9 best drainage pumps by reviews (2023)

Every owner of his own home knows how important it is to have a quality drain. After all, only thanks to him it is possible to promptly, easily and quickly get rid of the contents of sewer and drain pits, without encountering unnecessary difficulties. True, when choosing a drainage pump for dirty water, you can come across many models that have similar characteristics.

How to choose the right option? A buyer who does not understand this topic may well be confused. To prevent this from happening, we will compile a rating of the best drainage pumps, in which we list the most successful models, their pros and cons, in order to simplify the choice.

Choosing a drainage pump according to the parameters

To select the best drainage pump for dirty water, you need to consider several important parameters. Let’s list them.

  • First of all, these are working conditions . In other words, this is how large impurities in the water he will have to work with. It can be sand, small debris, dirt, silt and other objects that pollute the water and reduce work efficiency. For different pumps, this figure can vary significantly.
  • You also need to consider performance . It depends on how much water per hour of continuous operation the pump can pump. It is undesirable to save here – if it works continuously hour after hour, it may well fail due to overheating. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a model with a small margin of power.
  • Do not forget about the maximum head and immersion depth . The immersion depth (this parameter is important for submersible pumps) shows at what depth the unit can work productively. And the maximum pressure is the length of the hose through which liquid is taken from a cesspool, pit or any other reservoir. In most cases, it also makes sense to purchase a pump with slightly larger parameters than you need. Then it will not work at the limit of its capabilities, which will significantly increase the service life.
  • Finally, be sure to pay attention to weight and dimensions . If the place of use has already been prepared, then you need to ensure that the hose matches it – otherwise, additional work will have to be done to deepen or expand the installation site.

Best Dirty Water Submersible Drainage Pumps (2023)

Usually, owners of private houses install submersible drainage pumps. Many users like the fact that they make almost no noise during operation. After all, the device is located at a considerable depth, due to which any sound and vibration is muffled. Most often, they are equipped with all the necessary protective functions, which reduces the risk of device failure. In addition, submersible pumps usually have maximum power, as they have to distill liquid over long distances. Therefore, if you need to choose a good drainage pump for your home and garden, then it is better to give preference to a submersible one.

1. ZUBR NPG-M1-400


If you need a high-quality submersible drainage pump that has a relatively low cost, then it makes sense to give preference to this device. Its performance is quite high. For an hour of continuous operation, the unit pumps 7.5 cubic meters. m/hour of liquid. It is important that the immersion depth can be up to 7 meters. True, the maximum pressure is not suitable for all users. After all, it does not exceed 5 meters, which must be considered when buying. But it works well with liquids contaminated with large particles – up to 35 mm in diameter. This is possible due to the presence of a built-in filter. Therefore, the pump is perfect for dirty water and boasts a small mass – only 3 kg.


  • light weight;
  • low price;
  • long warranty period;
  • high performance.


  • small maximum pressure.

2. VORTEX DN-900

drainage VORTEX DN-900

Looking for an inexpensive yet reliable and easy-to-use option? Here is the best among the budget drainage pumps. Despite the low cost (about 3000 rubles), it boasts a very good performance. It reaches up to 15.5 cubic meters per hour of work. Moreover, the pump is suitable for dirty water, successfully filtering particles up to 35 mm. It is equipped with various types of protection – both against overheating and against dry running, so that the risk of breakdown due to improper operation is drastically reduced.

Dry-running protection functions eliminate the risk of pump breakdown due to long idle operation, so it is advisable to choose just such models.

Float control of the water level is simple, but very reliable. The risk of breakage is reduced to a minimum. It’s nice that the model has a large maximum pressure – 8 meters. Thanks to this, the pump can be a good buy for most potential users. It is no coincidence that the model receives mostly good reviews on the Internet.


  • compactness;
  • affordable price;
  • a good margin of power;
  • a good combination of cost and reliability;
  • noiselessness at work.


  • some models have poor build quality.

3. PATRIOT F 900 S

drainage PATRIOT F 900 S

Another good submersible drainage pump that will not disappoint even the most picky user. It has a fairly high power – 900 W and, thanks to this, passes a significant amount of liquid through itself – up to 15 tons of liquid per hour. Moreover, the quality of water does not cause problems – particles up to 35 mm in size can be found in it. A special filter reliably detains them, preventing the pump from breaking. It’s nice that the mass of the device is only 6 kg – this greatly simplifies not only delivery, but also installation work. A 10 m power cord often allows you to do without an extension cord. The immersion depth can reach 7 meters, with a maximum pressure of 9. So, for a summer house or a house, this model can be a good choice.


  • high performance;
  • long power cord;
  • a repair kit is included in the package;
  • light weight;
  • decent build quality.


  • Not all models perform as advertised.

