TOP 10 best Garden and Construction Wheelbarrows

Owners of gardens, household plots, farms, along with builders, cannot do without a wheelbarrow for transporting bulk and other materials, crops, etc. Structurally simple at first glance, devices are divided into two large groups – garden and construction.

The first are intended for the transportation of goods weighing most often up to 100 kg and work in small areas. While the second category of the tool, which is more spacious and productive, is usually used to move gravel, sand, building materials. In our ranking you will find the best models that are currently on sale.

Best Garden Wheelbarrows

This model line is characterized by compactness, lightweight body and frame. In addition, devices for transporting goods have, as a rule, one wheel, due to which they are more maneuverable than construction counterparts. Although 2-wheel designs are also in the arsenal of manufacturers for those who appreciate the stability and reliability of garden tools. The choice of body shape, handles depends on the purpose of the model and your preferences.

5 Palisad

★ Comfortable frame

Country: Germany 

The model looks similar to many 1-wheel cars, but still has distinctive features. First of all, you should pay attention to the steel frame, it is remarkable not only for its wear-resistant coating with powder enamel. Here, the manufacturer has provided an additional transverse bar that securely fixes the upper part of the fixture. After all, it is this section of the 65-liter body that accounts for the maximum load when it is filled.

You will be sure that when pouring black earth or laying vegetables, the trough will not bend, will not come off the fasteners. Its maximum load capacity with a compact model is 90 kg. Of the usefulness, anti-slip handles are distinguished, as well as a moderately deep tread pattern of the tire of the pneumatic wheel. Minus – the weight of the garden tool is 16.45 kg.   


★ Best price


The garden model is in demand in our market due to its good representation in retail chains, high-quality assembly, and moderate cost. Owners of plots up to 10 acres appreciated one of the best devices in its category for its unpretentious operation in all weather conditions, a capacity of 90 kg of cargo, a narrow (61 cm) body for small aisles. The galvanized steel structure withstands repeated mechanical impacts well. The 65-liter rectangular body is securely attached to the frame and is characterized by stability, because, in addition to the 35.5 cm pneumatic wheel with steel bearing, it maintains balance when stationary due to convenient stops.

3 Sibrtech

★ Good maneuverability

For small household plots, this invention will come in handy. It does not take up much space during storage, since it is small in size (100×100 cm), thanks to the presence of 1 pneumatic wheel with a diameter of 36 cm with a ball bearing, it easily overcomes even wet soil, dirt, low grass. In addition, such a garden design effectively passes in a narrow passage between the beds.

Despite the model’s weight of 7.1 kg, it is equipped with a capacious trough (65 l) and can take on board up to 90 kg of various types of cargo. The body is made of 0.6 mm thick galvanized steel and does not deform. The metal frame is also not affected by moisture, aggressive environments due to powder enamel coating. 

2 Beam

★ Light weight

A very practical garden model attracts attention with a promising engineering solution. Here, an 80-liter deep body is provided, in which the thickness of the steel reaches 0.8 mm, a frame made of wear-resistant solid-bent pipe with a diameter of 28 mm, which ensures the safety of transportation. The zinc covering of metal ideally protects working surfaces from corrosion. Due to the high strength, the reliability of moving loads weighing up to 100 kg is ensured. At the same time, the device itself weighs only 9.36 kg, which is a clear advantage compared to other models. Among the positive qualities, the owners also call equipping the body with 2 pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 36 cm, durable steel bearings, and the presence of a complete set of fasteners in the kit.

1 ZUBR T-11 39962

★ Most popular model

The Zubr company has long been known in the market and is in demand among buyers. She has established herself as a manufacturer of high-quality, but at the same time relatively inexpensive equipment, and it is these two qualities that this garden wheelbarrow combines. She has one wheel and additional stiffeners between the frame and the body. The capacity is 90 liters and the load capacity is 160 kilograms. And if you look at the reviews, it becomes clear that the parameters are greatly underestimated. Strength allows you to carry much more cargo at a time.

The secret of quality lies in reliable seam welding. But there are also weak points, namely, fastening the body to the frame. It is bolted, like most models, and it is here that failure is most likely to occur during overload. However, this is not a problem of this particular model, but of all cars of this kind. But the wheel here is pneumatic, that is, pumped up, and not solid. Thanks to him, the wheelbarrow becomes as passable as possible and will easily jump over even a high obstacle, and also such wheels facilitate the entire structure.

