8 best verticutters 2023 by reviews. Rating

TOP 8 best verticutters – a new selection from our editors, based on user reviews and analysis of offers on the market. The review presents both traditional verticuters and combo models that combine the function of an aerator. Verticutters have appeared relatively recently, but have become very popular among private users and in the service sector.

The modern unit is designed for lawn care – it quickly and effectively removes a layer of dry grass, moss or other plant debris, leaving it clean and well-groomed. Verticutters-aerators are more functional, the equipment loosens the soil perfectly, which contributes to its saturation with fertilizers and water.

The best verticutters (2023)

The rating of the best verticutters is made up of four models of narrow specialization from leading brands in the field of tools and garden equipment – Bosch, Makita, AL-KO, STIGA. There is no doubt about the quality of the products of these brands.

The main features of classic verticutters:

  • Models with an electric drive are good for a small local area, garden lawn care. They are dependent on the mains, but they are distinguished by quiet operation.
  • Cordless verticutters are suitable for medium-sized areas – they are more often purchased for processing office, retail areas, as well as for large private plots.
  • Gasoline equipment is the most enduring and productive, good in the fight against dense moss. The equipment is designed to care for large areas behind parks, squares, but it also copes well with small private areas lacking electricity.

1. BOSCH AVR 1100


The electric verticutter of the well-known brand Bosch is very popular among owners of plots and lawns, as it is able not only to collect old grass, but also thin out fresh grass, and also be used as an aerator. Such functionality is achieved due to the deepening of the working part, which can be changed in four positions. All collected garbage, cut moss and vegetation falls into a capacious, 50-liter grass collector, and the processing width in one pass is 32 cm. According to customer reviews, this model is optimal for areas up to 10 acres and is suitable for both old and for young lawns.


  • removes moss and dry grass well;
  • high-quality carbon steel knife;
  • spacious trash can;
  • more efficient engine;
  • 4 depth modes;
  • compact design with folding handle.


  • when turning makes “bald spots” if you do not lift the front.

2. Visible UV3600

Visible UV3600

The popular model of the verticutter is equipped with a powerful electric motor and a wide working part, capturing a strip of 36 cm at a time. Enlarged front wheels make it easy to pass through loose soil. Stepped depth adjustment allows you to remove moss, dry grass and leaves, as well as cut bumps and bumps to level the site. This reliable verticutter does the job with ease and is easy to use. The disadvantages of users include a small grass collector that requires frequent cleaning in heavily littered areas.


  • increased wheel diameter;
  • justified cost;
  • powerful electric motor 1.8 kW;
  • large working width;
  • comfortable handle with adjustable inclination and height;
  • sharp knives.


  • small grass catcher.

3. AL-KO SF 4036

AL-KO SF 4036

The main advantage of this model is an independent power source – from a rechargeable battery, which gives greater freedom of movement and independence from a centralized power supply. This design is especially convenient if the plot or lawn, in addition to grass, is planted with shrubs or flowers that you have to go around. At the same time, in terms of technical characteristics and quality of tillage, this good and inexpensive verticutter is not inferior to wired counterparts. The width of its blades is 36 cm, and the depth is changed with the help of an adjusting wheel in five positions. According to reviews, in the combination of price and quality, it has practically no equal.


  • adjustment to 5 positions;
  • there is a charge indicator on the battery;
  • elaborate security system;
  • low noise level;
  • low cost;
  • large box for grass;
  • well collects grass and leaves.


  • on hard ground, the battery drains quickly.



The professional verticutter SVP 40 B is produced by the world famous Swedish company Stiga. The advantages of this manufacturer’s equipment are the highest quality workmanship and modern technologies. This popular verticutter with a powerful, 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 550 Series engine is no exception, which stands out for its extended service life, the ability to handle the most difficult lawns and a special floating knife system. The versatility of this device makes it ideal for large areas that low power verticutters can’t handle.


  • powerful 4-stroke motor 3 hp;
  • 32 knives;
  • high quality workmanship and reliability;
  • well cultivates the soil of any complexity;
  • durable metal case;
  • great resource.


  • high price;
  • big mass.

The best verticutter aerators

Verticutter-aerators are combined models that combine two key functions: lawn cleaning and soil aeration. The first provides quick cleaning of grass from last year’s shoots, vegetation residues after cutting, moss and other debris. The second is the effective processing of the topsoil, the aerator pierces it, ensuring high-quality saturation of the root system with the fertilizers used and water.

