Top 5 Husqvarna cultivators by reviews. Rating

In recent years, cultivators have become a familiar tool for many gardeners and gardeners. No wonder – they allow not only to easily and quickly plow a large plot of land, but also, often, to perform many other works, often taking whole days of hard work. And among other manufacturers, the Swedish company Husqvarna stands out. It produces not only high-quality, but also multifunctional models. True, it is not always easy to understand which one will be a successful acquisition. That’s why our experts have put together an overview of the best Husqvarna cultivators. In it, each reader can easily choose an option that completely suits him.

TOP 5 best Husqvarna cultivators

Many users may be put off by the rather high cost of these models. On the other hand, a good Husqvarna cultivator designed and assembled in Sweden cannot be as cheap as the Chinese counterpart. So, having spent money once, the user is guaranteed to receive a tool of the highest quality that will last for many years without causing unnecessary problems, without requiring additional costs for repairs and maintenance. In addition, by purchasing additional equipment, you can significantly increase their functionality. Thanks to this, a simple cultivator turns into a tool with which you can perform almost all work in the country.

1. Husqvarna TF 545P

model Husqvarna TF 545P

If you want to buy a really powerful and high-quality cultivator that allows you to cope with a significant amount of work in a short time, then you should give preference to this particular model. In the manufacture of the device, only high-quality materials were used, which guarantees a significant service life of the device. High power makes it possible to easily plow even virgin soil, and a very large area, and not just a neglected lawn in front of the house.
An engine capacity of 270 cubic centimeters in total with a tillage width of 110 cm allows you to be sure that money will not be thrown away. And the reverse function makes the model a particularly successful acquisition. It is not surprising that the Husqvarna TF 545P cultivator receives mostly positive feedback from users.


  • high power;
  • reliable cast iron gearbox;
  • significant width of tillage;
  • comfortable steering wheel.


  • high cost of consumables;
  • inconvenient oil change.

2. Husqvarna TF 335

Model Husqvarna TF 335

Users looking for a not so expensive model for giving, will surely like this cultivator. Its power is only slightly inferior to that mentioned above, but it boasts a relatively low weight, which simplifies not only transportation and storage, but also work on the site.

Gasoline models not only boast more power than electric ones, but they are also characterized by increased mobility – you can work anywhere, and not just in the country, where there is an outlet at hand.

The 208 cc four-stroke petrol engine makes it easy to handle even neglected areas. The capacious gas tank of a cultivator allows to work long time without refueling. So, judging by the reviews of the owners, they were all satisfied with such an acquisition.


  • affordable cost;
  • ease of transportation;
  • high power;
  • elaborate security system;
  • capacious tank.


  • not suitable for plowing rough soil.

3. Husqvarna TF 325 4.49 HP

model Husqvarna TF 325 4.49 hp

Perhaps this is one of the best Husqvarna cultivators. It is a good compromise between weight and power. On the one hand, a small weight (46 kg) greatly simplifies the work process, not to mention transportation. On the other hand, this does not prevent the cultivator from being quite powerful – 3.3 kW. Thanks to this, the model perfectly copes not only with regularly plowed areas, but also with neglected, overgrown weeds and even virgin soil.

An additional plus is the reverse, which makes the work more comfortable and easier. Perfectly goes even on the damp earth after a rain mixed with roots. In addition, the model plows the soil to a depth of 30 cm, which is quite enough for most, and the plowing width of 75 cm significantly saves time and effort – even a large area can be processed in a short time. So, in a combination of price and quality, this cultivator is rightfully considered an excellent choice.


  • high power;
  • light and manoeuvrable;
  • excellent functionality;
  • price-opportunity combination;
  • copes with virgin soil and wet ground.

4. Husqvarna TF 338 4.89 HP

model Husqvarna TF 338 4.89 hp

If you need a truly productive cultivator that can easily handle not only light, dry sandy soil, but also wet clay soil, then this model can be an excellent choice. True, you can’t call it light (93 kg), but it is thanks to this that the cultivator confidently walks on clay, turning over the layers and carefully crushing them.

Two-stroke cultivators are more powerful than four-stroke cultivators and are almost always noticeably cheaper. But they are less reliable and fuel consumption during operation is much higher.

High-quality assembly in the amount of ease of operation makes the model very popular. According to many users, this is the best gasoline cultivator on the market today, or at least one of them.


  • plows up to 95 cm;
  • excellent build quality and components;
  • easy start;
  • high-quality, reliable rubber wheels;
  • very powerful.


  • low speed.

5. Husqvarna TF 230 4.69 HP

model Husqvarna TF 230 4.69 hp

Here is a very popular cultivator model from Sweden. It successfully combines affordable price, high power, high-quality assembly. Unlike many models equipped with pneumatic wheels, molded rubber ones are used here. Yes, it adds weight. But it also significantly increases reliability, which is appreciated by many users. Separately, it should be said about reliability. The cultivator easily grinds not only lumps of clay, but also hard roots, and simply throws out large stones – strong forged milling cutters will not be damaged from such a collision. True, it is quite heavy, but this ensures stability and the ability to work on any soil.


  • quality assembly;
  • high power;
  • work stability;
  • price-performance combination;
  • Ease of use.


  • difficult to find attachments.

Which cultivator to choose

Now every reader knows about the best Husqvarna cultivators. This will allow him to choose from the presented assortment exactly the model that will last for many years and will definitely not disappoint.