9 best PATRIOT walk-behind tractors and cultivators according to reviews

In the review of the best PATRIOT motoblocks and cultivators, there are 9 best-selling models of recent years. The rating of top positions will help determine the upcoming purchase, even if it is the first one. PATRIOT is one of the leading manufacturers of garden and farm equipment.

The brand has been on the market for more than 20 years and over the years has accumulated a wealth of experience and expanded the range of equipment. Users are offered gasoline, diesel and electric machines for soil cultivation, hilling, snow or potato harvesting, plowing. It remains only to determine what type of equipment will better solve the upcoming tasks.

The best PATRIOT cultivators

Cultivators are specialized equipment, the main purpose of which is plowing soil of various densities or virgin soil. Also, the equipment copes with loosening, removing weeds, roots from the ground.

Before deciding which PATRIOT cultivator is better to buy, it is worth considering:

  • power;
  • width of the working area;
  • engine type – eclectic or gasoline;
  • availability of adjustments for individual adaptation to the operator;
  • class – light, medium, heavy.

Each cultivator model in our review has its own technical features that are designed to solve specific problems. Lightweight and compact devices have low power and are suitable for work on cultivated land – plowing beds in greenhouses, re-treatment after digging. More powerful and productive cultivators cope with uncultivated soil, are designed for high loads and the processing of large areas.

1. PATRIOT Oregon 7 HP

model PATRIOT Oregon 7 hp

The middle-class gasoline cultivator is distinguished by the inherent quality of the brand and an affordable price. Powerful unit of 7 hp quite maneuverable, for ease of movement at the back there are transport wheels, reverse speed is provided. The cutter drive lever is placed on the steering wheel, next to the gas handle. The cutter for tillage is adjustable – from 50 to 85 cm, which will allow you to choose the optimal strip width. A capacious fuel tank of 3.6 liters will ensure long-term operation of the cultivator without interruption. The reliability of the working mechanism is ensured by a high-quality chain drive. According to the owners, this is the best gasoline cultivator for its price.


  • chain drive;
  • stability;
  • good power reserve;
  • high maneuverability;
  • transport wheels;
  • steering wheel height and tilt adjustment;
  • a coulter for depth adjustment is installed.


  • few speeds: 1 forward, 1 reverse.


model PATRIOT Kuban 7 hp

A powerful and productive cultivator with a gasoline engine is able to easily and efficiently plow the soil of any density or virgin soil. This is a 2-in-1 model – the frame has additional reinforcement and is equipped with a universal mount for installing various attachments. Wheels can be attached to the shaft, which will turn the unit into a full-fledged walk-behind tractor. Unlike lighter models, there are three forward speeds, a low gear and a reverse gear. An impressive weight of 95 kg and a large working width of 90 cm guarantee a fast and efficient result, but slightly reduce maneuverability.


  • high performance;
  • depth adjustment;
  • proprietary Patriot P170FC engine;
  • cast iron chain reducer;
  • hardened cutters.


  • weak maneuverability – management requires physical strength.

3. PATRIOT Elektra 1000 1 kW

model PATRIOT Elektra 1000 1 kW

Lightweight, compact and very manoeuvrable cultivator with a power of 1 kW is designed for cultivating and loosening the soil in greenhouses and gardens. It is easy to transport and move around the site, and its weight of 9.5 kg allows both men and women to work. The unit is equipped with a reliable worm gear and ergonomic handles. This is one of the most popular cultivator models in its class.


  • low weight and compact dimensions;
  • does not emit harmful emissions;
  • quiet at work;
  • easy replacement of cutters;
  • a system of protection against accidental start is provided;
  • low price.


  • only suitable for loose, cultivated soil.

4. PATRIOT Elektra 1500 1.5 kW

model PATRIOT Elektra 1500 1.5 kW

Compared to the Elektra 1000 model, this cultivator is more powerful – 1.5 kW and more convenient, which somewhat affected the price. There are additional wheels for easy movement of the cultivator. The area of ​​operation is closed greenhouses, garden plots, the area around the cottages. A larger power reserve will allow you to process areas faster with 45 cm wide cutters. According to reviews, this is one of the best cultivators in its class – there are no vibrations, it does not heat up, it works quietly and stably. The owners claim that the unit “takes” even solid soil, but weighting agents are required.


  • light and compact;
  • good power for its class;
  • affordable price;
  • there are wheels;
  • ease of assembly;
  • able to plow even virgin soil without overheating.


  • the external performance varies depending on the part.

The best PATRIOT walk-behind tractors

PATRIOT motoblocks are multifunctional equipment capable of not only plowing, but also hilling, weeding, digging or planting potatoes, removing snow, transporting various loads. All this is available thanks to the universal mount on all models of the brand, as well as the availability of removable and active equipment in the PATRIOT range.

