The best Petrol Trimmers 2023 – Full Buyers Guide

Gasoline trimmers are represented on the market by the richest assortment. However, given the cost of equipment of this class, I don’t want to make mistakes with the choice. After analyzing a number of different models, our editors have compiled a ranking of the best gas trimmers for summer cottages and garden work, based on user experience. As practice shows, the opinion that “quality costs a lot of money” is just a myth. Modern production technologies and the experience of engineers allow us to develop and manufacture excellent tools in all price categories. Thus, everyone will be able to choose a good gas trimmer for seasonal work, taking into account all their wishes.

The best manufacturers of gas trimmers

Almost every manufacturer of tools and small construction equipment is engaged in the production of gasoline trimmers: from world leaders in the industry to nameless brands from China. The variety of offers gives rise to a lot of questions about the correct choice of the manufacturer of the gasoline trimmer, not to mention the layout, build quality, and ergonomics. An ideal option when all the advantages of a trimmer are combined in a single body. Despite the fact that each manufacturer positions its equipment as the best on the market, the first lines in the ranking of the best gas trimmers remain almost unchanged:

  • Stihl
  • The House Quarna
  • see
  • Oil-Mac
  • Champion

Best Inexpensive Gasoline Trimmers (2023)

Buying a household-grade gasoline trimmer will help solve many problems in a garden plot, a summer house, and equipment is often used to service the household. Braids of this class do not differ in increased power and performance, because they are intended for periodic, short-term use. Choosing a good gas trimmer from the budget segment is the most difficult. Models that are similar in price and appearance can differ significantly in quality and reliability. When choosing a good and inexpensive trimmer, it is better to start the review not with the most popular, but with trusted representatives.

1. CHAMPION T433-2

CHAMPION T433-2 petrol

Model T433-2 from CHAMPION is a rare example when quality is higher than price. The convenient and easy trimmer is intended for a hairstyle of lawns or bushes. For work, you can use a cord with a fishing line of 3 mm or a cutting knife with a diameter of 25.5 cm. Now about the main thing: the maximum cutting width is 40 cm, the power of the unit is 1.7 hp. – this is quite enough for the trimmer to easily cope with mowing lawn grass or weeds. The fuel tank holds up to 0.95 liters of mixture. The design of the gas trimmer is a little massive, but quite familiar and standard: a bicycle handle with a straight bar, an upper engine location. According to user reviews, this is one of the best models in its class, despite the unprecedented cost.


  • reliable and unpretentious in use;
  • relatively low weight of 8.3 kg;
  • low price;
  • there is a possibility of dismantling the rod for easy transportation;
  • economical;
  • corresponds to the declared parameters.


  • increased noise – when the lawn mower is working, it gives out 102 dB;
  • meager equipment;
  • not the most successful design of the protective casing.

2. PATRIOT PT 443 The One


Inexpensive, at the same time productive and reliable trimmer copes with any “thickets” in the garden without any problems. For mowing grass, a semi-automatic reel with 3 mm fishing line is used; Despite the fact that this is the cheapest model in the review, the unit is quite powerful – 2.5 hp.

According to user reviews, the technical characteristics allow you to process large areas, the trimmer copes well with lawn grass, weeds, tall weeds and small diameter branches. The Easy Start system (easy start) noticeably simplified operation – the engine starts without failure. The owners also note maintainability – in the event of a breakdown, you can find spare parts or consumables in almost any service center. The disadvantages include vibrations that are noticeable during prolonged operation. This should be taken into account and take small breaks at least once an hour.


  • high performance;
  • affordable cost;
  • ease of launch;
  • excellent equipment;
  • reliable solid rod.


  • before running in, lubrication and broaching of joints is required;
  • a standard reel for fishing line is very budget.



The proven CHAMPION model is equipped with a two-stroke engine with the best efficiency in its class. With a power of 1.9 hp. an hour of work will require only 0.62 liters of gasoline mixture. For home use, the trimmer can be operated with a regular fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm. If it is required to mow tougher grass or weed, the bobbin is replaced with a cutting knife. For the convenience of the operator, a system is provided that facilitates cold start, as well as a two-shoulder unloading belt. The disadvantages of the trimer buyers include a high level of noise and vibration that occurs under heavy load. Laudatory responses received extremely high power – the unit is effective for large areas and in the fight against dense thickets.


