8 best Stihl trimmers by reviews. Rating

The rating of the best Stihl trimmers from our editors includes electric and gasoline trimmers with increased power and performance. These are the most popular brand models that meet modern safety requirements and are designed for long-term operation at maximum loads.

The manufacturer Stihl is one of the leading leaders in the development of various garden equipment. The German brand is actively developing and regularly expanding its product lines, in an effort to offer the buyer the best that can be on the market. And numerous reviews only confirm that high quality and reliability are not just a marketing ploy, but the result of the introduction of the latest technologies.

The best Stihl petrol trimmers

Gasoline trimmers or lawn mowers are high-performance and powerful units. In the arsenal of Stihl there are both light household models and professional heavy equipment designed for long-term extreme loads.
The main advantages of gasoline equipment are mobility and independence from the presence of an electrical network, as well as an impressive power reserve. They are indispensable when cleaning large areas, including public parks and courtyards around apartment buildings.

1. STIHL FS 350

Model STIHL FS 350

The professional petrol weed and brush trimmer is designed to withstand the rigors of operation in large areas such as parks, green areas and utilities. According to customer reviews, this model is one of the best Stihl trimmers. Its power is enough to cut not only fresh vegetation, but also thick branches, and even small trees. For the convenience of the operator, the tool is equipped with a double shoulder strap and a modern four-point vibration damping system, which completely neutralizes the negative effects on the hands.


  • designed for daily use with heavy loads;
  • high power;
  • complete absence of vibrations;
  • reliability in work;
  • ElastoStart system for easy starting in any weather;
  • easy replacement/cleaning of the filter element.


  • large mass;
  • high noise level, headphones are required during operation.

2. STIHL FS 250

Model STIHL FS 250

The Stihl FS 250 is a high-performance professional grass trimmer capable of mowing large, heavily overgrown areas with ease. In terms of reliability, this trimmer is practically unparalleled, even with daily use, its service life is at least five years. With a knife installed as a cutting element, the device can cut small trees and branches up to 5 cm thick. Such characteristics make it possible to use the trimmer for home and summer cottages, as well as for commercial purposes.


  • powerful engine 2.15 hp;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • Lots of belt and T-handle adjustments
  • high reliability;
  • light weight;
  • excellent equipment;
  • reinforced gearbox.


  • head for fishing line is purchased separately;
  • high noise level.

3. STIHL FS 70

Model STIHL FS 70 CE

A fairly powerful trimmer for giving the German manufacturer Calm is very popular. According to customer reviews, this trimmer model is optimal in terms of quality and performance. In operation, the tool is very comfortable – regardless of the load, the length of the rod is enough to, without bending down, mow the weeds to the very root. The included unloading strap distributes the weight evenly allowing you to work continuously from fill to fill.


  • high resource and workmanship;
  • with a knife can cut a shrub of 2-3 cm;
  • convenient design;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • easy launch.


  • high noise level;
  • demanding on fuel quality.

4. STIHL FS 55

Model STIHL FS 55

A good and inexpensive mid-range gas trimmer is unpretentious and also very easy to maintain. Its economical motor allows you to clean a large area from weeds and thickets with great efficiency at one gas station. According to the reviews, thanks to the high speed, even tough grass lends itself to the trimmer the first time. There are practically no complaints about the quality and reliability of the tool among users, the only negative is the uninformative instruction.


  • economical motor;
  • light weight;
  • high-quality balancing;
  • easy start even after a long period of inactivity;
  • long service interval.


  • the manual does not contain the necessary information.

5. STIHL FS 38

Model STIHL FS 38

The lightest trimmer in the range, the STIHL petrol trimmer is perfect for gardening or small home gardens. Of the inexpensive models, this tool clearly stands out in the combination of price and quality. All its parts are perfectly fitted, a durable gearbox easily withstands shock loads from the contact of the knife with stones and other obstacles. The small dimensions and weight made the trimmer very maneuverable and facilitated transportation. Minor disadvantages of the device, such as the lack of a knife in the kit and an uncomfortable shoulder belt, are easily solved by purchasing these inexpensive accessories.


