8 best diesel motoblocks according to reviews. Rating

In the review from our editors, the best diesel walk-behind tractors are selected, according to users and experts in the field of garden equipment. The TOP-8 includes models that received the most positive feedback from real buyers. They tested the selected units in practice and revealed what their pros and cons are.

Also, when choosing walk-behind tractors with a diesel engine for the rating, we monitored the market and studied novelties from the best manufacturers. These representatives of garden equipment are still not very common among users, but they combine good performance and reasonable cost.

TOP 8 best diesel walk-behind tractors

The list of the best diesel walk-behind tractors includes models of three classes – light, medium and heavy. These are excellent in quality and stable in reliability units necessary for agricultural work – plowing the land, transporting goods, digging potatoes, mowing hay, connecting a water pump and much more. Also, some models can be connected to a snow plow, which is necessary for clearing the area of ​​snow.

Among the manufacturers are domestic and foreign brands. A lot of equipment is assembled in China today, including production facilities located there and eminent brands. As practice shows, modern Chinese diesel engines have become much closer to Russian and European ones in terms of quality. And all thanks to the introduction of modern technologies and active cooperation in terms of production control. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of a walk-behind tractor, you should not be afraid of affordable equipment from the “celestial Empire”.

1. RedVerg GOLIATH-2-7D 7 HP

RedVerg GOLIATH-2-7D 7 HP

The middle class model with an unpretentious, productive motor is very easy to maintain and operate. Changing attachments takes a matter of minutes, allowing you to repurpose the walk-behind tractor for any task. The powerful diesel unit is able not only to plow and mow, but also to carry loads up to 250 kg. At the same time, the speed of movement on a flat road in high gear reaches 10 km / h. The build quality and components, according to users, are at a fairly high level, which indicates the reliability of the walk-behind tractor. The wide track adds stability, and the high wheels greatly increase flotation in loose soil.


  • high power;
  • high build quality and components;
  • good stability;
  • high wheels;
  • powerful gearbox;
  • there is a PTO;
  • affordable price:


  • only manual start;
  • small fuel tank.

2. PATRIOT Boston 9DE 9 HP

diesel PATRIOT Boston 9DE 9 hp

The most powerful diesel walk-behind tractor of the rating surpasses most of its analogues in its parameters. Its motor, equipped with an electric starter, is characterized by increased torque, sufficient to combine the unit with any type of active attachment. It is also possible to connect a trolley for the transport of goods. According to user reviews, the PATRIOT diesel walk-behind tractor is very productive and easily copes with all tasks, but its capabilities are excessive for small areas.


  • manual and electric starter;
  • high power;
  • the greatest depth and width of plowing in the class;
  • PTO;
  • large load capacity with trailer.


  • inconvenient height adjustment of the steering wheel;
  • not suitable for small areas.

3. Carver MT-900DE 9 HP

Carver MT-900DE 9 HP  diesel

The wide functionality and impressive characteristics of this model allow you to operate a heavy-duty diesel walk-behind tractor on any type of soil. Its power is enough to efficiently plow even untouched land the first time. The presence of an electric starter greatly simplifies starting the engine in cold weather, and a large fuel tank makes it possible to process large areas without refueling. For the convenience of the operator, the manufacturer has provided for height adjustment of the steering and equipped the heavy diesel walk-behind tractor with stops on the front and rear sides.


  • electric starter;
  • unpretentious to the quality of fuel;
  • good cutters included;
  • large fuel tank;
  • powerful engine;
  • front stop.


  • small wheel diameter
  • weak standard hitch.

4. Aurora SPACE-YARD 1050 EASY 5.44 HP

diesel Aurora SPACE-YARD 1050 EASY 5.44 hp

An economical, inexpensive and good walk-behind tractor with a diesel engine, if necessary, can be retrofitted with a variety of devices. The power take-off shaft makes it possible to install active attachments that expand the scope of equipment. In order to increase the load capacity when operating with a trolley for transporting goods, the manufacturer has strengthened the hitch, which also allows you to attach a more productive plow. The only drawback of this Chinese walk-behind tractor is the lack of an electric starter. This is partly offset by the installed decompressor, but, according to the owners, it is still not enough, especially during a cold start.


  • profitability;
  • reinforced hitch;
  • reliability in work;
  • a large selection of additional equipment;
  • adjustable steering wheel.


  • no electric starter;
  • high price.

5. Weima WM1100A (wheels 5×12) 6 hp

diesel Weima WM1100A (5x12 wheels) 6 hp

A well-known Chinese company producing walk-behind tractors and other equipment has received many good reviews for the quality of its products. The popular model WM1100A is also no exception and pleases owners not only with its characteristics, but also with its long service life. A convenient walk-behind tractor is equipped with a height-adjustable steering wheel, a front stand, and a reverse. An economical diesel engine is rigidly connected to an aluminum gearbox, which greatly increases the strength of the entire structure. Remarkable and hardy engine from Loncin, the brand has long gained popularity in the United States, and the manufacturer is actively cooperating with BMW.


