8 best garden shredders according to real reviews

Garden shredders today can be seen on the farm of many summer residents and gardeners. Which is not surprising – thanks to them, a whole mountain of branches and grass quickly and easily turns into a homogeneous mass, which is perfect for use as mulch, sending to a compost heap, or simply transporting garbage for later disposal. And the choice of models is quite large – each potential buyer can easily choose exactly the option that suits him to the fullest.

True, it is precisely because of the large selection that it is quite possible to get confused – which device is better? That is why we will rank the best garden shredders for branches and grass, highlighting their main advantages and disadvantages, so that each reader decides which option suits him best.

The best manufacturers of garden shredders

Today, many large companies with a worldwide reputation are engaged in the production of such equipment. Some offer gasoline models, others offer electric models, and still others produce shredders in both categories. Speaking about them, first of all it is worth mentioning such companies as:

  • Champion.
  • Patriot.
  • Elitech.
  • Bosch.

Each of the manufacturers offers really high-quality equipment that will last for a year and will not disappoint even the most picky user.

The best electric garden shredders for branches and grass

Electric shredders are quite popular among summer residents. Which is not surprising – their cost is often much lower, and the dimensions with weight are noticeably less. Therefore, there are no problems during transportation. An additional advantage can be called environmental cleanliness – no caustic substances that poison the atmosphere are emitted during operation. True, their power is usually noticeably less than that of gasoline. However, ordinary summer residents rarely have to grind a large number of branches and grass, so just for them such devices will be the best purchase.

1. ELITECH IVS 2400 2.4 kW

ELITECH IVS 2400 2.4 kW

Not sure which electric shredder to choose? In that case, pay attention to this model. It is quite powerful for its category – 2.4 kW, which can be called a very good indicator. At least, the shredder cuts branches up to 40 mm thick very easily, not to mention thinner ones and grass. And most summer residents rarely have to deal with thicker branches. The device weighs only 12 kg, which makes it easy to transport. The device consists of wheels, a pusher and a loading funnel, which greatly simplifies the work process – the summer resident only has to throw grass and branches into the socket, and then the chopper will do everything by itself, quickly, accurately and completely safely. It is not surprising that, judging by the reviews, the owners do not have to regret the money spent in vain on equipment.


  • light weight;
  • cuts thick branches;
  • powerful engine;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • easy to learn;
  • ease of transportation.


  • thin branches are often wound around the cutting disc.

2. PATRIOT PT SE24 2.4 kW


This model is also among the best electric garden shredders for summer cottages. Her weight is small – only 13 kg. In addition, it is equipped with wheels, which greatly simplifies transportation within the site. The electric starter and a pusher do work as much as possible easy and comfortable. A serious plus can be called high power – 2.4 kW. Thanks to this, thick branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm will not cause any problems. The device will process them quickly and efficiently.

Do not constantly use the chopper at maximum power – after heavy loads, it is advisable to let it cool down. Then it will last much longer.

The plastic case gives the device a beautiful appearance, at the same time reducing weight. And the affordable cost within 9,000 rubles is a serious plus for most buyers. So, in terms of quality and price, an electric chopper will definitely not disappoint you.


  • light weight;
  • safety of use;
  • fast work;
  • well-developed engine overload protection system;
  • high performance;
  • good equipment;


  • when chopping dry branches, knives become dull very quickly;
  • due to the narrowing at the exit, it clogs quite often.

3. CHAMPION SH250 2.5 kW


Here is an inexpensive and good electric garden shredder, which has a great appearance. It is very easy to work with it thanks to a pusher and a loading funnel. It’s nice that the mass of the device is only 11 kg – in total with the wheels, this makes moving the equipment as easy and simple as possible. A power of 2.5 kW is enough to easily turn into a homogeneous mass not only coarse grass and thin stems, but also branches up to 40 mm thick. Most often, summer residents do not need more, and if so, why spend extra money when buying? The rotation speed of the knives is also quite good – 4000 rpm, which allows you to quickly and easily deal with even a very large mountain of debris.


  • light weight;
  • convenience of work;
  • combination of price and quality;
  • motor windings are double insulated;
  • beautiful design;
  • minimum vibration level;
  • easy to purchase consumables;


  • in some models, the plastic is quite fragile;
  • does not handle leaves well.

