9 best self-propelled lawn mowers by reviews. Rating

In the rating of the best self-propelled lawn mowers according to the reviews of the owners, our editorial experts included nine of the most successful models. These are gasoline and electric devices with a good combination of price and quality, decent technical characteristics and optimal consumer properties. Unlike other types of lawn mowers, self-propelled mowers are equipped with a drive to the front or rear axle. Therefore, the operator does not need to make serious physical efforts to move the unit. At the same time, they are quite powerful, easily cope with lawn grass, thick weeds and even young shoots of trees.

The best self-propelled lawn mowers (gasoline)

Self-propelled lawn mowers with a gasoline engine are in demand due to their mobility. They are easy to use and maintain, do not depend on the presence of the mains and easily cope with large areas and significant loads.

The TOP-best included models with rear-wheel drive. Design features make it possible to operate them in areas with small irregularities, while they are relatively inexpensive.

When choosing, our editors analyzed customer reviews to determine the most worthy self-propelled models:

  • with good build quality;
  • with a reliable internal combustion engine;
  • with maximum ergonomics;
  • with optimal fuel consumption.

1. Husqvarna LC 140S

Husqvarna LC 140S

A high-quality all-metal lawn mower is equipped with a motor from the renowned manufacturer Briggs & Stratton – a supplier of gasoline and electric motors for premium garden equipment. The unit does not have outstanding power parameters, but it is economical and has the highest resource. The technical characteristics of the Husqvarna LC 140S lawn mower are selected with the expectation of processing sufficiently large areas with grass of medium height and density. When overcoming hills and bumps, the rear-wheel drive is assisted, thanks to which movement, even with a full grassbag, will require almost no effort.


  • reliable internal combustion engine with extended resource;
  • profitability;
  • permissible noise level;
  • metal case;
  • ease of connection of the drive;
  • it is possible to throw grass on the site.


  • high price;
  • Doesn’t handle wet grass well.

2. AL-KO 119770 Highline 527 VS

AL-KO 119770 Highline 527 VS

A heavy self-propelled lawn mower will turn an overgrown area into a well-groomed lawn without any difficulty. The powerful motor, which thanks to the READYSTART system now does not require any manipulations with fuel pumping, provides a half-meter bevel width. The smooth speed change function, which is a hallmark of premium models, allows you to choose the optimal pace of movement depending on the stiffness and density of the grass. The seventy-liter grass collector makes it possible to work for several hours without interruption for its cleaning. According to reviews, this is one of the best lawn mowers in terms of reliability and functionality. And the disadvantages of the owners include only difficulties in maneuvering the device due to its significant weight.


  • adjustable speed 2.5-4.5 km/h;
  • large volume of the grass collector;
  • the possibility of installing a mulching nozzle;
  • Briggs & Stratton engine;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • large wheels increase patency;
  • bevel width in one pass 51cm.


  • limited maneuverability.

3. Daewoo Power Products DLM 6000SV

Daewoo Power Products DLM 6000SV

The best gasoline self-propelled lawn mower of the South Korean manufacturer Daewoo is the undisputed leader in the rating in terms of comfort and performance. Record among devices of a household class 7 h.p. do not leave even tough weeds and perennial weeds a chance. All controls, including gearshift and choke levers, are placed on the central panel, on which, among other things, there is a compartment for storing small items and a cup holder. The manufacturer also equipped the lawn mower with a grass catcher full indicator and a handle that folds along the body, which simplifies the transportation and storage of equipment.


  • high power;
  • multifunctional control panel;
  • variable speed drive;
  • changing operating modes without keys;
  • mulching;
  • reliable and practical;
  • soft grass catcher 80 l.


  • small fuel tank;
  • not suitable for working in confined spaces.

4. Huter GLM-5.0S

Huter GLM-5.0S

An inexpensive, self-propelled lawn mower is great for uneven ground or a lawn with lots of plantings. The small mass, moderate dimensions have a positive effect on the maneuverability of the equipment, allowing the operator to easily go around flower beds, trees, uneven terrain and other obstacles encountered on the way. Descents and ascents will also not cause difficulties due to the presence of a brake and rear axle drive. So that the wheels of the lawn mower do not harm the vegetation, during production they are covered with soft polymer linings with a tread that increases patency.


  • low cost;
  • maneuverability;
  • simple start;
  • combination price-quality;
  • ICE power 5hp;
  • small mass.


  • only 5 steps of bevel height;
  • no speed control.



The budget model of a gasoline lawn mower with a mulching function grinds any grass well and, depending on the selected mode, collects it into a grass collector or dumps it onto the site through special windows in the body. Simple operation and height adjustment of the handle make the operation of the lawn mower as comfortable as possible, the thoughtful design of the deck allows you to mow vegetation close to fences, flower beds and beds. The plug-in drive assists the operator in moving the unit across the turf, but must be disengaged during turns to avoid damage to the undercarriage. According to the reviews of the owners, the lawn mower is easy to maintain, reliable enough and fully copes with the tasks intended for it.


