Rating of the best Electric Lawn Mowers 2023 – Top Reviews

Electric lawn mowers are very popular these days. Which is not surprising – they are cheaper than gasoline ones, and much more compact, lighter, which makes working with them as comfortable and simple as possible. Therefore, the market is flooded with a variety of models, which is why choosing the right one is far from always easy.

How not to get confused in such an abundance of technology? Especially for this case, our experts have compiled a rating of the best electric lawn mowers – manual, self-propelled and wheeled. Thanks to this, each reader will be able to choose a model that suits him in terms of power, cost and functionality.

Which brand of lawn mower is better to choose

In 2022, there are quite a few manufacturers of garden equipment. Along with well-known and proven brands, new companies are emerging that promise the best quality and long service life.

Before buying a mower with an electric motor, you should pay attention to the best brands, according to experts:

  • Bosch . The German manufacturer is the undisputed leader in the market for repair, construction and gardening equipment. The brand is in great demand for a large selection, consistent quality and better manufacturability.
  • ELITECH . The domestic company stands out from the competition with reliability and strict quality control of production. An important advantage of the company is a wide network of service centers and strict adherence to market trends.
  • STIHL . Another eminent manufacturer that focuses on the production of various equipment for the care of garden plots and home gardens. Many brands include lawn mowers in their range, but STIHL is narrowly focused on this segment, introducing its own technologies and paying a lot of attention to convenience and efficiency.
  • Hyundai . The brand has proven itself for the development of good technology at reasonable prices. The company has accumulated vast experience in the field of engineering, so all products meet the requirements of modern users.
  • CHAMPION . A good and well-known brand offers customers inexpensive and reliable equipment. A wide range of garden equipment will cover the entire spectrum of user needs. And the main advantages were maintainability and unpretentiousness in operation.

Best Budget Electric Lawn Mowers 2023

For the care of small lawns, it is impractical to purchase a powerful and clumsy lawn mower. Especially if there are plantings or flower beds on the site that make it difficult to move in a straight line. The budget segment is especially popular for its affordability. However , it is difficult to choose a good electric lawn mower of this class , in the pursuit of savings, manufacturers sin with mediocre build quality and main components. This makes the devices useless, because a small overload leads to serious damage.

Our editors conducted their own analysis of the most popular models from inexpensive ones in order to identify the best ones. Particular attention was paid to feedback from customers who operate the units for two seasons or more.



The lightest lawn mower in the budget segment weighs less than 7 kg. It is as easy to operate as a hand trimmer, but unlike the latter, the width of the mower blade allows you to get the job done much faster. In one pass, it covers a strip of 32 cm, and collects the cut grass in a thirty-liter container. Despite the low cost, CHAMPION is ahead of many brands in terms of quality.

Users note the neat assembly, good balance of the knife and durable plastic. And only one design feature spoils the overall impression. The belt drive of the cutting element allows to reduce the shock load on the motor, but the belts are short-lived, and it is possible to buy spare parts only on order.


  • build quality;
  • impact-resistant plastic;
  • durable knife;
  • good maneuverability;
  • easy to clean.


  • Drive belts are not available everywhere.

2. PATRIOT PT 1433 E


An inexpensive American-made electric lawn mower is equipped with a 1.4 kW motor and can handle not only short, fresh grass, but also tougher weeds. If it is still not possible to mow them in one pass, you can use the height adjustments, of which there are five as on “adult” models, and cut the grass gradually. To select the steps, a central lever is provided that acts on both axles simultaneously. Therefore, unlike most budget models, where manual rearrangement of wheels is necessary, it will take a few seconds for PATRIOT. According to reviews, the mower is very reliable, easy to use and does not require high maintenance costs.


  • 5 levels of bevel height adjustment;
  • central adjustment;
  • direct knife drive;
  • justified cost;
  • convenience and patency;
  • powerful motor.


  • when fully loaded, the grass catcher pulls on the front end.


top ELITECH EK 1000K

According to the manufacturer, this lawn mower is designed for mowing lawn grass of low and medium hardness. But, according to reviews, the unit is capable of more and easily mows high thickets of dense weeds. A relatively cheap mower has a relatively low power of 1 kW, takes a strip of 32 cm and allows you to mow a lawn at a height of 2-6 cm. For a budget class mower, this is more than enough, but it is important to remember the recommended continuous work time and the need to take a break. Users attributed the small volume of the grass collector to the weaknesses, while for a compact model this is quite normal.


  • effective mulching;
  • low weight up to 9 kg;
  • ease of operation;
  • clear design and easy maintenance;
  • regular knife made of high quality alloy.


  • knife attachment is not very reliable;
  • with active mowing, the grass container is quickly filled.

