Top 10 lawnmower robots. Review rating

Every year the demand for robotic lawn mowers is growing, their range is expanding, and the price (glory of competition!) Is falling. Previously inaccessible to most, the gadget has now turned into a seasonal must have, able to mow the grass in time and thereby save the homeowner from routine duties. In fact, the buyer faces only one task – to select a device with the appropriate parameters and with the proper level of reliability.

How to choose a robot lawnmower

A handy gadget is not a universal device. Not every area is suitable for using a robotic lawn mower. What should you pay attention to when buying a device, and what parameters of garden equipment are important? Consider the main aspects that affect the choice of a particular model of robotic lawn mower.

Type of site – the presence of many obstacles in the direction of movement of equipment reduces its effectiveness. Obstacles include uneven terrain, physical barriers in the form of shrubs, trees, fences, flower beds, etc. If the interference is more than 3-5 per hundred, it is better to refrain from buying a robot.

Mowing width – this characteristic determines how quickly the lawn mower will cope with the task. Manufacturers offer devices with cutting widths from 17 to 56 cm. You should take into account the characteristics of the cultivated area, you need to make sure that the robot can pass through narrow areas.

Mowing height – for different models, the knives can be adjusted from 20 to 80 mm. It is recommended to mow no more than a third of the height of the grass to prevent the vegetation from drying out. Gradually, you can lower the knives.

Battery – the performance of the device, the time of continuous operation depends on its type. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries are the best choice for lawnmowers, as these batteries are durable and reliable.

An important parameter is the size of the mulched grass, the smaller, the neater the lawn looks after mowing. Additional features increase the comfort of using the lawn mower – remote control, rain sensor, spare charging stations.

Let’s figure out which automatic lawn mowers are considered the best today according to both users and professionals.

TOP 10 best lawnmower robots

When choosing a robotic lawn mower, it is important to pay attention to the power consumption and working width. The higher their performance, the faster the device will cope with the lawn. The type and capacity of the battery also matters: models with Li-ion can serve areas up to 4 acres, while on LFP batteries they will process all 30. Features such as control via Bluetooth, multi-zone, the presence of a charging base in the kit significantly improve the result. work and simplify the operation of devices. At the same time, these are more expensive and technically complex devices, and it is necessary to specify the duration of the warranty period and how well the company service is carried out.

10 Viking MI 632, 30 см/2000 м2

★ Adaptive mowing plan. Excellent implementation of smart functions

Country: Germany

Viking MI 632 belongs to the category of robots that do not require human attention at all. After installation and programming (these processes can be handled by specialists of the dealership), the device mows the territory entrusted to it in fully automatic mode. All he needs is to know the mowing time convenient for the owners and the required mowing height. These parameters are set in the management console. It is removable, so the operator does not need to bend down to program the machine.

MI 632 is a highly intelligent model that can distinguish between areas with different planting densities and adapt the wheel speed and blade speed. She can also determine when it is better to hide at the station from the weather, when you need to hurry up with charging in order to have time to prepare the lawn by the appointed time, and when to switch to energy-saving mode. The exceptionally high intelligence of the machine is also evidenced by the fact that it can mute the radio signal when approaching the borders with neighboring areas, thereby not conflicting with other people’s smart devices. Suddenly, the neighbors have the same “Viking”?

9 STIHL iMow RMI 422 P, 20 lbs/1000 lbs2

★ The best helper on hilly lawns. Safety Compliance

Country: Austria

The uneven topography of the local area is often a source of problems for its owners. But if you approach the matter with enthusiasm, then the disadvantage easily turns into dignity. So, on a hilly area, you can equip the original lawn, and to care for it, use the STIHL iMow RMI 422 P robot lawn mower. would continue to work.

If, during the mowing process, the device approaches an obstacle, the sensors located in the movable housing will quickly react to it and prevent a collision. The developers took care of the safety of not only the robot, but also households and pets. So, in case of accidental turning, the knives stop, there is also protection against accidental activation and a forced shutdown function. In general, the uprising of machines still does not threaten humanity, especially since you can always control the device through the iMow application and a GPS localizer.