  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • reliability;
  • capacious grass catcher;
  • moderate consumption of gasoline;
  • 4-stroke engine;
  • mulching attachment.


  • low-quality knife included;
  • when maneuvering, it is necessary to turn off the drive.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers (Electric)

Electric lawn mowers are divided into battery-operated and powered by 220 V. The former are more convenient for their mobility, but are more expensive, the latter are more economical, while being dependent on wires.

This class of garden equipment is distinguished by the absence of disadvantages inherent in units with internal combustion engines:

  • Do not emit exhaust gases;
  • Quieter work;
  • Not demanding in service.

Electric devices are only slightly inferior to gasoline ones in terms of power or other technical parameters. They are also capable of processing large and small areas, maneuverable.

The best were four popular self-propelled lawn mowers, which bypassed more than a dozen competitors in terms of quality and performance.

1. Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Hyundai’s popular electric lawnmower model received the “User’s Choice” title on the Yandex.Market service. it is distinguished from competitors by high rotational speed of the knife, which will significantly reduce the time of work. A powerful motor allows you to process not only the lawn, but also cut thick weeds. According to reviews, the lawn mower is quite quiet in operation, moving at a comfortable speed of 3.6 km / h. Maneuverability can be rated at 4+ due to the noticeable weight, but all controls are located as conveniently as possible. The mowing height is adjustable in the center from 3 to 7.5 cm. The owners attributed only a slightly excessive weight and only one speed to the disadvantages.


  • powerful, easily moves uphill on a plane;
  • convenient management;
  • mows quickly and efficiently;
  • you can conveniently fix the cable on the handle;
  • 7 levels of cutting height adjustment;
  • high build quality;
  • resourceful.


  • you need to get used to maneuvering;
  • one speed without smooth adjustment.

2. greenworks 2502907 60V 46cm GD60LM46SP

greenworks 2502907 60V 46cm GD60LM46SP

A good self-propelled lawn mower from the Greenworks series of professional devices is powered by a 60 V (4 Ah) battery and is equipped with a modern DigiPro induction motor. By this, it combines good power, comparable to gasoline models, and the absence of all the disadvantages of internal combustion engines. The mower is very easy to use – maneuverable, relatively light. There is a useful function of mulching. Grass ejection in two positions: in the grass box or sideways. Characteristics to match the “pro” line: height adjustable in a wide range of 20 – 80 mm, width 46 cm, battery life – 1 hour. The TOP-9 participant does not have many reviews, however, most of them are only positive.


  • induction motor;
  • good technical parameters;
  • long battery life;
  • two directions of grass ejection;
  • steel deck;
  • Battery and charger included.


  • high battery cost.



Stihl has introduced one of the most successful battery lawn mowers on the market. At first glance, excellent quality catches the eye – a polymer impact-resistant housing that is resistant to UV and high temperatures, an ergonomic mono-handle with adjustment for the operator’s height. The innovative shape of the grass catcher makes it easy to clean and protects the user from dust and grass clippings. In combination with good technical characteristics, the model has undoubtedly replenished the rating of self-propelled lawn mowers of 2023.


  • high build quality and materials;
  • the ability to install a nozzle for mulching;
  • durability of materials;
  • wide range of cutting height adjustment;
  • smooth speed control.


  • high price;
  • battery and charging station sold separately.

4. See ELM4613

See ELM4613

One of the most popular electric self-propelled lawn mowers in the brand’s lineup, it’s optimized for the performance and maneuverability needed to manage complex lawns. Its grass catcher, despite the increased volume, has a soft design that allows you to raise the front end quite high when overcoming obstacles or turning. Moderately powerful electric motor provides the most suitable for most types of coatings the speed of movement and cutting of vegetation. But the main thing that users note is a large number of height steps and the best price-quality ratio in its class.


  • optimal speed – 3.6 km / h;
  • 60 l grass container;
  • height adjustment by 8 positions;
  • reliability;
  • grass cleanliness.


  • when hitting stones, the drive shaft is deformed.

What is the best lawn mower to buy?

Before buying a self-propelled lawn mower, you need to analyze the conditions in which it will be used. For large areas, it is better to take gasoline models, wired electric ones seriously lose power when moving away from the outlet and become inefficient.

For areas with a large number of plantings – flower beds, trees, beds, devices with internal combustion engines or batteries are suitable. Network ones are inconvenient with the presence of an extension cord, which will cling and get confused.

You should also pay attention to the technical specifications. The processing width, most often, has a small take-off – from 46 to 55. This is the optimal value. In addition to the width, the cutting height and the possibility of installing a mulching nozzle are important.

The rating of successful models from our editors will help you choose the best self-propelled lawn mower for your home, cottage or maintenance of commercial premises.