The best construction cars

Construction models are designed to transport heavier loads. Therefore, they are more capacious, they are distinguished by reinforced mounts, a frame, and the additional presence of stiffeners. The wheels of such products are wider, have high cross-country ability, their tires and disks are adapted for long-term operation.

5 Zubr Professional

★ Correct geometry and body ergonomics


The disassembled 2-wheel device is easily transported to the storage place, does not take up much space in the warehouse among other gardening equipment, and is quickly assembled, since the kit includes the entire mounting kit. Users choose an ergonomic body for its capacity (110 liters) and the ability to carry up to 240 kg of cargo at the same time. 

One of the best models is equipped with a steel tubular frame, the geometry of which takes into account the particular operation of the fixture. You can easily place, unload the contents of the trough without fear of overturning the wheelbarrow. Moreover, the support additionally has protective thrust bearings. Both polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 35 cm are equipped with cast discs and steel bearings.

4 Crowns

★ Budget construction car

Country: China

A construction wheelbarrow is not a cheap pleasure, but if you have a small object and you do not plan to use this tool further, then buying a top-end option does not make sense. Such a budget model is quite enough. It cannot be said that it is the best by some criteria. Rather, he is a confident middle peasant in everything, lacking stars from the sky. Classic layout with two pneumatic wheels and a conical, inclined body.

The frame is steel, with a small number of welds, which has a good effect on the overall reliability of the structure. The declared carrying capacity is 200 kilograms, and the volume on the sides is 100 liters. The wheelbarrow conveniently dumps the load and is balanced on the back, that is, it will not roll over while driving. There is an additional bolt fastener in the front part, although it is difficult to call it of high quality. Over time, it will loosen up, so do not forget about tightening the bolts. In general, the most simple and inexpensive two-wheeled option, which is not worth buying for a large-scale construction site.

3 RedVerg RD-WB120/2

★ Plastic body


Plastic is not the most durable material on the planet, but it is often much more reliable than metal. As in this case. The strength here is at a very high level, but the main thing is the fastening of the body to the frame. It is very difficult to pull out bolts from technical plastic. With inclinations and vibrations, it does not weaken, but quickly takes on its original shape. Simply put, such a wheelbarrow will not loosen over time, which makes it as reliable and durable as possible.

It is worth noting the original overall design. The wheelbarrow can work as a dump truck. There is a large distance between the wheels and the sides, so to drop the load, you just need to rest the wheels against an obstacle and tilt the module. You don’t have to worry about tires. Although they are pneumatic, they are very durable and are not afraid of punctures. In addition, such a car will easily overcome high obstacles, and you can adjust the degree of pumping yourself in order to make it easier to manage it in certain conditions. By the way, the load capacity parameters here are greatly underestimated.

2 VORTEX T90-2

★ Best value for money

The weak point of any car is the bolt fasteners that hold the body on the frame. To avoid unnecessary load on this block, manufacturers are trying to reduce the height of the body, but with the same capacity and load capacity. This is exactly what the manufacturer did. The sides of the wheelbarrow are very low, but the capacity is 90 liters, and the maximum load capacity is 200 kilograms. Not a bad result, although not the highest in this segment.

Pneumatic, pumped-up wheels add convenience in foresight. They will easily jump over obstacles, and the bearings will not allow them to jam. At the same time, such a wheel is very difficult to pierce. Tires are thick, with special inserts on the inside. You don’t have to worry about what kind of coating you eat on. But the lack of a front support can be called a minus. Dumping cargo from the body can be problematic, especially if a full load has been made.

1 ZUBR PT-350 39913

★ The most reliable car

It does not matter what kind of wheelbarrow you have, garden or construction. The best model is the one that will not fall apart in a couple of months, and that is what we have in front of us now. Here the manufacturer took the path of balancing the body and frame. The sides became lower, but the receiver itself remained the same capacity. The load capacity is 280 kilograms, and the total volume is 130 liters. But due to the shape, when driving, the wheelbarrow does not pull to the sides, and therefore, there is no load on the bolt fasteners, and they are the weakest point for all models.

Also, the strength is affected by two stiffeners connecting the frame to the body. They are steel and very short, so they serve as two additional fasteners. And that we get not 4, as usual, but 6 bolts. Note also the elongated front. It serves as a bumper against collisions and helps to dump a heavy load like a dump truck. In general, this is the best construction wheelbarrow in terms of reliability and durability, which fully compensates for its not the most attractive price tag.