Thanks to a competent design, the equipment copes equally well with both functions. The working area is a verticutter cutter, easily removed and changed to an aeration one.

The review of the best combo models presents four versions from trusted brands. Products from Stihl, AL-KO, Patriot and MTD are the best in the market for garden equipment and have long been approved by users.

1. STIHL RLE 240


Stihl RLE 240, according to customer reviews, is the best verticutter aerator in its price category. Its delivery set includes two shafts, one of which is for cutting and collecting grass, and the second is needle-shaped for piercing the soil. Their replacement is very simple and takes no more than one minute. The efficiency of the device is at a high level, it can be used to put in order even a neglected lawn or area, and, if necessary, remove irregularities. There are practically no complaints about the quality of equipment, and the owners call 6-step depth adjustment one of its main advantages.


  • affordable cost;
  • multi-stage depth adjustment;
  • high ergonomics;
  • quick tool change;
  • ease of storage and transportation;
  • good efficiency.

2. AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort

AL-KO Combi Care 38 E Comfort

The professional verticutter-aerator was included in the rating of the best due to its competent design – the working knives are located as close as possible to the front of the body. The layout allows you to effectively process the lawn near various obstacles – curbs, paths, buildings. Technical characteristics are also on the level – power 1.3 kW, knife width – 38 cm. The kit comes with a shaft for cleaning with 14 knives and for aeration with 24 spokes-springs. In the reviews, the owners noted the ease of use and maneuverability due to the enlarged front wheels. The bagged grass collector is also a plus – the operator can easily determine the degree of its fullness and does not have to take out a half-empty bag.


  • replacement of the working shaft without keys;
  • price-performance combination;
  • increased volume of the grass collector – up to 55 kg;
  • comfortable work due to a competent constructive part;
  • large front wheel folding racks;
  • height adjustment.


  • difficult to maneuver on uneven terrain;
  • flimsy back cover.



Inexpensive, but very powerful verticutter-aerator has earned popularity as the best model in terms of price and quality. This productive equipment easily overcomes irregularities in the lawn and quickly processes even very large areas. To do this, the device was equipped with a powerful 4-stroke engine, a capacious 3.6-liter fuel tank, wide knives that capture 40 cm of the lawn at once. The model can easily cope with a country or cottage area of ​​​​20-30 acres, as well as a large area – a park or square. The only negative, according to customer reviews, is the small volume of the grass collector.


  • high performance;
  • large fuel tank;
  • 20 step height adjustment;
  • wear-resistant steel body and handles.


  • 45 l grass catcher requires occasional stops.

4.MTD Optima 38VO

MTD Optima 38VO

It is difficult to find negative feedback from customers about this model, because it is one of the best verticutters on the market. A quality verticutter-aerator with a gasoline engine is very popular. According to the owners, the device qualitatively cleans the lawn from old grass, foliage, branches, moss, turf and other debris. The verticutter is convenient, it is easy for them to maneuver on a small or large area with a heterogeneous terrain. Weighing in at 39kg, this is a fairly compact petrol verticutter, and the large grassbag capacity reduces the number of stops when working large areas.


  • maneuverable and not bulky;
  • 50 l grass catcher;
  • effective lawn cleaning and high-quality aeration;
  • keyless replacement of working shafts;
  • high power of 4 hp;
  • six-step height adjustment.


  • objective shortcomings, according to users, are absent.

Which verticutter is better to choose

To buy a lawn verticutter that fully meets your needs, it is enough to understand its characteristics in more depth:

  • Power – directly affects the performance and endurance of the device. Electric and battery start from 1 kW, less powerful ones “get tired” too quickly even from moderate loads.
  • Processing width – the larger it is, the less time it takes to process the site.
  • Type of power – from the network, from a battery or equipped with a gasoline engine. The latter are equally easy to cope with any tasks, rechargeable batteries are the “middle option” for office or summer cottages. Network, with their power, cannot function stably at a distance from the energy source, which limits the scope of work.
  • Aeration is essential for quality lawn care.

Before choosing the best verticutter, it is necessary to analyze where and how it will be used. This equipment belongs to a narrow specialization, so it must fully cope with the tasks.