7 light petrol trimmers (2023). Rating

Living in a private home has many advantages. But, along with this, the owners of their own sites have a number of seasonal duties. For example, in winter it is necessary to clean the yard from snow, in spring it is necessary to trim trees and shrubs, and in summer it is necessary to tidy up the lawn in the local area. Someone chooses an ordinary braid for this – a cheap tool, but requiring skill, spending a lot of time and effort.

For other homeowners, a lawn mower is the ideal solution. But it is expensive and best suited for perfectly flat areas. How can you save time and money, as well as be able to mow grass on any terrain? To do this, you just need to choose the lightest gasoline trimmer for home use or summer cottages.

TOP 7 light petrol trimmers 2023

Why a gasoline rather than an electric model, which is much cheaper for the same performance, cutting width and other parameters? Firstly, having bought such a trimmer at an affordable price, you will quickly realize that carrying an extension cord with you is still a pleasure. In addition, it will have to be additionally spent. Secondly, the outlet in the immediate vicinity is not always available (especially if you need to mow on the field). And the petrol trimmers presented in our TOP are ready to work in any conditions. Also, do not forget that the lawn mower is more convenient, and due to its design, it is not afraid of wet grass, due to which the engine of electric models can quickly fail.

1. Makita EM2500U, 1 л.с.

Makita EM2500U, 1 л.с.

Semi-professional model from the legendary Japanese company Makita. For home use, the EM2500U trimmer is just perfect. It can work for a long time without stopping and allows you to quickly mow the grass in large areas. High quality Makita is combined with moderate cost, which is important for many buyers. The T-handle of the popular garden trimmer pleases with good ergonomics and ease of operation.

The EM2500U scythe bar has increased strength, therefore, in terms of reliability, the equipment is not inferior to more expensive competitors. The trimmer handle can be adjusted in height to provide maximum comfort when using garden equipment. The Makita trimmer motor is manufactured by Subaru-Robin. Its engines are durable and provide for quick starts. The working volume of the scythe is 25 cm3, and the power is 1 hp.


  • light model with a straight shaft;
  • reliable two-stroke engine;
  • low-toxic exhaust gases;
  • relatively low noise level;
  • reliable gearbox;
  • durable shaft;
  • Comfortable handle and shoulder strap.


  • simple belt;
  • complete fishing line of low quality.

2. STIHL FS 55, 1 HP


Lightweight and comfortable trimmer designed specifically for home use. It has a 27 cm3 engine capable of rotating at 9500 rpm, which turns into 7700 rpm when using the knife at idle. Thus, the equipment can easily mow not only grass, but also tough weeds.

The quiet STIHL brushcutter comes with a simple two-blade knife. It can be replaced with a 2.4 mm line head.

Of the pleasant bonuses that a gas trimmer can please, we note branded goggles. We advise you not to neglect such a safety measure to protect your eyes from possible ingress of chopped grass or debris. For the knife and mowing head, the FS 55 offers two separate guards with different diameters.


  • very comfortable shoulder strap;
  • extended delivery set;
  • optimal power for giving;
  • value for money;
  • economically consumes fuel;
  • availability of accessories.


  • small tank volume (only 330 ml);
  • not the most affordable price tag.

3. ECHO SRM-2305SI


Professional gas trimmer with one of the most reliable engines in the class. Its straight shaft with reinforced gearbox is designed for increased load. A forged metal shaft running on wear-resistant bearings guarantees a long service life. The “easy start” system used in the trimmer ensures ease of start – the operator only needs to cock the spring, and the motor will start by itself.

Thanks to the ease of use and reliability of the SRM-2305SI, even women can use this brushcutter. The ECHO anti-vibration system reduces the negative impact on the user during operation. And the ferrite air filter is easy to maintain and can be used repeatedly. Fuel control in the trimmer is facilitated by a transparent plastic tank, the capacity of which is relatively small and amounts to 0.4 liters.


  • reliable forged crankshaft;
  • very easy engine start;
  • declared service life of 10 years;
  • ideal for long-term use;
  • non-failure operation;
  • easy work with both fishing line and knife;
  • there is an anti-vibration system.


  • it is difficult to find parts for sale;
  • unreasonably high cost.