  • reliable Loncin WM178F engine;
  • robust gearbox in aluminum housing;
  • excellent tillage width (up to 130 cm);
  • steering wheel height adjustment;
  • PTO;
  • high pneumatic wheels;
  • soft shifting.


  • only manual start;
  • awkward reverse.

6. PATRIOT Boston 6D 6 HP

diesel PATRIOT Boston 6D 6 hp

The PATRIOT motoblock, with a modest weight for its class, is equipped with a fairly powerful engine with high traction. In terms of maneuverability, it is not inferior to more compact models, and in terms of technical characteristics it significantly surpasses them, which makes it ideal for home use in small household plots. Large fuel tank of 5.5 liters allows you to work for a long time on one gas station. Users also note a reliable design, low cost and ease of maintenance, according to reviews, this is the best walk-behind tractor in terms of price-quality ratio.


  • high quality workmanship;
  • minimum fuel consumption;
  • moderate vibration and noise;
  • equipped with PTO;
  • long operating time on one gas station;
  • maneuverability.


  • the instruction is not informative, contains inaccuracies.

7. CHAMPION DC1163E 5.85 HP

diesel CHAMPION DC1163E 5.85 hp

Minimum fuel consumption and high quality workmanship have made this diesel powered walk-behind tractor very popular. Many options for attachments, PTO and hitch have expanded the scope of the unit. And the tilt steering wheel, electric starter and soft gearbox ensured comfort even during long work. In terms of reliability, the walk-behind tractor is not inferior to more expensive models, and its only drawback, as users note, is too high speed in first gear.


  • low consumption of diesel fuel;
  • there is a PTO;
  • equipped with an electric starter;
  • a wide range of attachments;
  • load capacity up to 500 kg;
  • a large selection of active attachments;
  • smooth gear shifting;
  • reverse


  • not informative assembly instructions;
  • high speed in first gear.


diesel MasterYard QUATRO JUNIOR 80 DISEL TWK+

A walk-behind tractor weighing 85 kg is suitable for uncultivated areas up to 30 acres. The manufacturer equipped the model with a four-stroke OHV LC170 engine. A mechanical transmission with a reinforced collapsible chain reducer is distinguished by maintainability, increased protection against moisture ingress. The air filter is located in the oil bath and effectively absorbs impurities. The cutter is adjustable in width and processes up to 90 cm of soil. The best walk-behind tractor in terms of reliability, according to reviews, is also distinguished by good maneuverability and convenient control.


  • light weight;
  • low noise and vibration levels;
  • well-developed ergonomics;
  • reinforced chain reducer;
  • reliable, economical diesel;
  • modern air filtration system extends engine life;
  • convenient controls.


  • small processing width;
  • maintenance demanding.

How to choose a walk-behind tractor with a diesel engine

When choosing a quality walk-behind tractor, practitioners recommend paying attention to the key factors that determine the capabilities of the unit:

  • Power – measured in hp. Light motoblocks up to 6 hp are suitable for giving or a small plot. To process a large garden, you need a middle-class unit from 7 hp. Such models are more productive and more comfortable for long-term operation. Equipment from 9 hp created for farmers and large farms, it is distinguished by high power and the ability to plow fields from 1 hectare or hard virgin soil.
  • Engine manufacturer . Chinese Lifan and Kipor have not yet caught up with European and Japanese manufacturers in terms of reliability, but they compete well with them due to the optimal combination of price and quality. Subaru-Robin, Honda and Briggs & Stratton are on most modern walk-behind tractors of the middle and highest price categories.
  • The depth of plowing depends on the thickness of the fertile layer . If it is small, then 25 cm will be enough. Widths up to 70-90 cm are enough for a summer residence and a small garden. Motoblocks with an indicator of 100 cm or more are good for farmers and commercial use, but are also appropriate in everyday life.
  • Number of speeds . Many speeds are required when working on heterogeneous soil, as well as for using various attachments. The standard layout 2 forward and 1 back covers 85% of the needs.
  • Weight . Light models up to 80 kg are more suitable for soft soil. For plowing hard ground and virgin soil, you need a unit weighing from 110 kg.

Which diesel walk-behind tractor is better to buy

According to experts, when buying a walk-behind tractor, which one is better depends on the needs. Just as low-power models are ineffective over a large area and hard ground, it makes no sense to take a productive unit for a small garden.
It is not difficult to assess what needs exist. It is enough to take into account:

  • type of soil and thickness of chernozem;
  • the area of ​​the treated area;
  • the need to use attachments, its type.

The rating of diesel walk-behind tractors includes units of different power and performance, expensive and budget options. Having become acquainted with their features, strengths and weaknesses, making the right choice is much easier.