TOP 11 best walk-behind tractors 2023 – Buying Guides

A walk- behind tractor is a necessary tool in any rural household. Modern devices amaze with versatility and allow you to easily and quickly cope with half of the difficult work – from plowing the land to cultivating and shredding garbage. It is not surprising that more and more summer residents and villagers decide to purchase such equipment. True, in order not to make a mistake and not get confused (and it is very easy to do this because of the rich assortment), you need to be well versed in this topic.

Well, for those who do not want to spend too much time studying the market, we will be happy to offer a rating of the best walk -behind tractors on the market today.

How to choose a walk-behind tractor – recommendations from experts

First of all, you need to pay attention to the engine. Some walk-behind tractors are equipped with gasoline, while others are diesel. The former, as a rule, are less powerful and allow you to work autonomously – at any distance from home. But the latter are more enduring and heavier, the degree of their performance and endurance is much higher.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the mechanism for transmitting torque. In a walk-behind tractor, it can be implemented using a power take-off shaft or a belt drive.

You also need to pay attention to power. It is impossible to give unique advice here – it all depends on the requests of a particular user.

Finally, we must not forget about functionality. Some buyers only need to plow the land, while others would like to purchase more versatile equipment to help with different types of work.

Light class walk-behind tractors – the best models (2023)

If the amount of work in the country is not large – you only need to plow a plot of several acres once a year – that is, it makes sense to give preference to light walk-behind tractors. They cannot boast of high power, and in most cases the functionality is limited. But their price can pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyer. And the light weight greatly facilitates the process of loading and working with the walk-behind tractor.

1. MKM-3 PRO


The second generation of the walk-behind tractor is presented on the market in three modifications, distinguished by the width of attachments and
the lines of installed motors. Stable demand and high popularity of the model are due to the use of innovative solutions in its design, due to which the highest performance characteristics have been achieved. In addition, the manufacturer paid special attention to the comfort when working with this multifunctional unit, making operation easy and maintenance, minimizing.

The technical part of the walk-behind tractor, which includes motors and controls from famous Japanese, European and American manufacturers, meets all international standards. The MOBIL K STRONG TRASMISSION 2000 transmission of our own design ensures independent movement of the walk-behind tractor at the optimum speed for the most efficient tillage. The functionality has been expanded with a drawbar and a pulley for distributing torque to active equipment.


  • Smooth gear shifting without effort;
  • Ability to install a variety of equipment;
  • Reduced vibrations;
  • Cast aluminum gear case;
  • Low vibration even at high speeds;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Easy start.


  • No add. cutters as standard
  • The transport wheels sometimes sink into loose soil.

2. PATRIOT Victory


Looking for a light, inexpensive and at the same time a good walk-behind tractor ? Take a look at this model. Judging by the reviews, most users do not have to regret such an acquisition. On the one hand, the unit is quite powerful – the engine cubic capacity of 198 cc / san provides 7 horsepower. For plowing a small area, this is more than enough. It’s nice that the weight of the walk-behind tractor is only 78 kilograms – there will be no unnecessary problems when transporting and transporting equipment.

The model has a reverse function that allows you to start the engine in the opposite direction – very useful if something is wound on moving parts.

The volume of the fuel tank of 3.6 liters is enough to work on a fairly large area without refueling. It’s nice that the tillage width is as much as 100 cm – you can plow a decent area in several passes. And the 8″ pneumatic wheels provide good flotation on any soil.


  • affordable price;
  • light weight;
  • high-quality chain reducer provides high performance;
  • reverse function.


  • not a very good steering wheel adjustment.

3. PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

Buyers looking for light yet powerful equipment will surely like the PATRIOT Kaluga walk-behind tractor. For the price and quality, the walk-behind tractor is a good compromise. It weighs only 73.6 kg, which does not prevent it from having high power – as much as 7 horsepower. Three gears – two forward and one reverse – make it easy to choose the one that will be most suitable in a particular situation. The fuel tank holds up to 3.6 liters of fuel, so you have to make stops for refueling quite rarely – a nice plus that saves time when working with a walk-behind tractor. And the width of tillage here is quite large – 85 centimeters. In one pass, you can plow a fairly wide strip, which means you don’t have to spend extra time. Not surprisingly, the model gets pretty good reviews from its owners.