4. KARCHER SP 3 Dirt

drainage KARCHER SP 3 Dirt

If you need a not too powerful submersible pump, which is highly reliable, then you should pay attention to this model. Of course, it does not have high productivity, it is about 7 cubic meters per hour. But it works great with dirt up to 20 mm in size. At the same time, there is reliable protection. Functions of protection against an overheat and dry running. Therefore, the probability of breakage is almost completely excluded.

When buying, it is important to pay attention to the immersion depth and maximum pressure – otherwise the pump will not do its job well.

An additional plus is the long power cord – as much as 10 meters. Judging by the reviews, many users appreciate that the immersion depth of the model reaches 7 meters. In this case, the maximum pressure is 6 meters. But that does not prevent the pump from being lightweight – only 4.2 kg, so there will definitely not be any problems during transportation and installation.


  • small dimensions;
  • practicality and reliability in work;
  • high-quality ceramic sealing ring;
  • significant depth of immersion;
  • the ability to quickly connect Quick Connect;
  • power cord length.


  • poor performance.

5. Makita PF1010

drainage Makita PF1010

If this is not the most powerful drainage pump in the ranking, then it is definitely one of those. After all, its power is 1100 W, due to which the productivity is very high – 14.4 cubic meters per hour. Of course, this is enough to drain a large reservoir in the shortest possible time. So, if you need a productive pump, then you will definitely not regret such a purchase. The maximum head of the pump is 10, and the immersion depth is 5 meters. Many users like the ability to work with fairly hot water – up to +35 degrees Celsius. Despite the high performance, the weight of the model is very small – only 5.3 kg. Reliable protection against overheating and idle speed significantly increase the service life, reducing the risk of breakdown due to improper operation. An additional nice plus is a long power cord, as much as 10 meters.


  • high performance;
  • noiselessness in work;
  • decent build quality and parts;
  • significant maximum pressure.

The best surface drainage pumps

For buyers looking for a pump for a summer residence, it is best to purchase a surface model. Its main advantage is ease of use. In fact, the pump is installed near the tank that needs to be emptied, and easily extracts the right amount of water from it. That is, if you wish, when leaving for the winter in the city, you can simply remove the pump and take it with you, without fear that lovers of other people’s property will take it with you during the raid. The downside is higher noise levels, but most owners are willing to put up with this in exchange for property safety.


drainage PATRIOT QB60

Very good surface pump, which is suitable for a small cottage. Its throughput is not too high – only 2.1 cubic meters per hour. But the maximum pressure will pleasantly surprise even the most picky owner – it reaches 25 meters. An additional plus is a significant suction depth, reaching 7 meters. The weight is relatively small – 5.7 kg. Works great with both very cold and warm water. True, when using it, it is worth remembering that this pump is designed for clean liquid and is not equipped with a protective filter.


  • small dimensions;
  • build quality;
  • significant maximum head;
  • low cost.


  • short network cable.

2. VORTEX PN-900

drainage VORTEX PN-900

Users who need to deliver water over a considerable distance will surely like this model. After all, its maximum pressure reaches 45 meters – one of the best indicators to date. Therefore, in the list of the best drainage pumps for this model there is definitely a place. Throughput is not the highest – 3.6 cubic meters per hour. But the suction depth reaches 9 meters. Works great in a wide variety of conditions. True, the weight of the pump is quite large – 7.3 kg, which can cause some difficulties during transportation.


  • durable metal bushings;
  • able to work with water clogged with sand;
  • power reserve;
  • lack of vibration;
  • affordable price.

3. GARDENA 3000/4 (1707)

drainage GARDENA 3000/4 (1707)

Quite a powerful surface drainage pump, characterized by reliability and ease of use. In an hour, he is able to pump up to 3.1 cubic meters of water. And the maximum head of the model is simply huge – 36 meters. Together with a suction depth of 7 meters, this makes the device a very good purchase for many summer residents.

The non-return valve prevents the raised water from going down when turned off, thereby increasing the pump performance and reducing the operating time.

In addition, there is protection against overheating, which almost completely eliminates the possibility of breakage. The filter and non-return valve are additional features that any experienced user will surely appreciate.


  • large maximum head;
  • high build quality and parts;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • ease of installation and installation;
  • light weight.


  • short power cord.

4. KARCHER BP 2 Garden

drainage KARCHER BP 2 Garden

According to numerous users, it is KARCHER BP 2 Garden that is the best surface drainage pump. No wonder, because it has a well-designed appearance and a maximum head of 35 meters. The throughput of the pump is not too high – only 3 cubic meters per hour. But for most gardeners, this is more than enough. But the suction depth of 8 meters will pleasantly surprise any user.


  • significant suction depth;
  • significant maximum head;
  • easy to use;
  • convenient foot switch
  • durability of parts and reliability;
  • beautiful appearance.


  • weight over 8 kg.

Which drainage pump is better to buy

The TOP of the best models of drainage pumps compiled by our experts is coming to an end. Throughout the article, we tried to consider the advantages and disadvantages of various models. So, now it will be easy for each reader to decide which drain pump of which company is better for him to buy.