  • low fuel consumption;
  • easy start;
  • excellent combination of price and performance;
  • reliability.


  • noise and vibration at maximum speed;
  • the bar is not adjustable for the operator.

4. Daewoo Power Products DABC 520

Daewoo Power Products DABC 520 petrol

This is one of the most powerful budget trimmers out there and will perform well on large and uneven terrain. Separately, it should be noted a reliable, non-separable rod and high-quality fixation of the handle. The petrol trimmer is easy to use, compact and easy to control, and most importantly, productive, its power is 3.0 hp. You can purchase this unit even for the most neglected area – the performance of the trimmer is enough for any growth, with the exception of trees from 10 cm in diameter, not to mention small lawn grass.


  • the trimmer will replace the brush cutter;
  • quick-release bobbin;
  • backpack type belt;
  • excellent equipment;
  • high power;
  • quick access to the air filter.


  • poor vibration protection;
  • There are minor assembly flaws.

The best petrol trimmers for price and quality

When buying a gas trimmer, everyone strives to get a tool with the perfect combination of price and quality so that the technique meets expectations and does not harm the budget. In this category, you can choose an inexpensive and popular trimmer. Representatives of the middle segment (semi-professional) are universal: the equipment can be used for regular work at home or for occasional and short-term work in professional conditions. In narrow circles, such tools are called “farm tools”, due to the optimal combination of characteristics.

1. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 petrol

This category of rating continues with one of the best trimmers in terms of reliability for home use. The recommended area of ​​​​operation is grass mowing, “interspersed” small shrubs are acceptable. A durable gasoline trimmer is not very productive and has an average power of 1 hp. But in combination with a 0.75 l fuel tank and a high-quality anti-vibration system, it is very easy and convenient to use. There will be no complaints about the reliability of the presented device even after 5 years of operation.


  • trouble-free start;
  • durability and reliability of internal components;
  • forged shaft;
  • light weight;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • maintainability.


  • rigid spring of a regular coil;
  • no goggles included.

2. He managed FS 55

Stihl FS 55 petrol

If you ask a professional which trimmer is best to buy, Stihl will undoubtedly recommend you. Model FS 55 is the best unit in terms of price – quality. The petrol trimmer is designed for regular use at home: it will suit both the household and the maintenance of a large personal plot. In addition to the world brand, the owner of the trimmer receives 1 hp. power, balanced starting thanks to the introduction of the ErgoStart system, a reliable electronic ignition system, and all this at an affordable price.


  • moderate vibration;
  • complete set;
  • light weight;
  • profitability;
  • maneuverability.


  • silumin head guide;
  • overpayment for the brand;
  • small fuel tank capacity.



The lightweight SRM-22GES gas trimmer is designed for small areas of 5-7 acres, however, as follows from the reviews, its strength is in the highest quality of workmanship and reliability. The trimmer can serve for a very long time without breakdowns, forgiving even heavy loads. To prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the operator, a vibration isolator is provided in the design that separates the boom and the motor. The ES-start function and reduced starter resistance help to start a cold engine. Moreover, an easy start in combination with a relatively low weight makes the unit accessible for use even for women. The only drawback of the tool is that the low power of 0.9 hp does not allow you to mow hard grass.


  • light weight;
  • good vibration damping system;
  • excellent combination of price and quality;
  • high reliability;
  • easy start.


  • weak motor.

4. Husqvarna 128R


The Husqvarna brand is one of the leaders in the production of high-end gasoline vehicles. Model 128R is truly unique – it is a combination of reliability, excellent ergonomics, modern technology and reasonable cost. This is the best gas trimmer for the home – it is light, but durable and ergonomic. Comfort is provided by Smart Start technologies – easier start of a gasoline engine, and Air Purge – pumping fuel with a primer. As well as the familiar design and comfortable bicycle-type handle. The model implements advanced E-TECH II technology – reducing exhaust emissions without sacrificing performance and power. According to the owners, the trimmer is easy to operate – easy replacement of filters, without the use of auxiliary tools, easy restart.


  • collapsible design facilitates frequent transportation;
  • reel for fishing line and knife included;
  • very small vibrations;
  • ergonomics;
  • durable and unpretentious to fuels and lubricants;
  • easy to start.