The best electric lawn mowers are self-propelled

Self-propelled models, unlike simple wheeled ones, are more powerful and productive. It is these garden units that are purchased for large areas or commercial purposes. Technically, they are noticeably superior to other variations with an electric motor due to higher performance and power. And also in terms of functionality, often such lawn mowers are equipped with several speeds, a grass ejection function and a large number of mowing height steps.

The rating from our editors presents the three best models, according to buyers. These are reliable and high-quality electric lawn mowers with an optimal combination of price and quality .

1. Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Top Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Powerful model of a lawn-mower at first sight impresses. The metal body, 1.8 kW motor and large grass box clearly indicate a wide range of applications. But the most powerful argument in favor of its purchase is hidden under the deck of the case. It is there that the belt drive is located, due to which the mower is completely self-propelled. It does not require any effort from the operator to move it. Even if there are bumps and bumps under the wheels, she will overcome them on her own. The mower also handles tall grass with ease. Although the manufacturer indicates a maximum of 75 mm, in practice this is not the limit. As the reviews show, many users, by raising the front end, cut even taller weeds.


  • 7 steps of adjustment;
  • power;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • quality knife;
  • low noise level;
  • metal deck;
  • optimum driving speed.


  • it is inconvenient to control the filling of the grass catcher.

2. WOLF-Garten A 400 EA

top WOLF-Garten A 400 EA

One of the best manufacturers of lawn mowers has become famous for the reliability of its equipment. The 400th model, which has been produced almost unchanged for more than 5 years, was no exception. It is distinguished by a thoughtful design, thanks to which it is very easy to control the device. Although, unlike gas-powered lawnmowers, electric lawn mowers are inconvenient to wire, this problem is solved here. The cable is fastened in such a way that it does not get in the way under your feet and does not fall under the wheels when turning. The speed of movement is also calculated – regardless of the load, the operator does not have to run after the mower or push it. Users also note a high-quality nozzle for grass mulching, after which it is almost imperceptible on the lawn.


  • quality assembly;
  • convenient design;
  • good power reserve;
  • mulching;
  • small mass.


  • there is no dumping of grass to the side.

3. greenworks 2506807 GD40LM46SP

top greenworks 2506807 GD40LM46SP

The best greenworks self-propelled lawnmower in the battery-powered range. While most peers in this class are inferior to mains-powered devices in terms of technical characteristics, this model surpasses them. In addition to the maximum cutting height, and here it is 80 mm, it is designed for an area of ​​up to 800 sq.m. Having 2-3 batteries in stock, the owner does not need to wait until one of them is charged, because the charging time is only an hour. The power of the electric motor is more than enough to move around the area with a grass bag filled with wet grass. With this mower, you can care for a full-sized lawn, regardless of the stiffness of the grass and the evenness of the site.


  • suitable for uneven areas;
  • throwing grass to the side;
  • noiselessness;
  • high build quality;
  • cutting height 80 mm;
  • high blade speed.


  • high price;
  • The charger and batteries need to be purchased separately.

Best Wheeled Electric Lawn Mowers

Wheeled electric lawn mowers combine ease of use and affordability. These easy-to-handle units operate on a conventional 220 V power supply and are best suited for small areas of 300-600 sq.m.

Experts called the main advantages of this class of equipment:

  • Maneuverability.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Uniform lawn mowing level.

The review from our editors presents several light and compact models, with an optimal ratio of technical characteristics. An important advantage of the selected participants in the rating was the good quality of workmanship and assembly, confirmed not only by the warranty period, but also by reviews from real buyers.

1. BOSCH ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201)

top BOSCH ARM 37 (0.600.8A6.201)

A high-quality electric lawn mower from a top German manufacturer is distinguished by high ease of use. Ergoflex handles are so ergonomic that even long-term work does not tire the operator’s hands. The body itself is compact, a special design approach and GrassCombs guides made it easy to mow lawns close to walls and fences. The cutting height is fixed by a manual switch in one of five positions, allowing you to set the range from 2 to 7 cm. According to reviews, the mower is quite easy to maintain, setup and assembly are not difficult. And yet almost no noise and perfectly copes with its main task. The disadvantages of the device are typical for technology – the weak steel of a regular knife, which should be protected from stones.


  • comfortable handles;
  • elementary height adjustment;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • copes well even with tall grass;
  • informative instruction;
  • wide cutting range.


  • the grass catcher loading channel is often clogged with wet grass;
  • mild steel blade included.

2. STIHL RME 235

top STIHL RME 235

An excellent electric lawn mower has proven itself well in small areas . Due to its small weight of 13 kg and a small strip width (33 cm), it easily maneuvers around the territory, carefully bends around flower beds, bushes and beds. The 1.2 kW electric motor, according to reviews, is almost silent, but at the same time hardy. Unlike many similar models, this mower is equipped with a central height adjustment in five positions, and the cutting range varies from 2.5 to 6.5 cm. The capacity of the grass box is reduced to 30 liters, so even a loaded container is easy to lift and clean. According to buyers, the mower is the best in its class, and is effective with frequent use.


