Top 10 loppers. Rating based on real reviews

In order for trees to grow beautiful and strong, they need to be looked after. In particular, cut dry branches and branches. If we are talking about a small shoot, an ordinary pruner will suffice. For thicker branches, you will already need a special tool – a delimber. It can be mechanical or electrical. In the first case, we have scissors with an elongated handle. But there is a difference here too. If they do not have a ratchet mechanism, they will have to cut the branch with considerable physical effort. A special gear train simplifies this process. A little pressure is enough, and the knives are compressed with much more effort.

The power tool is also different. Its main parameter is engine power. The higher it is, the larger branches you can snack on. The type of food is also different. The network option is more preferable, since there is a much larger choice of power and other options. There are even combined saw and lopper versions on the market that can handle the thickest stalks.

But the cordless tool looks the most attractive for home use. With it, you are not tied to the network and can work for several hours without stopping. Of course, the power of such a device will be lower compared to the network version, but if only decorative or preventive pruning is required, then it will be quite enough.

The best mechanical loppers

A mechanical pruner is essentially a pair of scissors, but with a long handle and large blades. Such a garden tool can be completely manual or with a ratchet mechanism. The second option is more preferable, as it allows you to cut thick branches with much less effort. You can also find a telescopic version on the market, that is, with retractable handles. This is the best tool for working at height. The telescopic lopper can also be hand and ratchet, and due to the increased load, it is in this segment that the most attention should be paid to quality and reliability.


★ Does not require special maintenance

Country: Germany

The original design of the RACO 4218-53/371 lopper allows you to remove unnecessary branches from trees that are high above the ground without a ladder. This gardening tool is equipped with a 1.5-2.4 m telescopic extension rod and a 3 m nylon cord with an adjustable handle, which ensures maximum convenience during the pruning process.

The blades of the RACO 4218-53/371 delimber, made of hardened steel, are positioned in such a way that it easily cuts branches with a diameter of up to 30 mm. To remove knots that are more than 32 mm thick, this garden tool is equipped with a curved saw blade with sharp teeth. The RACO-Hitekflon protective coating on the cutting parts eliminates the need for additional maintenance and maintains the best performance of the delimber throughout its entire service life.

4 FIT 77151

★ Quality telescopic tool

Country: Canada (made in China)

Enthusiastic gardeners leave a lot of positive feedback about the FIT 77151 telescopic lopper. It helps to quickly cope with the task of thinning the garden, the height of trees in which can reach 3.5 meters. A sharply sharpened hacksaw blade with a length of 330 mm acts as a cutting part in this pole cutter. Some users note that the tool is a little heavy, but at the same time they are inclined to think that this fact also affects the cutting efficiency.

The presented garden tools boast the longest service life due to the high build quality and the steel body of the product. For additional protection against corrosion and mechanical damage, a Teflon coating is applied to the metal.

3 Center tool

★ Efficient cutting mechanism

Country: made in China

The centrifugal mechanical delimber has improved cutting characteristics, which makes it an excellent assistant in the formation of tree crowns and the removal of old dry branches up to 45 mm thick. The best performance with minimum effort is provided by the presence of a ratchet mechanism, which allows you to distribute the applied force and reduce physical stress when using the lopper. In the presented garden tool, it is possible to fix the blades in one of 6 possible positions.

With this lopper, thinning even the most inaccessible areas is easy thanks to the telescopic handles with a stroke of 32 cm. They are coated with a two-component coating that guarantees a secure grip.


★ Most popular tool

Country: Germany

Many people choose the GARDENA 12009 lopper when looking for gardening tools that can facilitate the care of shrubs and trees. Thanks to its good design and telescopic handles with adjustable length (from 550 to 800 mm), this tool is the best way to cope with cutting branches and limbs. at high altitude without additional effort. Sharp stainless steel blades combined with an efficient lever mechanism guarantee fast and clean cuts in wood up to 42mm thick.

Made from lightweight material, the GARDENA Lopper handles are equipped with special plastic grips that reduce the risk of the tool slipping out of your hands. To protect the operator’s wrist joints from excessive load, this model has shock absorbers that are responsible for the smooth running of the cutting part.


★ Best price on the market

Country: Germany (produced in China)

High-quality assembly and reliability of the presented lopper model explains the popularity of PALISAD 60521 among the owners of garden plots. The tool is easy to use and will last more than one summer season thanks to high-strength steel with an anti-corrosion coating, from which the working part of the secateurs is made. The blades have a sharp sharpening and easily cope with a straight cut of branches with a diameter of up to 30 mm. To mitigate the load on the main branch cutter assembly, this model has a rubber shock absorber.

