Top 5 CHAMPION cultivators. Rating

Champion equipment is manufactured taking into account the operating conditions in different countries. It is designed for various climatic zones and is suitable for both domestic and professional use. In the Champion ranking of the best cultivators, everyone will find the right model for their needs – cultivating beds or small plots, cultivating a large area adjacent to a private house or commercial buildings.

The brand’s line of cultivators is optimal – gasoline, diesel, electric models of different capacities. You can find compact, inexpensive equipment or a high-performance unit. In any case, the buyer receives the best combination of price and efficiency.

TOP 5 best CHAMPION cultivators

TOP 5 of the best cultivators from the Champion brand is a win-win option for a successful purchase. The choice for these models fell on purpose – they were chosen by buyers and highly appreciated the quality, reliability and compliance with the declared characteristics.
The rating from our editors presents the top cultivators, reveals their technical and design features. The owners helped to delve deeper into the pros and cons of each and shared their experience of use. As a result, only reliable and high-quality Champion cultivators made it to the new ranking for 2022.


model CHAMPION BC7714 7 hp

The most powerful mid-range cultivator is equipped with 30 cm cutters and a multi-speed chain-driven gearbox. Its torquey engine consumes pure gasoline, without oil, and allows the unit to reach speeds of up to 8 km / h. Such maximum acceleration significantly reduces the time spent on clearing the land of unwanted weeds or preparing for planting. According to the owners, this is one of the best Champion cultivators with a number of key advantages. Reliability, the highest productivity and convenience in work belong to the main of them.


  • powerful engine;
  • large working width;
  • plowing depth 30 cm;
  • high quality workmanship;
  • 4 speeds.


  • large mass;
  • high fuel consumption.

2. CHAMPION BC6612H 5.5 HP

model CHAMPION BC6612H 5.5 hp

The best gasoline cultivator of the Champion brand has been in stable demand for many years. Its time-tested design, which is based on the unpretentious and powerful Honda GX160 engine, is simple and reliable. And the verified ratio of mass and performance characteristics make it possible to use the cultivator not only for rough work on plowing or loosening the site, but also for those where delicacy is required. For example, cultivating the land around trees for fertilization in a way that does not damage their roots. This popular model has been widely used, so there are no shortages of additional accessories and spare parts for it, which is an additional advantage.


  • low fuel consumption;
  • high resource;
  • easy start;
  • universality;
  • large working depth and working width.


  • no overdrive.

3. CHAMPION BC5602BS 5.51 HP

model CHAMPION BC5602BS 5.51 hp

An inexpensive and reliable cultivator, according to most owners, is ideal in terms of price and quality. Its “highlight” was the Briggs & Stratton 550 Series engine – one of the most popular among manufacturers of professional garden equipment. It has improved technical characteristics, including high torque and power with reduced fuel consumption. As well as high performance properties. In addition, the motor is very compact, which favorably affected the mass of the cultivator itself, and is equipped with an electronic Magnetron ignition system, which is responsible for easy starting.


  • reliability and affordable price;
  • profitability;
  • small mass;
  • maneuverability;
  • good quality tillage.


  • ┬álaborious belt change.

4. CHAMPION BC5712 5.57 HP

model CHAMPION BC5712 5.57 hp

One of the most popular brand models, as reviews show, is great for a home or a small private household. High-torque gasoline engine allows you to easily plow, loosen and remove weeds on the land. The frame structure and chain drive reducer provide the necessary rigidity of the cultivator. And the reverse speed is useful in case of bogging down the milling cutters in wet or loose soil. Despite the small dimensions, the mass of the unit is enough so that it does not jump on thick roots, but cuts them and throws them out of the ground. The disadvantages of the owners include low-lying controls and the lack of a second gear for moving forward.


  • low cost;
  • good traction throughout the rev range;
  • durable cutters;
  • moderate fuel consumption.


  • insufficient height adjustment of the steering wheel;
  • only one speed to move forward.

5. CHAMPION EC1400 1.4 kW

model CHAMPION EC1400 1.4 kW

The light electric cultivator has great potential and is able to perform a full range of garden work. With it, you can prepare beds, including in a greenhouse, weed and hill up, process potatoes between rows. The compact design is very convenient and indispensable in densely planted areas where maneuverability is of the greatest importance. According to the reviews of the owners, the cultivator is of high quality and reliability of all, without exception, nodes and internal mechanisms. The only significant drawback of the cultivator was the lack of weight, due to which users use weights to plow dense land.


  • high power;
  • there is a reverse;
  • compact design;
  • high ergonomics;
  • good quality.


  • too little weight.

Which cultivator to choose

To buy the best Champion brand cultivator, you need to decide on the main selection criteria:

  • Engine type – fuel or electric. Each has its pros and cons, features of use.
  • Power . Medium-power models include models with 5 hp, light ones – up to 5 hp, and powerful ones over 6 hp. Conditional classification indicates performance – the harder the soil and the larger the area, the more powerful the equipment should be.
  • Layout – small and compact or productive and large. This is important to consider, because operation requires physical strength, and the unit itself may be subject to frequent transportation.

These are just the main factors that guide the choice. To buy a good Champion cultivator, a rating from our editors will help. The review was compiled with a careful study of reviews, as well as characteristics and technical equipment.