Top 20 Submersible Pumps (2023) – Top-rated by experts

In the household and in household plots, it is often impossible to do without a submersible pump, especially if there is a well or a well. It may also be necessary to pump out water from flooded basements, swimming pools, septic tanks, etc. In such situations, a submersible pump may be the only way to solve the problem.

Best submersible well pumps 2023

Submersible pumps for wells have high power and are able to pump water with high pressure. They will be useful where the water source lies deep underground – up to 300 meters. Such devices are most often installed after the preliminary drilling of the well. Separate powerful models are capable of pumping up to 80 cubic meters of water per hour. On average, a conventional borehole pump with a budget of up to $ 200 has a throughput of 1.7 – 3.4 cubic meters. m/hour. This capacity is sufficient to provide water to a private house with a kitchen, toilet and bathroom. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating (TOP-5) of the best submersible pumps for a well.


★ Best price

Owners of private households in which the water supply system functions due to the presence of a well or well on the site will appreciate the inexpensive, but high-quality UNIPUMP ECO VINT 1 submersible pump. The guaranteed service life of 5 years declared by the manufacturer also confirms its reliability. This model is designed for pumping clean water from wells with a minimum diameter of 85 mm. At the same time, the tank should not contain mechanical impurities, the size of which exceeds 1 mm.

The presented unit is equipped with a 370 W motor, which provides sufficient performance for domestic use with a maximum of 2 m³ / h. The permissible immersion depth of this pump under water is not more than 15 m and not less than 0.5 m. The stainless steel of which the body is made provides better resistance to corrosion, which prolongs the life of the deep pump. Owners in the reviews note the uniform supply of water even at high altitudes, as well as ease of management.

4 Aquarium ASP 1E-30-90

★ The quietest pump

Country: Italy

For a comprehensive solution to household problems associated with the regular pumping of clean water from a well, the Aquario ASP 1E-30-90 submersible pump will be the best purchase. This model is distinguished by increased wear resistance and reliability due to the use of high-quality components and non-corrosive metals such as cast iron and stainless steel in its production. The motor of this 600 W submersible pump is equipped with reliable overheating protection, which also has a positive effect on the service life.

For satisfactory operation of the Aquario, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed. They indicate that the immersion depth is limited to 50 m, and the sand content in the water must be within 180 g / m³. Under optimal conditions, this submersible pump guarantees a high flow rate of 47 l/min. Users in their reviews note almost silent and uninterrupted operation, as well as economical power consumption.

3 Grundfos SQ 2-55

★ Maximum wear resistance and durability

Country: Denmark (produced in Serbia)

The Grundfos SQ 2-55 multistage pump has high wear resistance and durability. With it, you can not only extract water from wells, but also pump liquid from tanks, use the device in irrigation systems. The device is equipped with floating wheels with integrated ceramic and tungsten carbide bearings. The model has a number of useful options, of which it is necessary to highlight soft start, safety devices against axial displacement and dry running, protection against overheating and overload.

The pump has a small weight (5.2 kg) and compact dimensions, especially worth highlighting the diameter of 74 mm. Consumers in the reviews flatter about such characteristics of the Grundfos SQ 2-55 pump as durability, ease of installation, and the availability of various options. Users do not like the short electric wire (only 1.5 m) and the high price of the device.

2 JILEX Vodomet PROF 55/75

★ Quality and reliability


One of the best selling submersible pumps for wells. GILEX Water jet PROF 55/75 – the second place in the ranking. Most homeowners purchase the GILEX Water Meter due to the availability of services and spare parts, although the device is one of the most reliable among submersible borehole pumps.

This is a self-sufficient system, equipped with everything you need, including protection against dry running and overloads. Water cannon PROF 55/75 has a capacity of 3.3 cubic meters. m / h and according to numerous user reviews, it perfectly holds the pressure of water. The resource of the water pump is increased due to the lower speed. Using the control panel and pressure sensor, you can program the operating mode of the device and protect it from dry running and power surges.

1 Aquarius BCPE 0.5-50U

★ Most powerful. Capacity 3.6 cu. m/hour.


The first place in the ranking of borehole water pumps is occupied by Aquarius BTsPE 0.5-50U. This is one of the most popular models in the range of submersible pumps “Vodoley” (Kharkov). The device is capable of supplying water from wells with a diameter of 110 mm. It can be used in automatic water supply systems, with a hydraulic accumulator and in manual mode. The maximum height of the water column is 75 m, that is, the device can be safely used at a depth of up to 45 m.

The throughput of BTsPE 0.5-50U is 3.6 cubic meters. m / h – this productivity is enough to provide a family of 3 – 4 people. There is enough water pressure for the kitchen, shower, and even for irrigation. In the TOP-3 Aquarius BTsPE 0.5-50U is considered the most powerful and at the same time the most inexpensive submersible pump. So, we can safely call this model one of the best in terms of price and performance.