In the line of walk-behind tractors there are models of various classes, which allows you to choose the best option for a garden or a summer residence, a large garden or a farm. The rating compiled by the experts of our editorial board will help you decide which walk-behind tractor to buy. The reviews reveal not only the main parameters, but also the technical features of each participant.

1. PATRIOT Nevada 9 9 HP

model PATRIOT Nevada 9 9 hp

The mid-range gasoline walk-behind tractor is equipped with a power take-off shaft and a manual gearbox with two forward speeds and reverse. Attachments are installed on the reinforced frame, active equipment is installed on the shaft. The multipurpose unit copes with the soil of any density, including effectively loosens hard ground. According to reviews, the motoblock model is the best in terms of price and quality – it is quite economical, the engine starts easily in any weather. The owners also noted a decent speed even with a loaded cart. Pneumatic wheels provide a smooth ride on a flat road or ground. The installation of various equipment expands the scope of use – digging potatoes, loosening and hilling, snow removal or transporting heavy loads.


  • quality manufacturing;
  • easy start;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • long warranty;
  • high power reserve – 9 hp;
  • large processing width of 1 meter.


  • the unsuccessful design of the protective wings closes the unit a little;
  • inconvenient engine switch.

2. PATRIOT with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581) 7.8 hp

model PATRIOT Ural with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581) 7.8 hp

A distinctive feature of the model is Extreme wheels with a diameter of 50 cm with an aggressive tread and high cross-country ability at speeds up to 9 km/h. The unit is fully assembled, equipped with an original 4-stroke 175FC gasoline engine with an extended working life. Power 7.8 hp enough to quickly and efficiently cultivate loose or dense soil. It is worth noting the gear chain made of alloy steel, the presence of low gears and wide cutters of 90 cm, which allow processing up to 1 hectare of area in one trip. Of the minuses, the owners noted the weak welding of the opener fastening – a serious drawback taken into account by the manufacturer.


  • large and wide wheels with deep tread;
  • downshifts;
  • easy start;
  • excellent cross;
  • compatible with any attachments;
  • power and weight of 107 kg allow you to work with rough soil or easily plow virgin soil.


  • weak coulter attachment.

3. PATRIOT (440 10 7580) 7.8 HP

model PATRIOT Ural (440 10 7580) 7.8 hp

A good PATRIOT walk-behind tractor belongs to the middle class in terms of technical characteristics, but is distinguished by its lightness and compact dimensions. On this walk-behind tractor, the manufacturer installed an engine of its own design from the P170FC series with an increased resource. In the best traditions of the brand, the model is equipped with a power take-off shaft, a universal hitch for installing any attachments, a reverser, a coulter. A three-ribbed pulley allows downshifting. The speed of rotation of the wheels is switched by a convenient 4-speed gearbox.


  • copes well with heavy loads;
  • strong cast-iron chain reducer;
  • the presence of additional engine protection;
  • steering wheel tilt adjustment;
  • excellent equipment;
  • durable engine with increased resource.


model PATRIOT Samara 7 hp

One of the best Patriot walk-behind tractors is compatible with a variety of additional equipment designed for soil care, cargo transportation and other types of agricultural work. Its robust construction with cast iron gear case and torquey 4-stroke engine make year-round operation possible, regardless of weather conditions. Almost a meter plowing width ensures high speed work on cultivated land, and the reduced gear ratio of the gearbox is useful when developing virgin soil. According to the owners, the main advantages of the model are confident launch, functionality, reliability of all nodes and good performance.


  • easy to start at low temperatures;
  • strong frame;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • large plowing width;
  • undemanding to the quality of fuel;
  • the range of the brand has all the necessary equipment.


  • hard shifting.

5. PATRIOT M (440107006) 7 HP

model PATRIOT Kaluga M (440107006) 7 hp

The lightest walk-behind tractor in the line is equipped with a 3-speed gearbox, which allows you to transport goods at speeds up to 8 km / h, and, switching to a lower one, work the soil efficiently and effortlessly. The small dimensions of the unit make it possible to operate it in a limited space of small areas or between plantings. Pneumatic wheels provide a smooth ride and reliable grip on any surface. According to the reviews of the owners, this model deserves the attention of those who need a high-quality walk-behind tractor with great opportunities for giving or a country house.


  • maneuverability;
  • well-chosen gear ratios;
  • small mass;
  • reinforced device for hooking equipment;
  • hardened cutters.


  • increased fuel consumption at significant loads;
  • limited steering column settings.

The rating contains the best PATRIOT cultivators and walk-behind tractors according to owner reviews. Any of them will be a good purchase, which will save you from exhausting physical labor on the land and save a lot of time. The choice of the necessary equipment depends entirely on the tasks and conditions.

The PATRIOT brand has been a leader for many years and compares favorably with its competitors with its excellent quality and affordable prices. In addition to reliable equipment, the brand provides users with all components, and a wide network of branded services – with spare parts.