The weight of the presented lopper does not exceed 0.75 kg, so it is easy to manage even with hands raised up. For maximum operator comfort during remote pruning, this tool has rubber grips on the long handles.

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The best cordless pruners

The electric drive on the pruner eliminates the need for physical effort during operation. Handling such a device is convenient and simple, but only on condition that you have chosen a high-quality and reliable model. The disadvantage of battery versions is the relatively low power. Do not try to cut thick branches with such a lopper. It is more of a garden tool for decorative processing of small trees.

5 Procraft ES16Li

★ Compact size and light weight

Country: China

Cordless garden tools tend to be bulky and heavy. If it is a lopper and you work at height, your hands will get tired very quickly with it, no matter what the nominal performance of the model. If you are processing small branches, and you do not need to cut huge branches, then this option will be an excellent solution. Its main advantage, or rather two, is size and weight. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. There are no protruding parts as the battery is built-in. The device weighs less than a kilogram, and it is the lightest delimber among competitors.

Of course, it was impossible to put a very powerful battery in such a form factor. The capacity of the local battery is only 2 Ah, and this is enough for about half an hour of continuous operation. It is continuous, and this is not so little. It is unlikely that you cut branches on such an industrial scale. As for power, it is quite acceptable. The tool has a ratchet mechanism, so the load from the engine is partially removed.

4 Present

★ Best equipment

Country: China

Most often, cordless tools are sold without batteries and a charger for them. Top brands have come up with this trend, and now when you buy the tool itself, you also have to buy batteries. But small Chinese manufacturers cannot afford such impudence, because it is among them that you can find the most complete tool. It is he who is in front of us now.

Despite the price tag adequate by the standards of the market, there is everything you need to work. The delimber is delivered in its own plastic case. Not the most reliable option for transportation, but a nice little thing. There are also two batteries at once and a full charge for them. Yes, this is an absolute Chinese no-name, so it’s better to read reviews before buying. They are mostly positive, although there is also a negative associated with marriage. Apparently, the manufacturer has it, and this is a huge minus.

3 Bosch Pro pruner Professional Solo

★ The most reliable model

Country: Germany

When it comes to high-quality German power tools, Bosch products come to mind first of all. And this is no coincidence. The brand has long established itself in the market, and buyers are not even embarrassed that only the homeland of the brand remains from Germany, while all products are manufactured in Asian countries, and this does not matter, since the quality is still at its best. Now we have the best pruner in terms of reliability and durability.

These are very powerful electric scissors that can cut even thick branches. The thickness limit is only in the size of the throat of the knives. If the branch goes there, then it will be cut down. The secret of such power lies in the reinforced ratchet mechanism, which removes the load from the electric motor and takes it upon itself. Thus, with very modest dimensions, the tool performs work that was previously available only to network drives. Build quality is appropriate.


★ Best value for money

Country: Germany

If at first glance at this lopper you were scared away by the price, then in vain. First you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics, and they are here at the highest level. In fact, this is the best tool in its class. It is not telescopic, but allows you to cut branches at a height. Design with an extended shaft and two types of blades at once.

The design is well thought out. The manufacturer provided a small reserve of battery power, and made the cutting mechanism ratchet. The principle of operation is the same as that of a hand tool. The battery needs less effort to deliver power to the branch cut. The system is very high quality, and one battery charge is enough for about 3 hours of continuous operation. True, you have to buy them separately. This is inconvenient and raises the price tag, but this situation is not new. Almost all top brands use this equipment, and Karcher is definitely one of them. However, batteries from another brand tool are also suitable here.

1 He made it to GTA 26

★ The most compact cordless pruner

Country: Germany

Even a cursory glance at this pruner is enough to understand that this is the best model of all possible. The garden tool from the German company Stihl lies easily in the hand, is equipped with a miniature chain saw blade with the necessary protective cover, and there is a battery discharge sensor. Surprisingly, it lasts for a long time – several hours of intensive work on thinning the garden are provided to you.

The visible advantage of this lopper is the absence of restrictions on the thickness of the branches – with its help you can easily cut a piece of a thick board. The tool performs its task quite confidently and quickly, leaving an even, clean cut that heals quickly and easily. The smallest and most productive pruner has one drawback – the lack of an oiler for lubricating the chain. Oil must be periodically applied directly to the canvas, which is not very convenient.