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The best submersible pumps for a well

Water pumps for a well (well) are installed to draw water from a depth of 7 to 50 meters. Most models are made of steel and are designed for pumping clean water. The recommended distance from the bottom of the reservoir is 1 meter. A distinctive feature of the design of well pumps is the location of the water intake in the lower part of the housing. This allows the water pump to operate even when partially submerged in water. Unlike well pumps, well pumps give greater performance at a lower cost. Although in terms of the maximum height of the water column, they are still inferior to models designed for wells.

5 GARDENA 5500/5 Inox Premium

★ Most popular brand. Low noise

Country: Germany (produced in China)

The GARDENA 5500/5 Inox Premium well pump is designed for immersion depths of up to 20 m. The unit is capable of pumping up to 5,500 liters of water per hour. In this case, the pressure reaches 45 m. The body is assembled from stainless steel, and there are two holes on the sides. They are provided for flushing the piston, which prolongs the smooth operation of the equipment. The kit comes with a 22 m power cord, so you do not need to purchase an additional cable for installation. 

In the reviews, users note the high power of the GARDENA 5500/5 Inox Premium well submersible pump. With a well depth of 12 m and a horizontal line of 10 m to the house, there is enough pressure even to operate an automatic washing machine. But it is better not to install carbon filters at the inlet – two mechanical ones are enough, otherwise the pressure will decrease. 

4 Grundfos SBA 3-45 A

★ Best quality

Country: Denmark (made in Italy)

According to consumer reviews, the Grundfos SBA 3-45 A model became the highest quality well pump in our review. The manufacturer equipped the pump with automation, which completely takes control of the water supply. You can use the pump to extract water from the well, pumping liquid from tank to tank. The device does not require long installation and configuration. Immediately after lowering into the well, you can plug the plug into a 220 V socket. Due to the well-thought-out design, the use of stainless steel and composite materials, the pump rarely fails. There is a float switch to protect against dry running and overheating.

Users are very satisfied with the operation of automation in the Grundfos SBA 3-45 A pump. The device is well made, all materials serve for a long time and do not corrode. Of the minuses, the high price, problems with repairs and components are most often indicated.

3 Olsa Brook-Technopribor 1

★ Best price. cheapest well water pump

The third place in the ranking is the “legendary”, popular well pump Rucheek-Technopribor 1. This is the most budgetary water pump with a vibration mechanism. Of course, for the money you should not expect high performance. The brook is capable of pumping only 1.05 cubic meters. m / h at a depth of immersion up to 60 m (far from a low figure). They buy such a device for one task – installation in a well. Some users install the pump in storage barrels for watering the garden.

Due to the vibration mechanism, the pump makes a lot of noise (which users complain about), but at low power it provides good throughput. “Trickle” is a fairly reliable and unpretentious water pump. Although, for such money, worrying about reliability is not entirely correct. In extreme cases, you can buy a second “trickle”, because no competitor offers such a low price.


2 JILEX Vodomet PROF 55/35

★ High performance. Optimal design of the engine cooling system

Submersible pump DZHILEKS Vodomet, with a diameter of 98 mm, provides a performance of 3.3 m³, and is often used to fill various reservoirs with water or irrigate a house or suburban area. With it, you can pump water not only from a well or a well, but also from a shallow reservoir, due to the possibility of incomplete immersion in water (up to 15 cm). For uninterrupted operation in this model, a thermal relay is provided, and the engine cooling system with running water also functions. The presence of drainage channels minimizes the load exerted during stop and start on the hydraulic system of the pump.

The system of “floating” wheels, which is implemented in this model of the submersible unit, allows water to be taken even in the most silty well. In order to avoid premature failure of the main components of the GILEX Vodomet pump, recommendations should be taken into account for the content of impurities, which should not exceed 2 kg / m³ in water. The built-in condenser and 10 m cable greatly simplify the installation of this deep-seated unit, which many users pay attention to in their reviews.


★ Full automation. Best Power and Reliability

Country: Italy

Thanks to the electronic filling and automation, the DAB DIVERTRON 1200 model can be considered a “smart” pump. This is a very successful model in the DAB lineup. The pump is equipped with an electronic switch in the form of a sensor, which allows you to accurately determine the moment the device is turned on and off. The sensor monitors the water level and starts or, on the contrary, turns off the engine, which avoids damage to the device.

The device is very easy to install, works silently and does not require a hydraulic accumulator. There is a check valve and overload protection. In terms of performance, this is also a clear leader in the rating. DAB DIVERTRON 1200 pumps up to 5.7 cu. m of water per hour. The lower part of the body is made of stainless steel, which increases the service life of the device. DAB DIVERTRON 1200 is a “set it and forget it” device. One of the most popular models among well water pumps.