  • low cost;
  • dense grass is not wound on the coil;
  • low consumption of gasoline mixture;
  • light weight;
  • functional handle;
  • long service life.


  • the knife is purchased separately;
  • shoulder strap is uncomfortable.

The best Stihl electric trimmers

Electric trimmers are widely used in everyday life, due to the affordable price, ease of maintenance and use. They are an order of magnitude lighter than gasoline units, quieter in operation and do not emit exhaust gases.

Powerful models are in demand by professionals – farmers, specialists in the improvement of public and industrial areas. Stihl develops the best devices – perfect design, verified technical part, a combination of advanced technology and maximum convenience.

Battery models also belong to the class of electric trimmers. They combine the advantages of electric mowers and gasoline units – mobility, lightness, power, minimal weight and noise.


Model STIHL FSE 71

The high-quality electric trimmer model FSE 71, like all products of the popular Stihl brand, fully complies with safety requirements and stands out among its peers with the highest reliability. The silent electric motor with a power of 540 W is able to work in tandem not only with a fishing line, but also with a knife. The top location of the engine saves the operator from unnecessary stress on the hands, and the long rod allows you to work without bending down, even for people with big growth. Also noteworthy is the delivery set, which includes Swiss-made goggles and an American line spool.


  • semi-automatic head;
  • overheat protection;
  • ease of use;
  • top position of the motor;
  • minimum level of vibrations and noise;
  • have goggles.


  • no knife and shoulder strap included;
  • large spread of grass.


Model STIHL FSA 65

A popular model for home and summer cottages is not tied to a source of electricity due to battery power. His element is caring for soft lawns, mowing grass along paths and beds, in narrow places where a wheeled lawn mower cannot get close. A large selection of batteries makes it possible to choose the battery for your own needs, thereby ensuring maximum practicality of the cordless trimmer. In terms of mowing width, the trimmer is not inferior to wired counterparts. At the same time, continuous operation time on a single charge can be up to 50 minutes, which is often enough to put the lawn in order.


  • independent food;
  • very convenient to use;
  • motor with reduced energy consumption;
  • top position of the engine;
  • processing width 300 mm.


  • high price.


Model STIHL FSE 52

The swivel working part, adjustable rod length and variable angle allow this trimmer to be used in the most inaccessible places. According to customer reviews, this functionality of the tool makes it ideal in cases where very accurate or selective cutting of green spaces is required. The only negative is the unsuccessful head design – in case of winding grass, it has to be dismantled in order to free the shaft.


  • many adjustments for working in different planes;
  • low weight and dimensions;
  • automatic line length adjustment;
  • restrictive bracket.


  • grass is wound on the drive shaft.

Which grass trimmer to choose

Choosing a good trimmer is not difficult if you remember the main criteria:

  • Petrol are mobile and it is more comfortable to work with them in large areas. They can be used where there is no electricity. Electric ones are lighter, quieter and do not emit exhaust. However, they are dependent on the mains and need a good extension cord. Rechargeable batteries are expensive, while they fully cope with the work, not inferior in power to their counterparts.
  • Power and productivity are needed where there are thick weeds, thickets of hogweed, deadwood. The minimum power is enough to process the lawn and flower beds.
  • Weight. Technical characteristics affect the weight – the more powerful the unit, the heavier and more massive it is, especially for lawn mowers.
  • Equipment type. Light modifications are often equipped with only a reel of line. Knives are found in models of increased power, because they are designed for a large load – cutting shrubs, rough processing of trees, as well as cutting thick and dense weed thickets.
  • Cutting width. To successfully choose a grass trimmer, you should decide on this indicator, evaluating the working conditions. To cut grass in very narrow places, the width of the working area should be reduced. For large areas, options with maximum grip are suitable, this increases the efficiency of the unit.

After reviewing the TOP-best grass trimmers from Stihl, it will become easier to buy a suitable and inexpensive unit. The experts of our editorial staff carefully studied all the brand’s model lines and selected the most successful and popular of them. And numerous reviews from real buyers helped to better understand what their main advantages and disadvantages are.