4. RYOBI RLT 26C, 0.9 HP


The next line is occupied by a reliable and inexpensive device from the RYOBY brand. This trimmer is one of the lightest models in its class and the lightest scythe in the rating, weighing just under 4.4kg. It is equipped with a 0.9 hp two-stroke engine. (or 650 W). The motor consumes approximately 450 ml of fuel per hour, so the 0.25 liter tank will have to be refueled regularly during the use of the equipment.

RYOBI also has wheel trimmers like the RFT 254. These solutions are less popular. But for women, lawn mowers on wheels are more convenient, because they do not need to be worn, but carried around the site, which significantly reduces the load.

The reliability of the RLT 26C trimmer is best evidenced by the fact that it is made in Japan. The design of the equipment is also thought out to the smallest detail. The head of the braid is comfortable, but its size could be larger. The trimmer starts easily and is comfortable to wear during use thanks to the ergonomic shoulder strap. But the D-shaped handle is a controversial decision and is criticized by some owners.


  • thoughtful and convenient design;
  • ergonomics during long work;
  • high quality components;
  • high-quality knife and fishing line holder;
  • very easy to start and use;
  • reliability, ease of maintenance.


  • Not the most comfortable grip.

5. Husqvarna 122C

Husqvarna 122C

Powerful Husqvarna lawn mower, which is perfect for garden care. This good trimmer is also suitable for women, because its weight is a little more than 4 kg. The 122C also pleases with a low noise level, which is especially important during long-term operation. For easy starting, the lawn mower uses the Smart Stars system, in which the resistance of the cord is reduced by 40%. The ignition switch has an auto reset so you can immediately restart the engine. The fuel priming pump also provides easy starting, and fast line feed is possible thanks to the branded Tap ‘n Go head.


  • fuel pump;
  • Smart Start easy start system;
  • durable and ergonomic handle;
  • easy feeding of the fishing line in the process of work;
  • the maximum noise level is only 88 dB.


  • with frequent use, carburetor repairs are possible.

6. AL-KO 113691 BC 223 LS, 0.95 lbs.

AL-KO 113691 BC 223 LS, 0.95 lbs.

In terms of reliability, AL-KO trimmers can compete with Makita equipment. The 113691 BC 223 LS is equipped with a 0.95 hp motor, which will help you quickly mow both grass and weeds on the site. The light weight of the gasoline trimmer, according to user reviews, is one of its key advantages – only 5 kg in full assembly.

Note that weight increases with fuel. The capacity of the built-in tank is 0.55 l.

The maximum cutting width when using the mowing head (line thickness 2 mm) is 41 cm, so even a large area can be easily cleared of tall grass. But mowing with the AL-KO for a long time without a break can be inconvenient, because the technique has received a D-shaped handle, so without a shoulder strap, the load on the hands increases.


  • quality construction;
  • collapsible design;
  • compactness;
  • suitable for frequent mowing;
  • attractive price;
  • 4 year official warranty.


  • for large weeds, the power may not be enough.



Do you think that cheap equipment is always inferior in performance to more expensive ones? Then the most powerful review trimmer from REDVERG will easily refute this opinion. A 3.4 hp engine that can literally grind any vegetation with the sharpest 3-blade knife or 2 mm thick fishing line. Note that the RD-GB262HD is equipped with a STIHL-type control and ignition system. And in general, REDVERG can also claim the title of the best petrol trimmer in the rating in terms of price-quality ratio. There’s dual vibration protection, a heavy-duty, easy-to-maintain gearbox, dual shoulder straps, a shock-absorbing starter, and a large 1.1L fuel tank.


  • high motor power;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • safety case;
  • ease of cleaning the filter;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • fuel tank size.

Which light petrol trimmer to choose

The most reliable representatives of the rating are Makita and AL-KO. If you want to take a cheaper model, then look towards REDVERG or RYOBI. We consider STIHL to be the best scythe review in terms of cost and performance. In addition, this brand is very popular in Russia, so if necessary, you can easily find accessories. Also in the rating of the lightest gasoline trimmers was a device from the ECHO brand. It has no significant flaws, has an amazing build, cuts grass and weeds perfectly, and also offers an extended kit. But its price is much higher than that of competitors.