  • decent power;
  • light weight;
  • easy to start;
  • low price tag;
  • comfortable grip handle.


  • when working with heavily compacted soil, there is not enough reduced speed;
  • not equipped with a disc cutter for plant protection.

4. Mobile K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

Mobile K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

Perhaps the best walk-behind tractor in terms of reliability and quality in the light class is this one. It is really comfortable to work with him – primarily due to the power of 7.07 horsepower. You can easily and quickly walk around the site, digging the ground to a depth of up to 34 cm. True, the width of the processed strip is not as large as many users would like – only 73 centimeters. Therefore, for large areas, a walk-behind tractor will not be the best choice. However, it is silly to make other requirements for light class walk-behind tractors.

Mobile K MKM-3 COMFORT is capable of speeds up to 8.3 kilometers per hour when moving forward and up to 2.6 when moving backward.

Surprisingly, with such advantages, the weight of the unit is quite small – only 67 kg, which will pleasantly surprise users who often have to load it into the car and unload it back. So, there is no doubt – this is one of the best light class walk-behind tractors.

What will please:

  • quality assembly;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • deep tillage;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • easy to purchase accessories and attachments;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • easy to start.

Motoblocks of the middle class – the best models

But, despite the advantages of light walk-behind tractors, the most popular were and remain analogues of the middle class. A good compromise between cost and power, as well as functionality, makes them an excellent purchase for most users. Therefore, this category of technology received the most attention.



Buyers looking for an inexpensive mid-range walk-behind tractor will surely like this model. Its power is quite high – 7 horsepower, which is quite enough for plowing a fairly large area. In addition, the tillage width is 83 cm, so you do not have to spend extra time plowing it. Four forward gears allow you to choose the most suitable option for working on a particular site, with individual terrain and features. And the reverse allows you to bypass the obstacle that has arisen, free the cutters from foreign objects and simply makes the work more comfortable. It’s nice that the noise level here is not too high – only 78 dB. Therefore, we can say with confidence – if this is not the best walk-behind tractor of inexpensive models, then it is definitely one of those.


  • powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • excellent build quality;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • five speeds;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic handle.



Without exaggeration, this is a chic model of a walk-behind tractor , which is suitable for the elderly and young. Of course, the price is not too low, but it is fully compensated by the power and ease of use. Powerful, wide wheels with a diameter of 8 inches confidently pass both wet ground and sand.

PATRIOT Ural is equipped with a durable cast iron gearbox, which ensures high reliability and endurance when working with high loads.

The power of the 220 cc engine reaches 7.8 horsepower, so it can easily cope even with unplowed land. And the width of tillage is as much as 90 centimeters – you can plow a large area in several passes. Six gears – four forward and two reverse – make work even easier and more comfortable. With all this, the weight of the walk-behind tractor in the basic configuration is 84 kg – quite a bit for middle-class models.


  • powerful engine;
  • cast iron gearbox;
  • start up quickly and easily;
  • convenient management;
  • low consumption of gasoline;
  • reliability and practicality with proper operation;


  • lack of differential.



Need to choose a middle-class walk-behind tractor, comparable in power to a heavy one and just as easy to use? Then this model will definitely not disappoint you. Yes, the price of a walk-behind tractor is quite high. But this is fully offset by a number of serious advantages.

The power is really impressive – as much as 9 horsepower – no wonder, because the volume is 270 cc / cm. If necessary, even a site with heavy clay soil can be plowed. In addition, it cultivates the soil of a large width – up to 110 cm. True, there are only three gears – two forward, and one back. Because of this, working on problem areas is not always easy. But the wheels are very large – as much as 12 inches in diameter. Therefore, the patency of the unit is very good. The volume of the tank is 6 liters. This is quite enough for a fairly large plot of land.


  • power reserve;
  • wide wheels facilitate maneuverability;
  • large width of plowed land;
  • high quality tillage;
  • well-designed design provides ease of control;
  • fuel tank capacity.