4. BOSCH AXT 25 TC 2.5 kW

BOSCH AXT 25 TC 2.5 kW

Looking for a great corded grass and twig shredder? Take a closer look at the AXT 25 TC from Bosch. Yes, the device weighs quite a lot – 30.5 kg. But the productivity is simply huge – as much as 230 kg per hour. This is exactly what you need for a large farm, when you have to regularly process a large number of branches and grass into mulch or raw material for a compost pit. The grinder is equipped with a container with a capacity of 53 liters, which allows you to unload the crushed mass and use it at your discretion. The device perfectly copes with thick branches with a diameter of up to 45 mm. It has a reverse function, which can be quite useful in some cases, for example, if something is wound around the turbine and you need to release it.


  • reverse function;
  • high performance;
  • low level of noise and vibration;
  • high level of security;
  • knives are made of high quality metal;
  • container for collecting crushed raw materials;
  • reliability and practicality.


  • great weight.

Best Gasoline Garden Shredders for Grass and Twigs

But for the owners of agricultural enterprises or private houses, who very often have to process large volumes of raw materials, gasoline shredders are better suited. Firstly, they have a much higher power, they are able to process a lot of thick branches in the shortest possible time. Secondly, the gasoline engine makes them more autonomous. You can install equipment at a great distance from the house – for example, in a field or simply at the far end of the site. Therefore, by purchasing a gasoline shredder, you will receive a powerful and reliable technique that will definitely not disappoint.

1. CHAMPION SC2818 2.5 HP


Looking for a quality yet affordable petrol garden shredder? You will surely be satisfied with this model. It has a capacity of 2.5 horsepower, which makes it possible to cope in a short time with large volumes of raw materials – grass and fairly thick branches. The maximum thickness of the latter is 28 mm. It’s nice that the weight is only 16 kg – for gasoline shredders, this is quite a bit. Therefore, there will certainly not be any problems during transportation. The container can hold up to 10 liters of crushed raw materials. The case is made of high quality metal, so it will not be damaged by mechanical impact, such as shock or accidental fall.


  • light weight;
  • ease of use;
  • affordable price;
  • has two funnels, one for grinding, the other for crushing;


  • narrow ejection clogs up rather quickly;
  • not suitable for thick branches.

2. CHAMPION SC6448 6.5 HP


Perhaps this is one of the best gasoline garden shredders in our ranking. Yes, it is not too cheap, but all costs will pay off thanks to its power and performance. Power 6.5 hp makes it easy to handle even very thick branches – up to 50 mm, and these are already almost young trees! The container is very large – as much as 85 liters. Therefore, it is quite rare to clean the unit from crushed raw materials.

When buying a gasoline chopper, pay attention to the volume of its gas tank – the battery life depends on it.

True, the device weighs quite a lot – as much as 72 kg. However, this is a completely logical price for increased power and a capacious container. The volume of the gas tank is 3.1 liters, which allows you to work for a long time at one gas station.


  • high power;
  • easily cuts thick branches;
  • capacious container;
  • reliable design;
  • capacious fuel tank;
  • long service life;
  • permissible noise level.


  • high price;
  • great weight.



Another very high quality gasoline grinder. It weighs 70 kg – quite decently even for its category. However, its power is as much as 6.5 hp. Therefore, the device easily turns into dust both hard grass stalks and branches up to 76 mm thick – very few analogues can boast of this. 3.6 liters of gas tank is enough to process a huge amount of raw materials into a homogeneous mass. The cutting blade system ensures particularly high-quality chopping – no large chips or other waste will be produced. It is not surprising that this model receives positive feedback from even the most picky users.


  • very powerful engine;
  • large gas tank;
  • suitable for long-term use;
  • quality assembly;
  • elaborate design;
  • reliable engine.


  • high price

4. MTD Rover 464 Q 7.5 HP

MTD Rover 464 Q 7.5 HP

A very powerful, high-quality gasoline shredder that can greatly facilitate the work in any household. It is equipped with a capacious container – as much as 90 liters. This is certainly enough even to process a very large amount of raw materials. Power is very high as much as 7.5 hp. – more powerful than any other model in our review. This makes it possible to easily cope even with very thick branches up to 75 mm, and this is a very good indicator. This power is provided by a 250 cc engine. see. In order not to have to stop working too often to refuel, the chopper is equipped with a very large 3.8-liter gas tank.


  • very high power;
  • convenient in work;
  • long warranty period (2 years);
  • large container;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high quality knives.


  • great weight.

Which garden shredder is best

For those who need equipment not for frequent use, we recommend choosing electric models. If the garden plot is quite large, then it is better to choose gasoline units, they are more powerful and better cope with the tasks. Having studied the list of the best models of garden grass and branches shredders, each reader will easily find a model that will completely suit him not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of performance.