Rating of the best blowers according to real reviews (2023)

A blower is an easy-to-use and extremely useful tool that allows you to put in order even a large summer cottage in a short time and without much effort. It is not surprising that many people seek to purchase them in order to facilitate the cleaning of the territory adjacent to the house from various debris.

But the technique is rather unusual. Therefore, not every potential buyer knows how to choose a model that you will not regret purchasing later? That is why our experts have compiled a rating of the best blowers, in which each reader will be able to choose the option that suits him completely.

What to look for when choosing a blower

The name of the device speaks for itself – it is used to remove debris from lawns, beds and flower beds by blowing. Fallen leaves, grass clippings and any other debris can be easily driven into one corner, and then removed with a rake or shovel. However, some blowers have several modes of operation – for suction and blowing. The second allows you to drive all the garbage into one place, and the first allows you to draw it in and easily remove it from the site.

When buying, pay attention to such parameters as:

  • Carrying method – in the hand or on the back.
  • Engine type – gasoline or electric.
  • Power – it depends on how quickly it will be possible to restore order in a large area.

In addition, when choosing, be sure to pay attention to the package. The fact is that some electric models are sold without batteries. As a result, you have to spend a lot of money to purchase components. The same is the case with garbage collectors. Some blowers have a chute to remove accumulated debris, and the bag is not included. This will be a particularly unpleasant surprise if you open the box for the first time in the country and have to return to the store to buy a bag that costs more than you would like.

Electric blowers – the best models (2023)

The main advantage of such devices is compactness and low weight. In most cases, they are carried in the hands, although there are exceptions here. True, you have to pay for this with less power. Therefore, electric blowers are usually bought in order to clean up small areas. Of course, you can work with them on more spacious ones, but in this case you will have to spend too much time on cleaning, which the user will hardly like. But for small lawns and yards occupying one or two acres, electric models will be the best choice.

1. KRÜGER VBK-3000


The Kruger garden vacuum cleaner combines the best price and excellent functionality. The device is increased in power up to 3000 watts. It works on blowing and suction, which means that the user can first collect the garbage in a large pile, and then place it in the device’s garbage bin. The bag in the Kruger blower is quite roomy: its volume is 45 liters. Also included is an additional waste bin that can be quickly installed instead of the used one and continue working.

The wide telescopic tube removes large and small debris. To make it easier to move the Kruger blower, a wheel is provided.


  • there is a shoulder strap that redistributes the load from the hands;
  • light weight – only 3.5 kg;
  • affordable price;
  • no big noise when working.


  • not identified.

2. Bort BSS-600-R 0.6 kW

Electric garden vacuum cleaner Bort BSS-600-R 0.6 kW

If you need an inexpensive but good electric blower for cleaning your summer cottage, then take a closer look at this model. Despite the affordable price, it boasts a very good power – 0.6 kW. At the same time, the volume of air flow reaches 240 m3 / h, which allows you to quickly restore order in a small area. A major plus is the ability to work in two modes. Yes, it is great for both blowing and suction. The weight of 2 kg makes it easy to carry the blower in your hand. Even with a long cleaning, there will be no feeling of fatigue. Not surprisingly, the model receives mostly positive feedback from users.


  • high power despite small dimensions;
  • affordable price;
  • air flow is easily regulated;
  • light weight;


  • short power cord;
  • mediocre plastic quality.

3. GARDENA ErgoJet 3000 3 kW

GARDENA ErgoJet 3000 Electric Blower 3 kW

Definitely one of the best electric blowers in our ranking. It has a high power – as much as 3 kW, which is a very good indicator for its class. At the same time, its performance is quite large – 86 cubic meters. in hour. It’s nice that the model has not only standard blowing and suction modes, but also an additional one – grinding.

The shredding function allows you to fit more grass, leaves and other waste in the bin.

The volume of the garbage bin is very large – as much as 45 liters, which allows you to clean it quite rarely. Despite the weight of 4.5 kg, the ergonomics of the device ensures comfort even when carried in the hand.


  • there is a grinding mode;
  • capacious garbage collector;
  • very high power;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • awesome functionality.


  • Hands get tired when working for a long time.

4. Makita UB1103 0.6 kW

Electric blower Makita UB1103 0.6 kW

Nice and simple electric leaf blower. Weighs only 2 kg, which makes working with it as simple and comfortable as possible. At the same time, the volume of air flow can reach 246 cubic meters per hour, which can be called an excellent indicator. The power adjustment function makes work even more convenient – this is especially important when you have to work with flower beds or beds. However, when buying, it should be borne in mind that the blower has only one mode of operation – blowing. But still, judging by the feedback from users, they are quite satisfied with such an acquisition – primarily due to the lightness and high power.


  • light weight;
  • large volume of air flow;
  • power adjustment;
  • high build quality.


  • no suction.

Petrol blowers – the best models

If you have to remove debris from a really large area, then it will be best to use gasoline blowers. Yes, they have a more complex device and, as a result, more weight and cost. Therefore, most often equipped with shoulder straps. But gasoline models can boast of higher power, saving a lot of time and effort. Such a blower for a garden or lawn will be a really good purchase.



Knapsack blower MOBIL K, equipped with a powerful motor from the HIGH PERFOMANCE series. The XB52A PREMIUM can move up to 900 m3 of air per hour at speeds up to 110 m/s. The engine of the device has a high ratio of power to weight, and its resource is increased compared to competing solutions. Having all the required certificates allows you to sell MOBIL K not only in Russia, but also in the EU countries.