  • the fastening of the handle to the bar is made of plastic – metal would be more reliable.

The best professional petrol trimmers

Professional gas trimmers are distinguished by endurance, high performance and the ability to work for a long time even in harsh conditions. Their practicality and independence from the power grid captivates even those who are used to working only with eclectic units. At the same time, the technical characteristics are not striking in scale, however, this does not prevent the tool from serving many times longer than more powerful and budget versions. Such a trimmer will work flawlessly for a long time, requiring only periodic maintenance to replace worn out consumables. Perfect ergonomics and the absence of even minor assembly flaws will be a big advantage.

1. Made FS 250

Stihl FS 250 petrol

The most powerful trimmer in the ranking is made by the Stihl brand. The unit with a two-handed handle is designed for servicing forestry, gardening. The trimmer perfectly copes with reeds, fallen grass, nettles, burdocks, when installing a knife, it will “master” young trees and knotty shrubs. Technical side: easy and trouble-free start, reliable fastenings, Stihl compensator prevents over-saturation of the mixture, maintaining a constant power. The picture is completed by an electronic ignition system, a manual fuel pump and competent control, concentrated on one handle.


  • high power trimmer to match professional equipment;
  • padded shoulder straps evenly distribute the load;
  • the presence of an easy start system;
  • reliability in work;
  • thoughtful design;
  • excellent build quality;
  • no vibration.


  • increased fuel and line consumption;
  • non-separable bar complicates transportation.

2. Husqvarna 143R-II

Husqvarna 143R-II petrol

A good professional garden trimmer is offered by Husqvarna. A high-class unit with proper maintenance will last for many years, is attractive not only for its quality and good assembly, which is typical of any professional equipment, but also for comfortable operation. The anti-vibration system works at 100%, the 2 HP trimmer motor. durable and hardy, which is confirmed by numerous user reviews.


  • easy replacement of fishing line, reel and starter cord;
  • durable clutch;
  • good power reserve;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • long time of continuous work;
  • excellent quality down to the smallest detail.


  • heavy;
  • noticeable noise.



This model is one of the best representatives in the class of professional gas trimmers for heavy work. SRM-350ES 1.5 HP can mow small lawn grass, large and tall weeds, weeds, shrubs, young trees. For this, a combined mount for a reel with fishing line or a knife is provided, both are included. Outwardly, this is a well-made lawn mower of a standard design, but all the most interesting is hidden inside: ES-start technology for easy start eliminates the effect of “reverse impact”, a vibration isolator made of durable rubber significantly reduced vibrations to a minimum, Hard Chrome cylinder wall coating. And this is only part of the advantages of a professional trimmer from Echo, included in the TOP-best from our editors. Users especially noted the ease of use and maintenance, the reliability of the launcher,


  • suitable for processing large areas;
  • copes well with long loads;
  • easy to start;
  • excellent build quality;
  • powerful and hardy;
  • noise and vibrations are barely noticeable.


  • high price;
  • heavy.

4. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminum

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

The gasoline trimmer of the Italian manufacturer is suitable not only for home use, but also for professional use (improvement of garden and summer cottages, house adjoining territory, parks, yards). In the best traditions of professional technology, the engineers focused on the quality and reliability of the trimmer – wear-resistant clutch cams, aluminum engine mount, self-lubricating transmission shaft bushings. The bar is made of aluminum, which reduces weight and eliminates corrosion, the main bicycle-type handle with comfortable pads in the grip area. A knife or a reel of fishing line can be placed on a rigid, forged straight shaft as a cutting element. As a result, users get a simple but good lawn mower, not whimsical to domestic fuels and lubricants and able to work for many years even in Spartan conditions.


  • easy access to the air filter;
  • the engine and design are very reliable and durable;
  • not noisy in work;
  • convenient management;
  • vibrations are negligible.


  • heavy, although it is quite light for its class.

What trimmer to buy for a summer residence

Gardening and country work are regular, therefore it is recommended to purchase reliable lawn mowers from good manufacturing companies. This rating of the best models of gasoline trimmers will help with the choice of a budget, semi-professional or durable and productive unit that will not let you down at the right time. Choose only the tool that will really serve you faithfully for many years, and our experts will help you with this.