Top 12 Garden Sprayers (2023). Rating

Sprayers are indispensable garden equipment that allows you to quickly and efficiently spray liquid formulations for feeding, watering and treating plants. With the help of such equipment, it is possible to use drugs more rationally and spend less time than with alternative types of processing. Sprayers are popular among gardeners, farmers, utilities, summer residents, flower growers. You should choose such equipment carefully, because the power, volume, performance and service life depend on it. Our rating of the best garden sprayers will help you buy the right model.

The Best Hand Type Garden Sprayers 2023

Spray or pump models designed for irrigating plants in a house adjoining area, in a small garden, as well as for caring for indoor flowers. In spray solutions, a small tank with a volume of 0.5 liters to several liters is used. Pump sprayers are more complicated, require periodic pumping, and can hold 5 liters or more of liquid. For ease of carrying, such devices are equipped with a shoulder strap or satchel. With a small amount of the drug, the sprayer can be carried in the hand.

1. MAROLEX Profession 7

MAROLEX Profession 7

Premium hand sprayer from MAROLEX. When creating products from the Profession line, the manufacturer focused on the requirements of summer residents and gardeners, based on its many years of experience and leading technical solutions. The Profession 7 model received a 115 cm telescopic boom that allows you to spray bushes and trees. A special boom with 3 nozzles helps to speed up the work.

In addition to the 7-liter model, the manufacturer’s assortment includes solutions with a capacity of 5, 8 and 12 liters.

Ideal equipment and interchangeable nozzles of the MAROLEX sprayer allow you to fight mites, aphids, as well as other varieties of garden and garden pests. If you need to get rid of moss on paving slabs that spoils its appearance, then Profession 7 long telescopic rod is perfect for this. The working pressure in the tank of this model can reach 0.4 MPa, and the 7-liter tank is guaranteed for 5 years.


  • there are interchangeable nozzles;
  • adjustable bar;
  • productive pump;
  • operating pressure 4 bar;
  • performance quality;
  • durable and reliable tank.

2. Beetle Classic OG-112 12 l

Beetle Classic OG-112 12 l

An affordable solution that is ideal for large areas. The OG-112 model offers a long reach of up to 168 cm, allowing you to process shrubs and large trees. The budget garden sprayer is positioned as a model designed for a wide range of tasks. In addition to feeding and watering plants, it is suitable for washing windows, cleaning walls and other household tasks. Shoulder straps OG-112 allow you to choose a comfortable length to reduce the load on your back. The telescopic hose of the backpack sprayer has an adjustable tip.


  • wide neck;
  • light weight;
  • adjustable straps;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • capacious tank;
  • easy pump replacement;
  • large working radius.


  • straps are a little stiff.

3. FISKARS 1025934 5 l

FISCAR 1025934 5 l

A good model for gentle plant fertilization and watering of young seedlings. It is equipped with a reservoir with a nominal capacity of 5 liters and a maximum capacity of 5.8 liters. The safety valve of the FISKARS manual sprayer prevents overpressure of 3 bar by automatically reducing it if necessary.

The grower can independently control the angle and area to be watered, from a gentle spray at a 60° angle to a strong straight jet. For convenient carrying, the device received a shoulder strap. The sprayer is suitable for washing bicycles and garden tools. But it is better to refuse the use of aggressive chemicals, gasoline and solvents.


  • ideal for working with pesticides;
  • reliable safety valve;
  • holds the accumulated pressure well;
  • spray angle adjustment.


  • there are defective copies.

4. GRINDA Fine Spray 15 л

GRINDA Fine Spray 15 л

Inexpensive model of the GRINDA sprayer with a lever mechanism that allows you not to remove the device from your shoulders every time air is needed. The body of the sprayer is made of a combination of metal and thick plastic, which guarantees reliability. However, during use, you do not need to make a lot of effort, because they can damage the Fine Spray. The capacity of the reviewed model is as much as 15 liters, so that you can process a whole medium-sized area at a time.


  • wide filling neck;
  • spray adjustment;
  • convenient lever paging;
  • hose pocket.


  • some details are flimsy.

The best sprayers (cordless)

One of the most convenient varieties of sprayers according to owners. The presence of a battery allows you to forget about manual pumping – the electric drive can automatically create the necessary pressure until the equipment is discharged. The power of the pressure does not depend on the level of battery charge. The battery is recharged from a conventional outlet.



PATRIOT model equipped with 8Ah and 12V lead-acid battery. The device has a volume of 12 liters, suitable for gentle irrigation, foliage application with fertilizers, and similar garden work. The set includes different nozzles for uniform spraying of the solution. The hose of an excellent garden sprayer has an increased length of one and a half meters. This allows you to work comfortably with your right and left hand, as well as from the ground. To fasten the belt, not plastic clips with low reliability are used, but metal carbines. The warranty for PT-12AC is 2 years.


  • good performance up to 3.1 l/min;
  • peak operating pressure 4 bar;
  • quality materials;
  • durable hose 1.5 meters long;
  • reliable fixation of the backpack strap.


  • during use it is difficult to reach the regulator.



The most powerful sprayer among battery models is offered by CHAMPION. The maximum fluid flow in the SA16 is 3.6 l/min. The tank capacity of the device is 16 liters, so it will easily be enough to process a fairly large area with a lot of trees.

If the sprayer is too heavy for you (5.3 kg excluding liquid), then it is worth pouring the preparation in parts. The wide neck makes this very easy to do.