  • only three speeds.

4. Neva MB-23B-10.0

Neva MB-23B-10.0

But, perhaps, the Neva MB-23B-10.0 can be called the best choice among middle class walk-behind tractors. One of the important advantages is the ability to adjust the width of the plowed strip – from 86 to 127 cm. Yes, and the cultivation depth is quite large – 20 centimeters. Power will pleasantly surprise even an experienced user – as much as 10.06 horsepower. You can easily plow any soil, whether it is clay, virgin soil or earth with roots.

The walk-behind tractor is suitable for working in small areas that need to be processed as carefully as possible so as not to damage the plants.

The developers have provided four speeds for moving forward and two – back. True, the weight here is quite large – 105 kg. But it is generally impossible to find such a powerful and at the same time light middle-class walk-behind tractor.


  • quality assembly;
  • powerful and reliable engine;
  • practicality and maneuverability;
  • band width adjustment;
  • easy to start.


  • inconvenient gear lever.

Heavy class walk-behind tractors – the best models

Finally, consider heavy walk-behind tractors. They are suitable for a large plot of land or with too complex soil – hard, high clay content or not plowed for a long time. Yes, at a cost they are much less attractive than the models considered earlier. However, the extra cost of funds is fully offset by high power, which saves time during work.

1. Huter GMC-9.0

Huter GMC-9.0

If you want to buy a high-quality gasoline walk-behind tractor from a heavy class, then be sure to take a closer look at this. It has a number of important benefits. For example, a fairly large tank – its volume is 6 liters. Therefore, it is definitely not necessary to interrupt work often to refuel. Even plowing a large area will not take much time due to the significant tillage width – as much as 105 cm. A depth of 28 cm is quite enough for planting potatoes and for forming any beds. The power is quite high – 9.11 horsepower, which is also a serious advantage. The walk-behind tractor has two speeds for moving forward and one for moving backward.


  • easy start;
  • high power;
  • excellent build quality;
  • comfortable management;
  • unpretentious to service;
  • justified price;
  • reliability in work.


  • there are models with not too high-quality tires.



Do you often work in difficult areas, such as sandy or excessively wet soil? Then you will surely like this model. It is listed among the best heavy-duty walk-behind tractors. Which is not surprising – its advantages are quite numerous. Start with at least large wheels – 12 inches in diameter with a width of 5 inches. This is an excellent indicator that allows the walk-behind tractor not to fall into the ground, despite the significant weight – as much as 177 kg. The power is quite high – 9.5 horsepower.

The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a high-quality electric starter, which makes starting especially easy and comfortable.

The tillage width is very large – 110 centimeters with a depth of 30. Plowing even a huge area with such equipment will not be difficult at all. The model has three speeds – one back and two forward. Therefore, problems when working on different types of sites will certainly not arise.


  • easy control;
  • large, durable wheels;
  • powerful engine;
  • excellent cross;
  • the presence of an electric starter.


  • lack of differential;
  • heavy weight, making transportation difficult.

3. Aurora COUNTRY 1400

Aurora COUNTRY 1400

Finally, one of the best heavy walk-behind tractors in our review with an ideal combination of price and quality . Of course, this is a really convenient technique that will definitely not disappoint the owner after purchase. Many users like a wide range of cultivated soil widths – you can choose from 90 to 170 cm, so the walk-behind tractor is suitable for both large areas and practical jewelry work.

In terms of power, it will also not disappoint the user – even the most picky one. Still, 13 l / s is a very serious indicator even for heavy class models. The 5″ wide, 12″ diameter wheels provide excellent flotation on all types of soil, both normal and problematic. The developers provided six speeds – 4 forward, as well as 2 back. This further increases the comfort at work.


  • large range of processing width;
  • very high power;
  • six speeds;
  • quality assembly;
  • the presence of a power take-off shaft with the ability to work in two modes;
  • reliability and durability.


  • not very convenient emergency stop handle.

Which walk-behind tractor is better to buy

Our review of the best walk-behind tractors has come to an end. In it, we tried to list the most successful models of different classes. Let’s hope that the article will help each reader to choose exactly the option that suits him in all respects.