. Daewoo Power Products DATM 80110 8 pcs.

Daewoo Power Products DATM 80110 8 л.с.

The strong and durable walk-behind tractor of the 225 series, according to the owners, is very convenient to use. The control panel is adjustable in two planes, professional handles do not tire the operator’s hands. Plus, minimal vibration and smooth running, which, coupled with good quality, made the walk-behind tractor in demand. Saber-shaped removable cutters are great for virgin soil and clay soil, adjustable in width. The successful model has no serious drawbacks, users noted only a short gearshift lever and expensive replacement belts.


  • strong construction and good assembly;
  • hardened cutters are adjustable in width from 60 to 110 cm;
  • cast iron housing of the gear reducer;
  • reinforced coulter;
  • air filter with “Cyclone” system;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • perfect balance;
  • protection against corrosion and rust.


  • expensive belts, but they are always on sale;
  • short gear lever.

3. ZUBR MTB-400 7 hp

ZUBR MTB-400 7 hp

A high-quality domestic brand walk-behind tractor with reverse and low gear has become one of the cheapest in its segment. Despite the budget, the manufacturer equipped the model with a gear-chain gearbox with an increased working life, and a belt drive. Large pneumatic wheels provide excellent cross-country ability. Moreover, the walk-behind tractor is easy to control, the coulter is combined with wheels and the walk-behind tractor can be moved without damaging paving slabs or lawn. The set includes 6 cutters, the furrow width is 60-85 cm. The maximum depth of 35 cm, according to the owners, is somewhat overestimated by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the novelty of 2019 is one of the best-selling models, which has collected a lot of positive feedback.


  • low noise level;
  • universal hitch;
  • self-sharpening cutters;
  • reliable gearbox;
  • easy to start;
  • 5 years warranty.


  • picky about the dosage of oil;
  • exaggerated specifications.

4. Huter MK-9500 9.5 HP

Huter MK-9500 9.5 HP

The most powerful model in the ranking can rightfully be called a multifunctional agricultural machine. Thanks to its significant power supply, it can handle any tasks related to tillage and gardening. The high torque of the engine allows not only to plow, hill, remove snow, but also to transport bulky loads that are unbearable for light-class models. According to the reviews, this is a very good walk-behind tractor with ample opportunities, however, the large weight and dimensions limit maneuverability.


  • chic functionality;
  • high power;
  • practical and reliable;
  • 4-stroke internal combustion engine;
  • excellent cross;
  • easy gear shifting;
  • ease of maintenance.


  • not suitable for small areas.

5. CHAMPION DC1163E 5.85 HP


The popular model of a walk-behind tractor with a diesel engine has proved to be one of the most reliable and economical in operation. The maximum fuel consumption at an average load does not exceed 290g per kWh, which is the best indicator in the class. The tractive effort of a diesel even at low speeds is superior to most gasoline counterparts. And to perform most of the work, according to the owners, half of its power is enough. Also, the walk-behind tractor is distinguished by the presence of an electric starter and convenient controls. Users consider the lack of a reduction gear range to be the only flaw.


  • profitability;
  • front support for stability;
  • fast start;
  • undemanding to the quality of fuel;
  • great traction.


  • no downshifts.

6. Neva MB1B MA (RS950) 6.53 hp

Neva MB1B MA(RS950) 6.53 HP

The Russian-made motoblock is assembled on a high-strength frame and is equipped with the most reliable units. As a power plant, a high-torque motor of the American manufacturer Briggs & Stratton of the RS950 series with reduced fuel consumption and a cast-iron sleeve that prevents wear of the piston group is used. And for the transmission of torque to the wheels, the MultiAGRO multi-speed gearbox, developed by NEVA, is responsible. Its advantage lies in the optimal selection of the speed of movement for more efficient work. Thanks to these features, the Neva MB1B, according to the owners, has become one of the best models of walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft in the middle class.


  • low fuel consumption;
  • three-speed gearbox with step-down series;
  • high-resource internal combustion engine;
  • excellent traction capabilities;
  • quality cutters;
  • cultivation width up to 125cm;
  • operation at sub-zero temperatures is allowed.


  • high price.

7. Interskol MTB-1200/7 7 HP

Interskol MTB-1200/7 7 HP

The novelty from the Russian company Interskol from the moment of its appearance has won the trust of customers due to the excellent build quality and thoughtful design. The cultivator with PTO is designed for year-round operation with various attachments available in the manufacturer’s assortment. Its seven horsepower is enough to cultivate all types of soil, including virgin soil, therefore this walk-behind tractor is recommended for purchase not only for private use, but also for work on farms. In addition to the main functions, the walk-behind tractor easily copes with the transportation of goods over long distances and is characterized by increased comfort.


  • processing width per pass 1200 mm;
  • high torque;
  • comfortable steering with adjustments;
  • long warranty (2 years);
  • capacious fuel tank – 6 liters;
  • suitable for use in large areas.


  • the cutters included in the kit are of poor quality.

Which walk-behind tractor with PTO is better to choose

For small areas – a garden, a kitchen garden, it is better to use a walk-behind tractor with a small cutter width. Such models allow you to cultivate the soil, sow potatoes and clear snow in a limited space. The maneuverability factor is especially important if there are a lot of landings on the site that can be damaged by hooking their root system during plowing. In the case when it becomes necessary to cultivate a large area every year, maximum productivity is required so as not to overload the unit and reduce labor costs. The high efficiency of powerful machinery compensates for its cost and facilitates farming.

The rating of walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft presents universal models that are suitable for domestic use and work on small farms. Based on key criteria, you can choose the appropriate option and buy a reliable walk-behind tractor for long-term use.