Top 5 Huter cultivators. Review rating

The rating of the best Huter cultivators is a selection of popular brand models that are distinguished not only by good quality, but also by ease of use. The owners highly appreciated the products of the German company, noting the reliability and very affordable price. Cultivators are represented by a wide range of models, but only 5 representatives, who received approval from real buyers, made it to the top.

Huter entered the domestic market in the early 2000s and has since become one of the leaders in the garden equipment and agricultural machinery industry. Reinforced the brand image and high-quality repair and maintenance service, which is located in almost every city.

TOP 5 best Huter cultivators

Huter’s top cultivators are gasoline and electric models of various classes – powerful, medium power and light. These devices are great for plowing soft or hard soil in small areas – garden and summer cottages, house adjoining territory.

Cultivators, unlike walk-behind tractors, are a highly specialized technique used to perform a specific task – quickly plowing the land. For convenience, they can be equipped with a gearbox, reverse, adjustable width and height of the working area.

1. Huter MK-8000 8 HP

model Huter MK-8000 8 hp

The most powerful cultivator of the presented, has the full functionality necessary for high-quality processing of large areas. The principle of its operation is based on a special method, in which loosening occurs without turning the soil, and a large power supply, two speeds and a wide grip – 1 m, allow you to do this efficiently and quickly. In addition, this professional model is equipped with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine with automatic shaft speed control, which greatly increased the cultivation efficiency, and, on the contrary, decreased the load on the operator. The manufacturer also took care of errors in the operation of the unit by installing protection against starting with an empty crankcase. Its action is simple but effective: if the oil level drops critically during operation, the engine will stop. If it is not enough already at start-up,


  • suitable for large plots and farmlands;
  • high power;
  • quality of soil treatment;
  • reliable system of protection against operation without oil;
  • 4-stroke engine;
  • simple control.


  • great weight.

2. Huter GMC-5.5 5.5 HP

model Huter GMC-5.5 5.5 hp

An excellent gasoline cultivator with a productive engine can develop not only well-groomed soil, but also virgin soil. Over 5 hp enough to rid the site of weeds and prepare for planting in one pass. The manufacturer paid special attention to ease of use, designing the unit in such a way that the entire load necessary for the correct operation of the cutters arises from the weight of the engine. The operator can only direct the device in the right direction and adjust the processing speed. In terms of reliability, the cultivator is not inferior to more powerful models and surpasses most analogues in its class. This result is achieved through a reliable chain drive, quality components and additional protective features such as blocking when starting without oil.


  • good performance;
  • suitable for undeveloped areas;
  • excellent combination of price and performance;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • chain transmission.


  • during intensive work throws the ground on the engine;
  • little extra equipment.

3. Huter GMC-5.0

model Huter GMC-5.0

A high-quality cultivator with a cutter diameter of 26 cm and a working width of 45 cm has great maneuverability due to its compact dimensions. At the same time, its performance is very high, since the motor power is 5 hp, and the working parts are installed at an optimal angle. According to the owners, the cultivator is great for home and areas with additional plantings that have to go around. Like more powerful models of the brand, it consumes pure gasoline, so there is no need to spend time preparing the fuel mixture. The only minus noted by users is the lack of a reverse gear.


  • maneuverability;
  • practicality and reliability;
  • high quality tillage;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • collapsible design simplifies transportation.


  • no reverse gear.

4. Huter GMC-1.8 1.25 HP

model Huter GMC-1.8 1.25 hp

The popular light cultivator model is suitable for a full range of garden work. According to reviews, due to their compactness, they can carry out inter-row processing and hilling potatoes, plow beds, prepare recesses for planting, and much more. The cultivator copes with the main tasks just as easily, however, its power is not enough for virgin lands, this should be taken into account when choosing. There are practically no complaints about the quality of the unit and the convenience of work. All its parts are made with a large margin of safety, and the controls are located so that the operator does not require much effort.


  • compactness;
  • profitability;
  • ease of transportation;
  • chic functionality;
  • low cost.


  • not suitable for large areas and uncultivated soil.

5. Huter EMC-1400 1.4 kW

electric cultivator model Huter EMC-1400 1.4 kW

The electric cultivator of the German brand Huter requires almost no maintenance and costs for fuels and lubricants. All care for it consists in periodic cleaning of contaminants and control, and, if necessary, adding oil to the gearbox. It is very easy to use, quiet and has high technical characteristics. According to users, this is one of the best electric cultivators in terms of price and quality.


  • unpretentiousness to service;
  • affordable price;
  • durable electric motor;
  • good ergonomics;
  • functionality.


  • not to be used during rainfall and on very wet soil.

Which Huter cultivator is better to buy

To buy a good cultivator, you need to evaluate the characteristics of the site and needs. The key factors can be lightness and compactness, performance, ease of maintenance.

Petrol cultivators are medium to high power and will handle hard ground more easily. They are more convenient in large areas where mobility is needed for efficiency. The disadvantages include the need for engine maintenance, harmful emissions and noise.

Electric models are lighter and more compact, quieter and more environmentally friendly. But petrol equipment is inferior in power and performance. Dependence on the network at 220 V forces the use of an extension cord, which somewhat complicates the process of cultivating the land.

The best Huter cultivators are not only chosen by our editorial experts, they are the choice of customers. Reliability, endurance of equipment deserved high marks. As well as ease of use, which is very important when performing physically demanding work.