The popular model of the battery sprayer can develop pressure up to 5.5 bar. The maximum processing range of plants is 2.5 meters horizontally and 50 cm vertically. The length of the hose is 1.2 m, so it is convenient to handle it. Continuous operation with a fully charged battery reaches 3 hours.


  • set of 4 nozzles;
  • range up to 2.5 meters;
  • good autonomy;
  • spray angle 5–60°;
  • productive pump.


  • the rods are long, not always enough;
  • large weight of the device.

3. Clever OEMR-12

Clever OEMR-12

Do you want to buy a battery-type sprayer at a cheaper price? Then choose the OEMR-12 model from Umnitsa. Its cost is at the level of handheld devices. In terms of performance, the device is slightly inferior to competitors (maximum 2.6 l / min), but it is quite enough for most jobs. Convenient sprayer, Umnitsa is the best choice for protecting plants from diseases and pests, controlling weeds, spraying fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, anti-epidemic treatment of barns and livestock.


  • attractive price;
  • ease of use;
  • combination price-quality;
  • body tightness;
  • good selection of nozzles.


  • bad fastening of belts.

4. Sturm GS8216BM

Sturm GS8216BM

The next line in the TOP of battery-type sprayers is occupied by the Sturm model. It uses a telescopic stainless steel spray tube, the length of which can be adjusted from 55 to 95 cm. There is an indicator on the front panel of the device that allows you to monitor the battery charge.

The pressure in one of the best battery sprayers can be adjusted from 1.5 to 4 bar. The fluid flow rate when selecting the maximum performance is 3.1 liters per minute. There are only 3 spray nozzles included with the device, but usually more is not required for effective operation. The volume of the tank is 16 liters.


  • there is a manual drive function;
  • one charge lasts for a long time;
  • spray quality;
  • optimal performance;
  • low price for its features.


  • tube connections are slightly leaky.

The best sprayers (petrol)

This type of device is available in cart and knapsack versions. But for our rating of garden sprayers, we chose only the second option. As a rule, they have a motor with a power of 2 or more horsepower, which allows you to create a jet of liquid from 10 meters. Gasoline engines are convenient in that they can run almost indefinitely. You only need to have the necessary fuel supply.

1. STIHL SR 450


The best petrol sprayer from a premium German company. The powerful 3.9 horsepower motor delivers 2.9 kW of output and a horizontal spray range of up to 14.5 meters. The device has a convenient carrying system, a large filling hole in the tank and a 14 liter liquid reservoir.
In reviews, the STIHL sprayer is praised for the simple switching logic provided by the ElastoStart. And three removable grids included in the kit allow you to change the shape and direction of the jet. If necessary, the SR 450 can be converted from spraying to dusting without the need for additional tools.


  • dosing lever of the dusting system;
  • multifunction handle from STIHL;
  • engine and anti-vibration system;
  • convenient system for quick launch;
  • large tank, easy to transport.


  • impressive cost.



Fashionable knapsack sprayer designed for spraying plants in suburban areas. The device has a tank for a spray composition with a volume of up to 14 liters. The wide mouth allows easy and quick filling of the liquid reservoir.

The outlet tube has a control stick with a gas trigger, which allows you to control the spray and control the flow. The flow rate varies from 0.14 to 3.03 l/min.

The gasoline sprayer is equipped with a 3.4 HP engine, which is equivalent to 2.5 kW of output. This allows you to provide an output stream with a range of up to 15 m horizontally. Fuel tank capacity – 1.5 l, engine capacity – 56.5 cm3.


  • comfortable shoulder strap;
  • wear-resistant design;
  • capacious liquid tank;
  • reasonable price tag;
  • intuitive control.


  • not light weight.

3. PATRIOT PT 415 WF-12


In terms of price-quality balance, PATRIOT petrol sprayers can be called the most interesting solutions. For review, we took the PT 415 WF-12 model. It is equipped with a 1.8-horsepower engine and a 1.4-liter fuel tank. The spray tank has a standard volume of 14 liters for this class of devices.

Please note that the PT 420 WF-12 is also available from PATRIOT. It has almost identical parameters, but the seeding range of this modification is almost three times lower (6 meters).

The maximum spray range of the powder mixture here is 16 meters. For liquid, the indicator is 11 m horizontally. The PATRIOT PT 415 WF-12 can spray seeds up to 14 meters away. The maximum capacity when filling with liquid formulations can reach 3 liters per minute.


  • quality assembly;
  • spray range;
  • universality;
  • simple control.


  • when directed upwards, it sprays weakly.

4. Clever OB-14

Clever OB-14

Budget sprayer from a domestic manufacturer. The OB-14 model received a 2-stroke engine with a volume of 42 cubic centimeters and a fuel tank with a capacity of 1.3 liters. The main spray tank holds up to 14 liters. The 2.9 horsepower motor can provide a spray range of up to 11 meters horizontally and 8 meters vertically. The maximum fluid flow reaches 2.4 liters per minute.


  • attractive price;
  • good performance;
  • spray distance;
  • reliable construction.


  • poor assembly instructions;
  • sometimes hard to start.

Which garden sprayer is better to buy

Among handmade models, the brands MAROLEX and FISKARS offer the best quality. If the priority is the maximum amount of work performed, then choose GRINDA. CHAMPION leads the pack in terms of performance. A similar volume is offered by Sturm. If you cannot decide which sprayer to buy in terms of cost and features, then PATRIOT is the best choice. Petrol devices, in turn, are led by STIHL. If the equipment of this brand is too expensive for you, but you want to choose a good garden sprayer, then also take CHAMPION or PATRIOT.