The best submersible drainage pumps

The purpose of drainage pumps is to pump water from a shallow depth. They are used to take water from open tanks, storage barrels, for example, for watering plants. Some models can pump dirty water and are used in case of emergency flooding of houses, basements or to replace water in pools. Drainage pumps are compact and easy to use. The immersion depth is not more than 10 meters.


★ Best price

Drainage pump VORTEX DN-1100N is designed taking into account the peculiarities of use in dirty water conditions, with a maximum allowable solid particle size of 35 mm. Due to this, this model has the widest range of possibilities and is used for organizing irrigation from a well up to 8 meters deep, pumping out cesspools, etc. Due to the fact that this pump is equipped with a 1100 W motor, it is able to pump liquid with a volume of 15, 5 m³.

The body of the submersible pump VORTEX DN-1100N is made of high-quality steel, which ensures high resistance to corrosion and a long service life. The presence of a float sensor eliminates overheating of the engine and performs a timely stop or start of work, depending on the water level. In their reviews, users note that, despite the low price, this pump model does an excellent job with its tasks, while providing good pressure and quiet operation.

4 DAB NOVA 300 M-A

★ Overheat protection. High quality components

Country: Italy (produced in Hungary)

For pumping out the pool, or in the case of regular basement flooding, the best choice would be a submersible pump for water (including dirty) DAB NOVA 300 MA. This model is also perfect for organizing the supply of water in a summer cottage in the presence of an artificial reservoir or a well, with the possibility of supplying it from a depth of up to 7 meters. A distinctive feature of the presented pump is an increased service life, which, among other things, is facilitated by a sealed housing made of wear-resistant materials and high-quality parts. The engine of the unit is reliably protected from overheating and operation in conditions of a critically low water level, while it can be used to dry the surface to threshold values ​​of 85 mm.

The DAB NOVA 300 MA drainage pump has a compact size, which allows it to be used for pumping water from wells or tanks with an inlet diameter of 1.25 inches. This model of a submersible pump, judging by the reviews, demonstrates the best performance, the performance of which reaches 216.6 l / min. The manufacturer’s 2-year warranty is also a strong argument in favor of purchasing this reliable equipment.

3 See PF1010

★ High quality components. Long service life

Country: Japan (made in China)

Designed for pumping dirty water, with the possible inclusion of foreign particles with a diameter of 35 mm, the Makita PF1010 pump is well-deservedly popular with the consumer. In their reviews, users willingly share their experience in draining pools, ornamental ponds, basements, etc., while noting the high performance of this unit. Equipped with a powerful and reliable engine that does not require additional maintenance, this submersible pump is capable of passing through itself up to 14400 liters per hour. At the same time, it demonstrates a decent pressure, allowing you to supply water at a distance of up to 100 m.

In case of depletion of water in the tank to a critical level, the pump will automatically stop due to the presence of a float switch. For ease of use and transfer of the Makita pump, this model has a convenient handle. The case is made of durable plastic, which provides reliable protection of the most important components and elements, thereby extending the service life.

2 KARCHER BP 1 Barrel Set

★ Best plant watering pump

Country: Germany

Karcher BP 1 Barrel is one of the best barrel watering devices. The pump is completed with a handy gun, a 20 m long hose and two universal connectors with aquastop function. According to numerous user reviews, Karcher is very quiet, easy to use, weighs only 3 kg.

The versatility of the pump allows it to be used for spraying trees, watering plants, organizing a street wash or a summer shower. Karcher BP 1 Barrel is the most versatile drainage pump. German quality and one of the best deals on the market. Second place in our ranking!

1 Grundfos Unilift KP 150-A1

★ Optimal choice for pumping dirty water

Country: Denmark

For pumping out large volumes of dirty water, the Grundfos Unilift KP 150-A1 submersible drainage pump has been created. With it, you can empty pools, flooded cellars, small ponds, lower the level of groundwater, pump out domestic wastewater. A distinctive feature of the device is a durable case, for the manufacture of which stainless steel was used. Mechanical impurities up to 10 mm in size are allowed to pass through the pump.

Due to the high power of the electric motor, the model has a high productivity (9 cubic meters per hour). The device has a compact size, which allows you to install it in a limited space. Users speak highly of the quality of the Grundfos Unilift KP 150-A1 pump. With its help, it is quickly possible to pump water from one container to another, pump out water from the basement. The disadvantages of the model include the high price and the lack of a check valve.

The best submersible fecal pumps

Fecal pumps are used for pumping sewage (sewer) water in large volumes with inclusions of silt, dirt and sand. They are distinguished from drainage pumps by their robust housing and increased power. Most models are additionally equipped with a cutting attachment for grinding any fibrous inclusions.