8 Worx Landroid M WR142E, 18cm/700m2

★ Universal battery. Interesting additional options

Country: China

The model is designed for small household plots up to 700 sq. m. Artificial intelligence and simple control through the app allows you to automatically adapt the frequency of cutting in accordance with the state and area of ​​​​the lawn, street conditions and grass growth rate. The manufacturer provides that the robot comes with a Power Share series battery suitable for all Work 20V wireless devices – from hand tools to garden equipment.

The basic configuration uses Cut to Edge and AIA technologies. The first implements an offset 3-blade cutting system, due to which a thorough mowing and crushing of the stems into a mulching mass is ensured. The second technology is designed to increase the efficiency of the device due to a more correct algorithm for interacting with the edges of the lawn and narrow passages between several zones. In addition, the robot can be improved to suit your needs by equipping it with additional modules: an ultrasonic sensor for more successful overcoming obstacles, voice control, a Wi-fi signal amplifier, a GPS tracker to protect the unit from theft.

7 STIGA Autoclip 523, 32 cm/2000 m2

★ Impeccable care of large lawns of complex shape

Country: Sweden (made in China)

A series of robotic mowers Autoclip appeared in 2012. According to its demand today, it can be assumed that the design turned out to be very successful. Modification with index 523 can process 4 zones with a total area of ​​up to 2,600 sq. m., which makes it an ideal assistant for high-quality cleaning of lawns, stadiums and other green areas both in personal life and in public utilities.

Thanks to its electronic “brains”, the robot easily reaches remote corners and carefully cuts the grass near garden borders, decorative products, bushes and other obstacles. Among the features of the model, it is worth noting the equipment with rain, anti-tilt, lift and collision sensors, as well as a low noise level. At a distance of approximately 7 m, it is not even audible that the robot is active. The wide range of settings is also noteworthy: in particular, the cutting height is adjustable from 20 to 56 mm, and you can also set the duration of the operation.

6 Gardena Sileno City 250, 16 cm/250 m2

★ Unique, award-winning design. The Quietest Operation

Country: Germany (produced in China)

In 2018, the Gardena Sileno City 250 robot mower won its category in the European Red Dot Design Awards. More than 6,300 products from 59 countries of the world were presented then, and 39 jury members evaluated their quality, functionality and aesthetics. According to the judges, the Gardena Sileno City model has a clear design structure, emotionally appealing and fully in line with its purpose, made of good materials and offers a high level of quality and ease of use.

In addition to design, the second important difference is the minimum noise level for this type of equipment, only 58 dB. Often, such devices give out at least 68. The intellectual abilities of the robot are also interesting: it penetrates the most remote areas (max 250 sq.m.), even if you have to go along winding paths to them, automatically selects the mowing frequency depending on the growth of plants, quickly programmed and run thanks to the informative LCD display and easy navigation. And all this, mind you, at an absolutely reasonable price.

5 AL-KO Robolinho 4100, 32 см/2000 м2

★ Stepless cutting height adjustment. Work in overgrown areas

Country: Germany (produced in Austria)

The Robolinho 4100 robot lawnmower from AL-KO is notable for its high performance. In the shortest possible time, it provides impeccable care for an area up to 2000 square meters. m. To save energy and better serve one large area or two neighboring ones, it is possible to connect an additional base station. Models are able to mow the lawn even after a long absence, the main thing is that the height of the grass does not exceed 15 cm. Protectors with a deep pattern on the wheels, increased clearance and a powerful drive help it to cope with thickets.

Mowing parameters are set with one movement of the hand using a mechanical regulator or remotely via the AL-KO inTOUCH App. It clearly shows the workflow, integrates the robot with other AL-KO devices according to the “Smart Home” principle, and provides advice on optimizing garden care. The lawn mower performs all tasks automatically, if required, on a daily basis, in any weather. If it starts to rain, it is protected from damage by a waterproof case, the base is also not afraid of water. Although, of course, during the initial setup it is better to activate the rain sensor so as not to expose the device to unnecessary loads and return it to the “garage” in time.