For maximum efficiency, use a 1:40 fuel mixture.

The ergonomic, adjustable two-shoulder strap, made of breathable material, ensures comfort even during prolonged use of the tool. The controls are also customizable in the XB52A PREMIUM to ensure easy operation for any user. And the cruise control function allows you to set the airflow at the optimum level without having to constantly hold the throttle.


  • adjustable handle;
  • comfortable shoulder strap;
  • cruise control function;
  • starting device COMFORT START;
  • reliable and efficient motor.


  • They are not here.



The unique CENTRAL AIR FLOW technology in the device from MOBILE K ensures that the air will exit exactly in the center, thereby continuing the line of the user’s hand. This not only reduces the force required to hold the tool, but also eliminates the risk of injury to the wrist. The XB27B PREMIUM is a versatile device that combines the power of a blower and a vacuum cleaner. A trash bag is included.

The air flow in standard mode can reach 700 m3/h. And when using the tool in vacuum cleaner mode, the suction power is 600 m3 / h, which is a very good indicator.

Metal blades, rather than plastic blades, which are commonly found in this technique, provide maximum efficiency in garbage collection. They are wear-resistant and guarantee rational filling of the bag. Also included with the device are two nozzles that allow you to solve different tasks on the site. And the minimum weight of 4.7 kg is a guarantee that the operator’s hands will not get tired even after long use.


  • lightness and extended scope of supply;
  • vibration reduction MINIMUM VIBRATION EFFECT;
  • modes of operation for suction and blowing;
  • durable metal grinder;
  • maximum flow velocity up to 75 m/s.


  • missing.



High quality blower from the popular Japanese brand KATANA. The device is suitable for cleaning small debris, dry and freshly cut grass, fallen leaves. The location of all controls on the KE-1020BPRO handle ensures comfortable operation with one hand. And the fuel priming pump makes it easy to start the blower. The fuel filler neck of the KATANA is angled out, so nothing will stop you from refueling the tool. The technique uses a powerful 2-stroke engine with a power of 750 watts, which is equivalent to 1 horsepower. The motor volume is 26 cm3, the tank capacity is 500 ml, and the maximum capacity is 612 m3/h.


  • compactness and light weight;
  • convenient mouth for refueling;
  • the ability to work with one hand;
  • electronic ignition system;
  • the lowest cost in the class.


  • no significant ones were found.

4. ECHO PB-250 0.9 HP

Petrol blower ECHO PB-250 0.9 HP

A very good petrol blower for clearing debris in the garden or lawn. Power of 0.9 hp provides an air flow rate of 65 m / s, so you need to work with the device carefully. At the same time, the flow rate reaches 510 cubic meters per hour – an excellent indicator. It’s nice that, despite the high power, the model weighs only 4.3 kg, which makes it easy to carry it in your hand, and not behind your back. The gas tank has a volume of 0.5 liters, and this is enough for exactly one hour of work. Therefore, the user will not have to break away from cleaning the area too often in order to add gasoline.


  • very powerful;
  • light weight;
  • diaphragm type carburetor;
  • simple and easy start;
  • economy.


  • only one mode of operation – blowing.

5. Oleo-Mac BV 300 1.4 HP

Petrol blower Oleo-Mac BV 300 1.4 hp

If you want to choose a good petrol blower with really high power, then you should pay attention to this model. Its engine has a volume of 30 cubic centimeters, which provides a power of 1.4 hp. At the same time, the air flow speed reaches 70 m / s – any debris can be easily blown away over a long distance, which makes cleaning even easier and more comfortable.

When choosing, pay attention to the volume of the fuel tank and engine consumption. They must match so that you do not have to interrupt work too often to add gasoline.

The weight of the blower is 4.5 kg. However, a well-designed design allows you to correctly distribute its weight, which is almost not felt. It works in two modes – suction and blowing. A spacious waste bin is able to accommodate quite a lot of leaves, grass clippings and any other waste. And a 0.6 liter fuel tank is enough for an hour of work without refueling.


  • very high power;
  • profitability;
  • two modes of operation;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • Decent quality materials and assembly.


  • high price.

6. Husqvarna 125 BVx 1.1 л.с.

Husqvarna 125 BVx 1.1 л.с.

If this is not the best gasoline blower in our ranking, then it certainly is on the list of those. The engine displacement of 28 cm3 provides very good power – 1.1 hp. Thanks to this, an air flow volume of 799 cubic meters per hour is achieved, which is one of the best indicators to date. At the same time, the flow velocity can reach 76 m/s. Because of this, you need to work with the blower very carefully – careless handling may well lead to injury. But it works great for both blowing and suction. So, the garbage can not only be easily collected in a heap, but also drawn into the garbage bin. The volume of the latter, by the way, is very large – as much as 64.4 liters. Therefore, even if you have a very large area to clean, it probably will not have to be emptied, looking up from work. Although the weight of the blower is only 4.35kg, the developers equipped it with a belt that allows you to carry it on your shoulder. This makes work as comfortable and convenient as possible.


  • powerful air pressure;
  • capacious garbage collector;
  • carrying on the shoulder;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • easy to start;
  • awesome functionality.


  • quite high price.

Which blower to choose

This concludes our review of the best garden blowers. Having studied different models that differ in price, power, weight and engine type, even the most picky reader will surely select an option that will completely suit him.