  • easy to manage;
  • reliability and manufacturability;
  • there is a grass catcher loading indicator;
  • comfortable handles;
  • compactness;
  • long service life;
  • patency;
  • the simplest algorithm for removing and installing a grass container.


  • slightly more expensive than competitors in its class.

3. See ELM3720

Top Makita ELM3720

The Japanese manufacturer never fails when developing equipment. The ELM3720 is no exception – a simple and reliable mower with compact dimensions. The workmanship can be seen at a glance – a tight fit of parts, a body made of light but durable ABS plastic reinforced with stiffeners. In addition, the electric lawn mower demonstrates good performance, a cutting width of 37 cm allows you to quickly process a plot of 500-600 sq.m. Buyers especially appreciated the quality of the haircut, however, they noted that the maximum height is 0.5 cm less than that of analogues. The mower is aimed at a wide range of users, the operator does not require special skills for efficient operation, and cleaning and assembly are intuitive. The unit is very popular in 2022, in May-April alone it was purchased more than 1000 times through Yandex.Market.


  • convenient height adjustment;
  • quiet work;
  • combination price-quality;
  • easily takes tall grass;
  • high build quality and parts;
  • nice design.


  • cut height is too small.

4. AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

топ AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

This model has become famous as the most convenient among analogues. In addition to being easy to move and steer, the wheeled lawn mower is easy to maintain: blade cleaning, grass catcher removal and installation are easy. The plastic case, according to reviews, is quite durable and endures light mechanical shocks. In addition, a neat appearance is maintained for a long time. Users especially liked the successful design without protruding wheels – this allows you to mow the lawn evenly close to buildings or fences. Under the outer shell is a hardy 1.4 kW motor, quiet and completely not prone to overheating. We were also pleased with the large XL wheels mounted at the back, thanks to which the mower passes even on difficult terrain. The weaknesses were the average quality of equipment from the configuration and the lack of a central adjustment of the cutting height.


  • convenient to use;
  • reliable assembly;
  • excellent cross;
  • developed network of service centers;
  • durable case;
  • oversized rear wheels.


  • complete knife made of mild steel;
  • no central height adjustment.

5. STIGA Combi 40 E

Top STIGA Combi 40 E

A wheeled lawn mower from a popular brand is a good choice for a small plot or area up to 600 sq.m. Six-stage central cutting height adjustment allows you to mow a variety of lawn types evenly. The kit comes with a mulching nozzle for processing mowed grass and fertilizing house lawns. Lightweight and compact mower is in demand among users due to the combination of affordable price, good performance and sufficient power reserve. The unit operates relatively quietly – 92 dB is an acceptable indicator for garden equipment. A quality assembly from a reliable manufacturer only adds to the pluses. The buyers attributed the regular knife to the minuses – it mows well, but the metal is too soft and deforms when stones hit.


  • easy to maneuver;
  • simple change of equipment;
  • optimal ratio of characteristics;
  • a lot of good reviews about quality and reliability;
  • 6 levels of cutting height adjustment.


  • the knife from the configuration does not tolerate hard objects.

6. GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32

топ GARDENA PowerMax 1100/32

Gardena has developed one of the best electric lawnmowers in the light domestic class. A relatively inexpensive model has a 3-stage cutting height adjustment system, a durable 1.1 kW motor. The cutting width is typical for such a layout – 32 cm, compact dimensions in tandem with a small mass make the model quite maneuverable. Therefore, the lawn mower is easy to operate even for physically unprepared users or elderly returnees. Analyzing the technical characteristics of an electric mower, experts recommend taking the unit for small household plots of about 200 sq.m.


  • height adjustment without additional tools;
  • light and manoeuvrable;
  • low price;
  • can work from the average generator;
  • ergonomic handles.


  • cuts very short at the first height.

What is the best electric lawn mower to buy?

In the ranking of the best lawn mowers, our editors included 12 models from three main groups. These are the most popular and easy-to-use devices that can be purchased at an affordable price. It is this combination that experts consider optimal for caring for a small garden or a large adjacent area.

When choosing the right electric lawn mower, you should be guided by your own needs and take into account the operating conditions:

  • For small areas, any model is suitable, both small compact and high-power. For large areas of 5 acres or more, on the contrary, light equipment is not suitable due to limited productivity.
  • It is better to take a brand that is serviced in one or more service centers nearby. Even durable units periodically require updating of some components and spare parts.
  • There is a difference between the way to adjust the cutting height: the central one is the simplest and fastest, the wheel lever takes longer, but such models are cheaper.
  • Mulching is an additional feature, but it is optional in inexpensive models.

An independent rating from our editors is based on reviews from real customers, so it will help you choose the best electric lawn mower in terms of convenience and reliability. The main thing when buying is to clearly define the conditions under which the unit will be used, and take a model that fully meets the needs.