4 Bosch Indego 350 & 400, 19 cm/350 m2

★ The best navigation system. Automatic charge control. Work on the slopes

Country: Germany

Unlike most automatic lawn mowers, which move randomly, the Bosch Indego robot follows a systematic mowing principle. Using the intelligent LogiCut navigation system, the model maps every centimeter of the garden and builds the optimal route of movement. This ensures high energy savings and mowing efficiency – these figures, according to the manufacturer, are at least 70% better than those with off-piste navigation.

In addition, the device is trained to go around obstacles like bushes and trees, as well as independently control the remaining energy reserve of Indego and, if necessary, return to base. Indego charges quickly enough, after 50 minutes it is ready for a new cycle. And it cannot be called picky about working conditions – it copes well with territories located at a slope of up to 35 °. But what can be attributed to the disadvantages is the dislike of the device for the grown grass – its height should not exceed 10 cm.

3 Robomow RX20u, 18 см/200 м2

★ Mowing while reversing. Multizonal. Remote control

Country: Israel

First of all, Robomow RX20u surprises with its cross-country ability, which you do not expect from a 2-wheeled robot at all. The model perfectly overcomes small bumps and ruts, but it is not worth releasing it into a neglected area with uneven territory – after all, this is not a sapper robot, but a peaceful lawn mower. The developers decided to improve the movement on the lawn by adding the function of mowing when reversing. Previously, in the design, reverse was used only to move away from obstacles.

It is important that the younger model is able to mow in two separate zones within the same area. The marking and setting features are described in detail in the instructions, so that the preparatory work can be done by yourself, without the help of specialists. It is convenient to manage the assistant – for this, it connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and receives instructions through a special application where and when to mow. Productivity 65 sq. m / hour is not as high as we would like – the minimum cutting width of 18 cm affects. There is also no “cutting the edges” function, but if the boundary cable is laid correctly, the machine will accurately cut the grass around the perimeter.

2 Husqvarna Automower 105, 17cm/600 m2

★ Increased maneuverability. Improved feature set

Country: Sweden

The line of Automower robots from the well-known brand Husqvarna opens with the simplest and at the same time the most popular 105th model. It is designed to care for a lawn area of ​​up to 600 square meters, and weighs only 6.5 kg and is easily carried with one hand. However, this vacuum cleaner does not require special ceremonies: it automatically forms its path, starts mowing from two different points and returns to the base for recharging. On a single charge, it lasts about an hour, and it takes less than 50 minutes to fully charge.

The device works efficiently, without skipping individual zones and leaving no ruts. Mowing is carried out by 3 rotating blades with a working width of 17 cm. The cutting height is adjustable between 20-50 mm, so that the cut grass is thrown back in the form of a thin layer of mulch, which eventually turns into fertilizer for young plants. It is noteworthy that the initial model has been produced for a long time, but it is constantly being improved technically and endowed with good functionality: a timer and a display with a graphical menu, tilt and lift sensors, an alarm and theft protection using a pin code. 

1 Caiman Ambrogio L200 Carbon, 30 см/3000 м2

★ Best quality in its class. Guarantee 5+ program

Country: Japan (made in Italy)

The Caiman brand was born in 2004, when two global companies – Subaru (Japan) and Pubert (France) – decided to bring to the market construction and garden equipment that complies with the Best-in-Class principle. The range includes more than 25 models of robotic lawn mowers, and among the bestsellers is Ambrogio L200 Carbon. This is a stand-alone device capable of operating on areas up to 3000 square meters. m. sloped up to 45°. It is equipped with two Li-ion batteries and powerful brushless motors, which are more efficient, durable and quiet than conventional motors.

The body of the device is made of carbon fiber – a lightweight material with better strength characteristics than steel. When mowing, the Diamond Blade knife system with 4 blades that do not require sharpening and balancing provides a 30 cm wide grip. The mower is programmed using a touch control. You do not need to press the buttons – just change its position in space. The model is high-tech, and professional advice and full service may be required for its successful operation. The manufacturer provides all this to its customers for 3 years of the main period and 2 years of additional (for non-professional use).