★ High performance. Resistance to aggressive environment


In the absence of a central sewage system in private households or industrial areas, the UNIPUMP FEKAPUMP V750 F submersible pump will be the best choice. The presence of a special cutting system allows this model to be used for pumping liquids with fibrous and solid inclusions up to 25 mm in size, including fecal water. Also, this pump can be used for pumping water from silty reservoirs, wells, flooded basements, etc. The maximum allowable immersion depth of the presented pump should not exceed 5 meters.

Users in their reviews note the high performance of this pump, the performance of which is at the level of 300 l / min. Also, this submersible model has an increased operational resource. Made of steel and cast iron, the pump housing has better resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage. For efficient and trouble-free operation, the UNIPUMP FEKAPUMP V750 F must be completely covered with water, and in the event of a decrease in its level, the operation of the unit will be automatically stopped.


★ Large particle crushing system

A lot of positive feedback is received by the high-performance submersible pump BELAMOS DWP 1300CS, which in the best way copes with the tasks of pumping heavily contaminated liquids, including fecal water. The special design of the unit with a built-in system for crushing large particles allows you to work with a large amount of solid impurities, the diameter of which can reach 25 mm. This model is designed for the longest operating period due to the reliable protection of the engine against overloads and accidental dry running. At the same time, the minimum water level can be set independently thanks to the ability to adjust the float switch.

The body of the BELAMOS DWP 1300CS submersible pump is made of cast iron, thanks to which it is highly resistant to the negative effects of the aggressive wastewater environment, which also increases its service life. With the help of BELAMOS DWP it is possible to pump up to 18000 l/h, with the possibility of lifting water to a height of up to 12 meters.

3 Pedrollo BCm 15/50

★ High performance

Country: Italy

To remove large volumes of wastewater from private or apartment buildings, the Pedrollo BCm 15/50 submersible fecal pump is suitable. Due to the high performance (48 cubic meters per hour), it is possible to quickly remove dirty water from the tank. The device is capable of operating at a depth of up to 5 m, and the maximum lifting height is limited to 15 m.

Particles up to 50 mm in size can easily pass through the pump. To prevent the failure of the device, the model is equipped with a safety device. The silent operation of the engine can pleasantly surprise the buyer. Reliable metal body is not afraid of accidental bumps or drops. Users are satisfied with the performance of the Pedrollo BCm 15/50 submersible fecal pump and high power. Pleases property owners and noiselessness during operation. The disadvantages of the device are the high price and heavy weight (34 kg).


★ High power. cutting attachment

A distinctive feature of the VORTEX FN-1500L pump is high performance – up to 24 cubic meters. m/h and the maximum lifting height of the pumped liquid – up to 18 meters. A great help when choosing this pump is the presence of a cutting nozzle – a tool that serves to grind fibrous inclusions (napkins, toilet paper, etc.).

The cutting nozzle increases the performance of the fecal pump and reduces the risk of breakage from large particles. At the same time, judging by the reviews, the pump is quite reliable, and after its installation, the owner does not need any participation at all.

1 JILEX Fekalnik 140/6

★ Best price-performance ratio

The first place in the ranking is occupied by one of the best-selling fecal pumps – JILEKS Fekalnik 140/6. This pump has earned popularity due to its high power and affordable price. JILEX can pump out dirty water with inclusions up to 35 mm in diameter (pebbles, expanded clay). For an hour of operation, the pump pumps up to 9 cubic meters of sewage water from a depth of up to 8 meters.

JILEX Fekalnik 140/6 is equipped with overheating protection and a float switch to prevent dry running. The pump itself is characterized by high performance and at the same time low noise level. In the reviews, as a rule, only one drawback is indicated – the lack of a cutting nozzle. However, the affordable price more than makes up for it.

How to choose a submersible pump

To choose the most suitable submersible pump, you need to pay attention to the following parameters.

  • An important indicator of an electric pump is the engine power. The higher this figure, the greater the performance of the pump. Household models are equipped with motors with a power range of 200-1000 watts.
  • To lift water from deep wells and wells, the pump must have good pressure. Owners of suburban real estate choose models with a maximum pressure of 5-50 m.
  • The speed of filling the tank or the speed of pumping water out of the tank depends on the performance. For watering the beds, a capacity of 400-600 liters per hour will be enough. And for some fecal pumps, this figure reaches 15-20 cubic meters. m per hour.
  • Modern models of submersible pumps are equipped with automation. It will turn off the device in a timely manner in the absence of liquid, if the motor overheats or the permissible load is exceeded.
  • In order for the device to work flawlessly for a long time, it must be made of waterproof and wear-resistant materials. Models made of stainless steel and composite materials look preferable.